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Brolly Restaurant and Bar, Menara Felda

It has been quite some times I went “crabbing”. Yes Crabbing …. my personal terms with my gang to go eat crabs. Penang kias love our crabs a lot and usually we just BBQ it over the fire and a pinch of salt to make it taste better. That is in Bukit Tambun seafood village. But now I am in KL and Selangor area and to eat crabs are very hard to determine which restaurant serves the best. For the past I have tried a couple of it which they are famous with the salted egg yolks version

I recently was introduced to SS2 Crab Factory that serves Lousiana Boil type that are having special sauce to go along with boiled crabs. But I never been there till I went to their second outlet after the first success one. The second one are located at Menara Felda, Platinum Park KL. A stone throw away from KL best photography spot of the Twin Tower KL CC and Menara Maxis. From far you will be greeted by a Mini Bus parked in front of the restaurant which turned into a bar that serves some kick ass range of cocktail.

Brolly Restaurant and Bar are a perfect spot to hang around while waiting for the traffic jam to subside after 6pm around KLCC area. It is not a good idea to go and waste time in the jam as which ever angle you go also will get stuck. So why not sit back and chill out and take your dinner here.

Under a roof there are several type of foods which combines a crab, pizza, fried chicken wing, salad bar and wide range of great cocktails to greet you.

After push the door, I thought I entered a car workshop as there’s an old Datsun (Now known as Nissan) car hung upside down on the ceiling. All the walls were decorate by basic sport rims gives you a very sophisticated yet comfy ambiance without the dirty lubricants on the floor.

The hand wash basin also were made from tyre and the water tap are petrol pumps.

Further in there are a wall of old black records which make the place feels like Hard Rock Cafe but they are not related to them. Just a simple and nice decor. Since I was there to crabbing, for sure I will checkout which is my victims of the night.

All the seafood mostly were air flown alive weekly to the restaurant.

LIVE snails which usually serve as escargot still moving in the aquarium.

This is how fresh the oyster in Brolly. A pop cost you RM12 but minimum they serve half dozen. It is the juiciest and sweetest oyster you can find in Klang Valley. All the oyster still alive preserved in temp and water quality controlled aquariums.

Say hi to the Big Brown Crabs air flown weekly to Brolly. This fella is the chosen one.

While waiting for our food to be prepared we ordered some cocktails and bar foods to start the evening.

This is one of their signature drinks. Beergarita (RM30) where a combination of fruit juice with beer. It is served with the beer bottle upside down into the glass. While the foam on top of the glass were actually ice blended with fruit juice like peach or pineapple. It taste very good as the juice remove the bitterness of the beer while maintain the gassy feel of the beer that resemble a soft drink. Go slow with this as you do not want to pass out with your first glass.

High Ballrus – A Japanese inspired whiskey mixed with fruit juice drink which taste more like a mocktail than a cocktail.

Keropok Lekor and house special dipping sauce

Fried calamari tentacles with dried chilli which I would vote the best bar food that can get along with any drinks on the bar.

onion flower

Another bar food highly recommended is their onion flower (RM18) which is a deep fried big battered onion and dip with special brown sauce.

After all those deep fried stuff need to be balance with some greens. A wide range of special salads are there for you to choose as a starter.

Spinach & Feta Melon Salad -RM22

Grilled Caesar Salad -RM15

Fried Cencaluk Chicken Wings

Fried fish cakes

Smoked Duck Yakitori

Garlic Escargot – RM24 for half dozen

The crabs were served not long after we place the order. Their signature flavour were the Southern Bank and follow by the Butter Garlic flavour. For first timer who visits Crab Factory SS2 or Brolly for crabbing should go with their Southern Bank. Southern bank is a spicy tangy flavour sauce that best to go along with any seafoods served. If you don’t want to eat crab, you can go for mussels, prawns or even lobsters. Price are displayed clearly on the menu and you can decide from there. I would suggest you to go for the MEAT CRAB for a start.

Range of sauces : mustard, garlic butter, garlic aoili, zesty lemon, signature southern bang and jamba-jamba


For the seafoods, you can top it up with potatoes, chicken sausages, king mushrooms, corn, enoki mushrooms and button mushrooms

If you are a meaty person, there are steaks on the menu as well. Not to mention also their pizza menu that are different from the other restaurants in town.

Grilled Beef Sirloin -RM34

Thai Beef Guava Salad -RM28

Hawaiian -RM23

A dinner won’t be complete without the company of desserts. Here at Brolly they surprise us with :-

Ribena Poached Pear, Rocky Road, Chunky Peanut Butter Granola and Creme Brulee

Grilled Green Pear Parcel

Grilled Montel Banana Parcel

Do checkout Brolly! Do follow Brolly on Facebook to check out all their current promotions! Currently they are selling 1 Dozen of Oyster on Sunday which cost RM10 a pop.
Ground Floor, Menara Felda, Platinum Park,
Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm
Tel no: +603 – 2181 4122
Facebook: Brolly | Instagram: @mybrolly

Pizza Gallery Restaurant Class Quality Food at Fast Food Price

Tucked along the famous cafe block of Publika, there’s a pizza restaurant that stand nearby The Coffee Stain and Coffee Societe.

The name may sound common to you which is called Pizza Gallery.

The restaurant are very spacious and colorful. It gives you a comfortable ambiance and cozy feel to dine in.

There’s a fruit juice counter and coffee bar that serves gourmet coffee upon order.

I prefer to have lime juice than soft drinks as this helps me in digestion.

House Special Caesar Salad that can beat all the fast food restaurants quality. Price are reasonable and the salad a prepared with top grade ingredients. A good starter to begin with.

Soup Of The Day

Cheese Bread that goes along with any soups. At first I thought this going to be crispy but after taking a bite to my surprise it is still warm and fluffy with a melted cheddar cheese on top. My favorite!

House special chicken wings – Bread crumb breaded BBQ chicken wings which are then deep fried and dipped with BBQ sauce upon serve.

Chicken Burger

One of the bestseller aside from their pizza in this restaurant. This is due to the size of the burger where the whole patty were actually whole piece of chicken meat.

For those who don’t want to eat pizza, you can try out their range of spaghettis which are as good as other Italian restaurants at a fraction of their price.

Seafood Pasta

Cream based pasta tossed with clam, squid, prawns and olive oil are for those who love the freshness of the seafood. The chef here are experience in preparing all sorts of dishes that relates to Italian main course.

Aglio Olio that are most basic yet the hardest to prepare. The pasta are done al dante which perfect for me liking and by adding more chilli flakes will be perfect.

Macaroni Cheese is the ideal choice for kids that don’t like pizza. But I never heard of kids don’t like pizza so far.

Tom Yam Pasta. Spaghetti done with an Asian twist where they use chef’s specially own made Tom Yam paste. I am kinda picky on my tom yam taste. I can easily tell the difference between Maggi tom yam paste and authentic freshly prepared version. Here they pass with a flying colors and the tom yam paste is as good as I had in Thailand.

That’s all from the pasta menu and we are going into the pizza menu. The pizza menu are rather simple and straight forward with the common names that you see at other pizza restaurants.

Beef Pepperoni – One of the most basic pizza that test the skill of the chef tossing/preparing the dough and the tomato margherita sauce. The thin crust pizza are prepared from fresh and bake on the spot upon order.

Island Seafood Pizza

Satay Pizza which is the house specialty and most ordered so far. It is using the satay peanut sauce as base then with satay meat bits were added before baked with mozzarella cheese.

Tom Yam Pizza

I vote for this as my personal favorite. It taste sooooo good! Spicy, tangy and packed with plenty of oomph. It maybe a bit spicy for people but I love it. I may sound weird, but if got a slice of kafir lime squeeze on top will perfect it to the max.

Sweet and Sour Pizza – Hawaiian Pizza like but this is their house specialty for the hawaiian die hard fans.

Classic Crust Pizza Supreme pizza that are there to fill in the gap of the thin crust pizza. I don’t feel the satisfaction of being full without something filling. This also are baked from scratch upon order and is not ready made bread like those made in Pizza Hut’s.

On the same night we are introduced to a home baker as well by the name of Chewies Delight. The baker behind the name was Kyrina where she creates a range of cute designed mouth sized desserts which are looking good and cute.

Lollipop looked cakes which are ideal to be given as corporate gifts.

Beneath the fondant, this is a dark chocolate cake.

Cupcakes with chocolate toppings

Home made cakes can never go wrong and taste good. But just that on my personal preference, the toppings are slight overly sweet.

Pizza Gallery
Unit 02, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas


Chewies Delight :