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Japanese Fine Cuisine Manmaru Robatayaki And Bar At Atria Mall Damansara Utama

After a long hiatus from food blogging, I can’t resist but to share this place. I am currently focusing more at www.mobsterstudio.com work which emphasise more on professional photography. This new place just recently open together with the return of ATRIA MALL located at Damansara Utama. This restaurant catch my attention when they offer OMAKASE. When you say omakase, or “it’s up to you”, in a Japanese restaurant, you are in essence entrusting the entire dining experience to the chef. In return, the chef will present his finest ingredients and culinary creativity for your dining pleasure.

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar are located on the left side of the main entrance of the mall.

The design are pretty much fusion contemporary.

The place has lots of spot lights hanging around that resemble a stage to give you a time to party feeling the moment you step in.

You are infact the super star here where you are treated with utmost service be it sitting at the bar where you get to see your sushi pressed right before your eyes or behind the grill where your foods are cooked. Rest assure that the ventilation here is good and air condition are good too.

This is the main display area of what is available here today. All the fishes were air flown in from Japan weekly and once sold out, you will need to book them ahead to secure your catch.

Prices are defined clearly and what you see is what you pay + 6% GST.

The Red fish also feel so surprise the price are so cheap??

Since this is a bar, a number of creatively crafted cocktails from alcoholic to non alcoholic are there for selection.

Apple Gravity Beer RM28 – Combination of lime juice and Tiger beer. This combi seems odd but it taste really good. The way it served also very unique where the bottle are upside down.

Hana Kotaba RM30 – A cock tail with dried lavender flower that give you a strong flowery scent. A very refreshing drink for summer.

Kiwi Caipirosca – RM35

Another great drink that I suggest you to give it a shot would be the Smoke and Plum Galaxy RM39 which taste a little tangy and sweet. I kinda love it. A range of smoked and dried ingredients were blended together to give you an aged drinks feel.

Momotaro Salada – RM18

The tomato basically an imported from Japan and stuffed with salads within. It is not sourish and sweet in taste.

Chef Starter line up which consist of Sweet, Sour, Spicy, Salty and Fresh. It depends pretty much of your luck on what taste you will get. So since we all ordered a few sets, we get the full spread.

Starter 2

Unagi with Teriyaki Sauce

Wagyu Beef with caviar sushi

Fried Sweet Potato

Salmonikura Millefeuile – Herbs marinated salmon with ebiko and served on a wasabi mayo ocean. Every single creation of the chef are a piece of art. For example this one the crab were fishing and sit on caviar and salmon bed.

Coral Bash Salada – Potato salad served in a coral setup and the taste is as good as it looks. Everything is edible here.

Potato salad served like a boss and the look at the crab standing there so macho.

Maguro Age Kawa – potato salad and maguro being cut into cube pieces in salad form and served with papadom like biscuit.

potato salad and maguro cube

Yakitori served on a trunk ….  A famous dish to go along with drinks at the bar. There are chicken skins, scallop,  beef bacons, mushrooms and beef cubes.

7 type Sashimi Platter – RM 180 freshness

Chef Special Combination for 1 person – RM 68 per pax and everything from the finest and freshest in the shop. Normally it is very hard to get fresh sea urchin and here excel in the subject.

Wagyu Roll – The juicy marbling of top grade wagyu beef wrap around sushi rice and is recommended to mix all the sauces together. Although it looks nice as a deco, but there are a reason for chef to put it on the plate.

Treasure In The Deep – Poke open the crispy crust and you will be amazed what is beneath it. All the finest seafoods combination were mixed and stuffed into the crust and serve with pumpkin and mango puree. Salty and fragrant plus not oily can make you eat it completely alone.

Saba Steak Fish Fillet with Soft Shell Crab

Air Flown Grilled Iname – Fresh Grilled Fish with Sea salt (Seasonal Price and Subject to availability)

Sakana Kamiyake

8 type Sushi Moriawase RM68

Hand pressed sushi that are on par with Japanese standard. Usually a good sushi are just mouth sized and the fish fillet or topping have to be bigger than the rice. Here at Manmaru it is perfectly done.

Wafu Spaghetti – Hot Wok spaghetti cooked Japanese way. Big prawns were added too.

Volcano Roll

Lobster Dragon Roll

Chef special lobster sushi served with mango slice, caviar and plenty of ebiko. A Recommended to order dish for sushi lover.

Deconstructed Tiramisu

Coconut Ice Cream

Fruit platter to end the dinner

Every piece were skilfully cut and presented. It looks really good and feels wanna just keep the whole plate for display.

But still this is still food and is perfect for 2 pax.

Japanese OMAKASE at Manmaru are designed for 2 pax and recommended to order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Ground Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(opposite Nando)

Tel: 03-7733 1038

Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

RM12++ Really Good Value Lunch At Sanook Bistro Sports Bar Plaza Kelana Jaya

Out of so many bistro or bar, my personal favorite vote still goes to Sanook Plaza Kelana Jaya. The special part about this place is the relax environment and having reasonable priced drinks plus range of good foods. Normally when we visit bar, the whole environment gets smokey and you smell terrible after walk out. Here you smell lemon grass and fresh air at the alfresco outdoor.

The alfresco sitting area of Sanook.

A glass of Rosee Wine paired perfectly with their wood fire baked hand tossed thin crust peanut butter based HONEY LAMB Pizza.

Although I was invited a couple of times for review, I did return to do my signature MENU ATTACK on them where we order about 80% of their menu items. We shared among ourselves foodies hence allowing us to try the consistency and food quality under extreme pressure like this. It is not easy to cook everything on your menu on adhoc basis if you are not well prepared. We never announce our arrival. Here I give them thumbs up! They are able to bring it!

Last week I was invited by the Godfather which is the owner and also turned into my good friend that I visit him for a cup of tea whenever I go to Bangkok. He was actually hands on with his chef to come out the best crafted menu that brings quality and affordability to his patrons. I would say all the menu items for the set lunch were priced with minimal profit in mind. The whole idea is that he want to promote his foods to customers to return for more of his vast range of foods during dinner time.

Smokey Wing Khao Pad Khapit (Belacan Fried Rice With Fried Chicken Wings)

Hainanese Chicken Rice where you get a quarter chicken portion rather than the sorry ass few small bits normally. They don’t cut corners. Gals may share this portion and order extra bowl of rice base on my suggestion.

Authentic Thai Jasmine Rice. Just the rice alone I can clear a few bowls on its own. The rice are cook with the chicken stock that came while poaching the chickens.

Daily fresh prepared ginger and chilli mix.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice Set

Ayam Percik Vietcong Style

Malaysian BBQ Styled chicken topped with Vietnamese peanut sauce come with pilaf rice and acar rampai.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood with squid and tiger prawns

Vongole Clam Penne

Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo

Seafood Canton Sang Mee

A value priced equally good SANG HAR MEE with a smaller tiger prawns rather than fresh water prawns. For lunch, I don’t think you wanna spend RM50 for just a place of noodle right? Here are Sanook the taste remains but prawns were replaced with a more value priced version. With the current economy so bad, this is the best you can get at RM12++ with drinks and dessert! YES!! You hear it right! RM12++

Kung Poh Lou Shi Fun

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar is located at :

C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya 47301, Malaysia

Location Map : CLICK HERE

Open Monday to Saturday for lunch & dinner
(Saturday dinner & drinks only)

Lunch : 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner : 6:00pm – 11:00pm

‘Happy Hours’ starts 5:00pm
Party ‘til late

Website : http://www.sanooking.com

Promotions : http://sanooking.com/promotions.html