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Food Point Of Interest have been invited to review numerous numbers of restaurants, food outlets, hawkers, high profile dining restaurants and hotels. Most of these restaurants are started to realize the importance of internet advertising as it is for long run vs the conventional media like newspaper and TV.

Frequently Asked Question :

  1. Do you charge for the review?NO. It is absolutely FREE. You provide the food, we provide the coverage and write up.
  2. Do you do review for invitation from marketing PR company?YES we do. We are currently having a few marketing PR company which constantly invite us to review their clients (The restaurants / Hotels).
  3. What makes internet advertising so good compared to the conventional advertising methods?If you advertise in newspaper or TV, you get a short spike of customers. Internet based is once the writer publish the article over the internet, forever it is there. Besides that we got the expertise to make your presence in internet better as we have the skill to make you listed on the top when people Google or Yahoo search for your restaurant or food.
  4. Up to which state do you cover?We cover Klang Valley area and Selangor. We do cover Penang and Ipoh as well if the timing is right. Ken were from Penang and he travel back to Penang every 3 months. He can stop by and do it for you. Besides Ken himself, he do have a group of Penang food blogger where they are more like partners for Food POI. Sometime the session were passed to each other.
  5. How many visitors you have per day? Food POI has an average of 1300 unique visitors on average daily which 80% of the traffic were from Malaysia.
  6. Do you do food review on full time basis? NO. During daytime, Ken is working as an IT Manager. So the best time for us to attend to you is during lunch time or dinner time. Weekend is the best though as I am off on weekends.

Drop me a message at ken [at] or give me a call at 012-482 6668 [Ken Chan] for a review at your restaurant.