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Japanese Hakata Tsukemen Dipping Style Pork Ramen

In the F&B industry for the year of 2013 and 2014, the hype of high quality fine foods started with gourmet burgers and now with pork ramens. More and more high quality ramen surfaced in all major shopping malls around Klang Valley and Selangor. Hail from Hakata, Fukuoka City Japan which is the famous place for ramen. Ippudo was started by Shigemi Kawahara a.k.a. the Ramen King who is also the founder of Chikaranomoto Company (The brand owner of the global chain of Ippudo).

Ippudo started its first outlet in Pavillion KL follow by The Gardens Midvalley and latest at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Yosuke Nishiguci san the operation consultant from Ippudo Japan briefing us a little about the company and showing us the right way to enjoy Tsukemen ramen. You can rest assure the quality and authenticity of the ramen served by Ippudo as they station their Japan staff in KL for quality and management.

For beginners who first indulge in ramen, ALWAYS try their SHIRO or better known as white soup. These white soup is the signature for the ramen brand which need a long time brewing using best quality pork.

For season connoisseurs would want to opt for the Tsukemen which is a dry version that accompany with a Thick Broth.

Hakata Tsukemen – RM26

Do not drink this broth directly. It is highly concentrated and salty. It is meant to dip with the ramen which is literally tasteless and depend on the broth to spice it up. If you find it overly salty for you, you may add hot water in it that make it more easy to consume. The hot soup were the finale to be finish off with hot water to complete the meal hence you see in Japan sometime customers do not order drinks. The soup itself is pleasant enough to be drink as a drink itself.

If you find that the ramen is too little for you, you may order the sushi to accompany it. There 3 sushi above is Spicy Tuna Roll, Unagi Cheese Roll and Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll. Each are served on individual portion based. The photo above were taken during blogger intro and we get to sample 1 each.

I personally rank this as one of the Top 3 ramen in Malaysia and KL/Selangor area. So what are you waiting for? Head to Ippudo Ramen and try them out.

For more promo and info do checkout their Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/IppudoMalaysia

Manmaru Home Made Udon at Midvalley Megamall

Japanese noodles are kinda norm in our culture lately. A varieties of ramen shops has surface around Klang Valley. One thing for sure you hardly hear about a restaurant that dedicated to udon.

Located above Madam Kwan’s restaurant at Midvalley, Manmaru mark it’s first outlet.

Transparent kitchen was a culture in Japan where you can get to witness how your food were cooked and prepared. It was the same here at Manmaru.

Upon walk in to the restaurant ON THE LEFT SIDE where you will need to order food first, before seated. You have to make a decision which udon type to order.

All the udon were basically the same made from the same high quality flour air flown from Japan. All were hand crafted to perfection with precise number of ingredients ratio without adding any preservative and seasonings. You can assure that the udon do not have any lye water in it.

Then it is tossed to the same traditional method.

Grab yourself a tray and get into the que to place order.

Each bowl of noodle has 2 sizes. You can opt for 180 gram or 250gram. Do not belittle the udon …. it is solid and filling. They weigh every single bowl to precise amount on the price you paid for. It is very affordable where small and big size are just RM2 difference.

Then you can choose your favorite tempura add on.

Each piece are priced individually rather than a set which commonly done at any other Japanese restaurants.

Next you will be directed to order your drinks.

And finally pay. All that can be done in less than 10 minutes if you are sure what you wanna have in advance. You may notice that there are Muslims patron here as this is a NO PORK & NO ALCOHOL Restaurant.

After you done with the payment, you will be heading to the cutleries section to get your chopstick and spoons or green tea hot water refill.

If you purchased tempura, you can collect your tempura condiments and sauce at the far right section.

This restaurant resembles a fast food restaurant where they only clean the tables. The rest basically you have to get it your own. This way, the movement and the table turn around are faster and inline with the fast pace life style that we have. During the review session, I saw a couple of Japanese patrons which they work at the AEON dine here. From ordering to finish eating in 15 minutes. That is how fast the Japanese life pace is.

Kamaage Udon – RM12.90

An Al dente style udon served in a bowl of warm kamaage sauce (The water that use to boil the udon). This is the most basic and traditional method of enjoying udon. It taste like chee cheong fun in a thicker noodle.

Zaru Udon – RM8.90 / RM10.90

All time favorite cold Udon

Bukake Udon – RM9.90 / RM11.90

Cold Udon dash with thick fish broth

Niku Udon – RM12.90 / RM14.90

Hot udon soup with thin sliced beef and spinach

Ume Udon – RM10.90 / RM12.90

Refreshing udon served with pickled plum

Cream Corn Udon – RM12.90 / RM14.90

Light & creamy sewet corn udon soup

Kake Udon – RM8.90 / RM10.90

Classic Soy Udon

Japanese Curry Udon – RM10.90 / RM12.90

Hanjuku Tamago – RM2 per piece

Soft boiled egg marinated with soya sauce. This is perfectly done and highly addictive. A female friend of mine had 4 eggs just for her alone.

White Fish Tempura – RM3 per piece

Location: Manmaru Udon Lvl 2, Center Court, Mid Valley (Next to Apple Center)

Operation hours : 10am-10pm

Japanese Sweets and Sake Fair at Isetan KLCC

A big news to all the sweet tooth people out there. This Oct 18 to 30 Oct 2013, there are a Japanese Sweets Fair at Isetan KLCC concourse floor.

There are all sorts of authentic imported traditional and modern desserts for you to get your hands on.

Warm Okowa wrapped in traditional bamboo leaves steamed on the spot awaits you to checkout what is inside them. The bamboo leave ain’t from local but were air flown in just for this promo event.

Chef busy reheating the okowa and ensure it is not over steamed.

Besides the usual cheesecake, scone, modern pastries I would put more attention to the traditional stuffs. Senbei (Rice cracker) is one of my favorite. There are many samplers for you to test around.

Japanese promoter. They are not local.

3 different type flavors and shapes for senbei. Each has a distinctive flavors to it yet still healthy compared to other junk foods.

On beverage side there are quite a number of sake on display.

See so many good sake awaiting you with the sampling cups.

Plum flavored sake

More high alcohol level flavored sake

The rice that were polished in order to make sake. Each % ratio determine the quality of a good bottle of sake.

Besides that on the launching day, there’s a surprise. Checkout who’s in the house. The first Iron Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka the contender that won the sweets making challenge.

The boss of Isetan showing Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka around the sweets fair section and then proceed to tasting them one by one. So what are you waiting for?

Time to check them out at KLCC Isetan concourse.