Living With Diabetic Nerve Damage : A True Story

Teh Tarik is something which blends into our culture and daily living especially people who stay at KL. We all tends to go for teh tarik or teh ice without fail when we hit the mamak stalls.

Some of my friends ordered canned soft drinks instead. I do agree this feels good on a scorching hot day. But however there’s a price to pay when you go overboard with too much of that. It is all come down to sugar that affect our health.

Sugar! It is commonly consumed and easily added to foods for the sake of taste good.

One of them over the years suddenly has a numb and burning feel on his legs. He then went for a full body medical check up  and his blood sugar reading were very high that stand in between 13-20 mmol/l. Doctor confirm that he has a diabetic nerve damage. Doctor  prescribe him with some medicines for peripheral nerve damage for comparative discretion  that help in combating the problem.

He found that the vitamins prescribed by doctor was ineffective despite he controlled his diet and compliance to the medications prescribed; the nerve damage symptoms are getting worse with frequent unbearable attack which affects his mood and daily activities. It is always good to have third party professional advise from the same line hence I introduce him to my friend’s pharmacy. My friend who is a professional pharmacist by practice recommended him to try out this product called Live-well Mecomin.

He took it for 2 months consecutively by following the dosage recommended by the pharmacy. Obviously the effect doesn’t change overnight. With a healthier living lifestyle like exercising and maintaining good eating habits, he managed to have a speedier recovery. Just within two months, he managed to see effective results. Though he complained that the exercise ordeal and the diet tires him, he claims that he rather endure the hard training and use a little money buying the supplements than sacrificing his health. Now, he is happy and can now lead an active lifestyle without complaining any leg numbness or pain when he is walking. The Livewell mecomin contains mecobalamin that helps  in  rebuilding  nerves and combating  diabetic  symptoms post and pre. It is also suitable for vegetarians!

I hope my friend’s experience can also benefit those of you (and your friends) who are suffering from the same fate.

For more information on Live-well Mecomin’s benefits , you can find out from


Ernest Zackarevic – Art is Rubbish is Art

On 17th Jan 2014 till 14 Feb 2014, you will be able to witness the famous street artist Ernest Zackarevic which get popular by drawing the Bicycle Girl with brother in Penang.

These art pieces improve the tourism industry of Malaysia where the culture spread to other states and country like our neighbouring country Singapore. However one of his creation were destroyed by the local authority where it is not appreciated due to political reason. His artworks were highly sought after since it getting popular in Penang. Now to make it more happening, he is having a private showcase of all his works made from rubbish. Who says rubbish can’t create art piece? Let’s check them out.


The entrance at  the old Hin Company Bus Depot which converted into a private gallery to house all his latest creation. All the photos can be viewed in full size by clicking on them.

What do you think of this? A rustic golden picture frame?  No no no ….. this is actually a gutter cover and it is a real gutter inside the frame.

 Ernest and Kopi Gold

 Ernest dissected and split into various wooden boxes.

Kopi Gold and His trousers framed

The drawer

The Horse

Girl in Pink

Paint on wooden planks


A painting of a man sleeping. This is painted on rusty and recycled door.

The Roadwork Wizard

Oil and Spray Paint on old windows.


Girl painted on a gunny sack

Jolin painted on gunny sack

Style wars

Trishaw guy




Produce of Indonesia painted on old coffee gunny sack

 Girl with a cat

Michael Jackson

The first window is a soya bean drink + the grass jelly = you get a mixture which is well known locally as Michael Jackson. You can order them in any kopitiam in Penang for this drink.

Cash Cow – Whole cow painting made from thumb tacks. Click to enlarge and see it.


Girl with balloon

Lego crook waiting for the girl

The location for this exhibition is at Hin Bus Company. Behind Gama.

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Yee Sang Tossing At Chicago Ribs Restaurant This Lunar New Year

I know by now 1 week before the CNY, most of the restaurants were already fully booked for Yee Sang Tossing Ceremony and family dinner. Not to mention pricing wise easily will cost you RM600 at least per table. Early last week, I was invited to sample an affordable alternative that are easily accommodate 2 or 4 pax.

Chicago Ribs house which they are famous for pork dishes are the ideal place for a family dinner. Aside from pork, there are seafoods served as well scroll down to check them out.

Jade Empress Mocktail – RM23.80 per jug

This mocktail is created by the house bartenders to usher the new year. The drink were prepared using fresh apples and oranges. There are hints of cinnamon powder used on the drink that gives it a fragrant and taste.

Yee Sang which sold as a set from 18 Jan 2014 till 14 Feb 2014 [RM88.80 for 2 pax] to [RM168.80 for 4 pax] together with the CNY Signature Platter.

This Yee Sang uses smoked salmon instead of fresh ones and paired with healthy ingredients like cucumber, turnips and fish crackers topped with plum sauce. All the spices were mixed in the sauce beforehand and just pour it all on top and toss away for prosperity.

CNY Signature Platter – Available as individual order for RM39.90 from Jan 9 2014 onwards.

The platter consist of the house signature combined into a single plate where each person get a portion of prawns, baby back ribs, mussel and pork sausage with house special dip sauce. Side with fresh garden vege help in reducing the oily feeling of having too much seafood and meats at one go.

Drunken Prawns – RM68.80

This is a steam prawn version with chinese rice wine and then flambe upon served. Traditional version of drunken prawns were kinda cruel where liquor poured on live prawns. Prawns served are medium sized and succulent from its freshness.

Braised Pork Belly

The soft and tender braised pork were to die for. On top of its sweet and charred taste, the skins were coated with caramelized marinate and every bite gives you a TONG POR meat with char siew combination. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Baby Back Ribs

This is one of the house best seller where the ribs part were the most soft and tender part of the pig. For that kind of character, it is the favorite among their customer which they had it as a main. The baby back ribs are served with the combination of below’s sidelines.


Thick cut fries

Poached broccoli and carrots.

Sweet Corn.

Herbs rice.

Baked potato with bacon bits.

Customers who order the CNY special set can get opportunity to draw for ang pau for a special surprise from the restaurant. Do check them out this coming CNY.

Chicago Ribs can be located at :

Gurney Plaza, Penang
1 Utama, Petaling Jaya
Cheras Leisure Mall, KL

Pizza Gallery Restaurant Class Quality Food at Fast Food Price

Tucked along the famous cafe block of Publika, there’s a pizza restaurant that stand nearby The Coffee Stain and Coffee Societe.

The name may sound common to you which is called Pizza Gallery.

The restaurant are very spacious and colorful. It gives you a comfortable ambiance and cozy feel to dine in.

There’s a fruit juice counter and coffee bar that serves gourmet coffee upon order.

I prefer to have lime juice than soft drinks as this helps me in digestion.

House Special Caesar Salad that can beat all the fast food restaurants quality. Price are reasonable and the salad a prepared with top grade ingredients. A good starter to begin with.

Soup Of The Day

Cheese Bread that goes along with any soups. At first I thought this going to be crispy but after taking a bite to my surprise it is still warm and fluffy with a melted cheddar cheese on top. My favorite!

House special chicken wings – Bread crumb breaded BBQ chicken wings which are then deep fried and dipped with BBQ sauce upon serve.

Chicken Burger

One of the bestseller aside from their pizza in this restaurant. This is due to the size of the burger where the whole patty were actually whole piece of chicken meat.

For those who don’t want to eat pizza, you can try out their range of spaghettis which are as good as other Italian restaurants at a fraction of their price.

Seafood Pasta

Cream based pasta tossed with clam, squid, prawns and olive oil are for those who love the freshness of the seafood. The chef here are experience in preparing all sorts of dishes that relates to Italian main course.

Aglio Olio that are most basic yet the hardest to prepare. The pasta are done al dante which perfect for me liking and by adding more chilli flakes will be perfect.

Macaroni Cheese is the ideal choice for kids that don’t like pizza. But I never heard of kids don’t like pizza so far.

Tom Yam Pasta. Spaghetti done with an Asian twist where they use chef’s specially own made Tom Yam paste. I am kinda picky on my tom yam taste. I can easily tell the difference between Maggi tom yam paste and authentic freshly prepared version. Here they pass with a flying colors and the tom yam paste is as good as I had in Thailand.

That’s all from the pasta menu and we are going into the pizza menu. The pizza menu are rather simple and straight forward with the common names that you see at other pizza restaurants.

Beef Pepperoni – One of the most basic pizza that test the skill of the chef tossing/preparing the dough and the tomato margherita sauce. The thin crust pizza are prepared from fresh and bake on the spot upon order.

Island Seafood Pizza

Satay Pizza which is the house specialty and most ordered so far. It is using the satay peanut sauce as base then with satay meat bits were added before baked with mozzarella cheese.

Tom Yam Pizza

I vote for this as my personal favorite. It taste sooooo good! Spicy, tangy and packed with plenty of oomph. It maybe a bit spicy for people but I love it. I may sound weird, but if got a slice of kafir lime squeeze on top will perfect it to the max.

Sweet and Sour Pizza – Hawaiian Pizza like but this is their house specialty for the hawaiian die hard fans.

Classic Crust Pizza Supreme pizza that are there to fill in the gap of the thin crust pizza. I don’t feel the satisfaction of being full without something filling. This also are baked from scratch upon order and is not ready made bread like those made in Pizza Hut’s.

On the same night we are introduced to a home baker as well by the name of Chewies Delight. The baker behind the name was Kyrina where she creates a range of cute designed mouth sized desserts which are looking good and cute.

Lollipop looked cakes which are ideal to be given as corporate gifts.

Beneath the fondant, this is a dark chocolate cake.

Cupcakes with chocolate toppings

Home made cakes can never go wrong and taste good. But just that on my personal preference, the toppings are slight overly sweet.

Pizza Gallery
Unit 02, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas

Chewies Delight :

HK Pak Loh Chiu Chow at Starhill Gallery CNY Menu

Step into the splendor of Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant, Starhill Gallery which is the “Golden Sister” of the renowned Hong Kong same restaurant.

The striking red, gold and green colors are similar to the restaurant in Hong Kong. Stepping through the giant Chiu Chow style sauce pot, diners are welcomed by a cozy atmosphere amidst furniture especially brought in from China.

To dine here, I would recommend you to lay back and sip on their famous Ti Kuan Yin tea from small cups between courses to enjoy the meal better. Favorites include the Chiu Chow signature of cold flower crab, pan fried oyster omelette, braised goose fillet and wok-roasted pork. Pak Loh Chiu Chow is helmed by the acclaimed Chef Alex Au, who says “We have imported more ingredients and fresh produce now as the latest menu offers bigger variety of CHiu Chow dishes, for example goose, bombay duck fish and much more”.

Teochew cuisine is particularly well known for its seafood dishes and is often regarded as being a healthier alternative among other Chinese cuisine. Distinctive preparation and cooking methods are used to preserve the freshness and quality of the ingredient. Signature Teochew dishes are often prepared over a slow fire, stewed, steamed, stir-fried or pickled to perfection. This brings out the best in every Teochew dish without heavy flavourings.

Golden Crispy Deep Fried Prawns

It may look simple but every bite brings back memory from olden days where this normally greet all the tables as a starter.

Deep Fried Sea Moss Roll @ RM 18(s), RM 30 (R)

This is another version of starter which having a more distinct taste that has water chestnut and sea moss.

Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with free Range Chicken and Yunna Ham @ RM 78

Sharks fin is a long time tradition till recent that is a MUST to have on a banquet table. Teochew people are famous for their shark fin recipe. In this restaurant, chef Alex brew a top notch version of it which using black spring chicken in superior soup base prepare with premium yuna ham. Instead of being starchy, this version is clear and diluted. No need to add mustard and vinegar and taste soooo good!

Braised South Africa Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw @ RM 108

Abalone all the time famous for pairing with premium ingredient sauce based are braise together till it is generating a perfect harmonized dish. No matter which items you eat first, the taste are jive together.

Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Plum Sauce @ RM 22 / each with minimum 2 pieces

Braised Sea Moss with Dried Oyster @ RM 78

Fried Chinese Glutinous Rice Cake Chiu Chow Style

Clay Pot Mixed Waxed Meat Yam Rice @ RM 26

This pot of rice are famous among the Hong Kie. The rice are cook together with premium wax meat, liver sausage, wax duck and then topped with chef’s special soya sauce. The rice are filled with the wax meat fragrance which circulated within the pot during the cooking time.

You can imagine till the rice bits also are not spared. It is scrapped and re cooked with stock soup. Chinese coriander added and we finish the whole thing in a jiffy.

Double Boiled Black Sesame Dumpling with Ginger

Chiu Chow Warm Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts @ RM 12

The set menus at Pak Loh Chiu Chow (available from 18th January to 14th February 2014) are priced between RM116++ per person, RM118++ per person and RM148++ per person. For further enquiries, call 03-2719 8330 or email

Pak Loh Chiu Chow
Feast Village at Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur


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Kak Yah Keropok Losong (Lekor) Kuala Terengganu

Do you know where do keropok lekor come from ? It was first done in Terengganu where they are having a different name. It is named Keropok Losong due to the location of the place where having the most keropok lekor factory.


There are more than 10 light industrials factory that produce the same thing here. One of the favorite which I frequently visit is Kak Yah Keropok Losong. All the keropok losong were hand made and were rolled into big and small sizes. Those big ones were usually thinly sliced and then fried.

This is what I still prefer. Fried till it is crispy and golden brown. Best eaten with the special made chilli sauce that surprisingly goes very well with the taste of the keropok losong.

The texture are slightly rougher as there are more fish proportion compared to the flour. Those that sold in KL have 70% floor and 30% fish. Keropok losong use Tamban fish which were used to make keropok lekor/losong and those that we had normally.

Unfried version of the keropoks.

There are even squid keropok which you can’t find it in KL.

140,Kampung Losong Haji Su 622 5020, fax: 09 622 7020.




Penang Specials #3 : Best Tosai and Vadai at Lintang Pasar Dato Keramat

Those were the days when I was still working in Penang, the cheapest and best breakfast I had almost daily was an Indian food. It is Tosai and vadai.

The restaurant was a roadside stall which do not has a name and has been operated since my grand father’s generation and this has past down to several generations.

Tosai were prepared upon order and vadai are constantly fried to preserve the heat and crispiness.

This is A MUST TRY! Is the best you can find in Malaysia I would say.

This is a bit hard compared to the other one. Still it is flavorful with a lots of dal beans.

Idhili to be eaten with masala potato.

Indian desserts.

Top left are the chili powder mix which brings lots of kick …. top right is sugar, bottom left is dhal vegetarian gravy and right the coconut chutney gravy. All these are unlimited refill and don’t waste.

The tosai in front were the ghee tosai with 2 vadai drenched with a lot chilli powder.

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Sandakan Food – Beef Noodle at Kedai Kopi Santa

When you are on tour at Sandakan, Sabah you don’t have much choice after you left the main town on foods. On the way from Sepilok towards Kinabatangan, we don’t see much stop over or eateries along the journey.

This coffee shop is located along the way towards the Kinabatangan journey. Next to this kopitiam, is a  convenient store for traveller stop over.

Very very spacious kopitiam which owned by a Chinese and handled by Muslim workers.

Damn good sambals! Fiery hot and taste like local made tobasco sauce. Add a squeeze of lime and oh la la ….. lips smacking good!

Battered Fried Chicken

The Infamous Beef Noodle in clear soup with koey teow. The koey teow are close to Southern Peninsular Malaysia Koey Teow Kia which slightly thicker.

Just look at that slice of beef. Super tender and melt in your mouth. Perfect lean fat proportions.

The dry version topped with fish and prawns. This plate is for those Chinese who don’t take beef due to religion issue.

Kedai Kopi Santa is located at JALAN SEGALIUD.

My tour guide for the trip who handle all my foods and tours around Sandakan are or Call Mr Johnny Lim 016-8264567

Penang Specials #2 – Toast Bread Dipped With Half Boiled Eggs at Joo Leong Cafe Sungai Tiram

Penang Specials – Location 2

Do you ever heard of a kopitiam who don’t have side stalls? The place which I want to introduce this round is known as Joo Leong Cafe or more famous known as Roti Bakar Sungai Tiram by the locals.

The crowd here are consistently packed and the table turn around are fast. So you can easily get a seat here.

The menu is simple. Just 2 items. If this do not fill you up for breakfast, there are nasi lemak and fried bee hoon that can satisfy your appetite.

You can’t get this type of nasi lemak in KL. The small portions of deep fried fish then soaked in the sambal are to die for.

You’ll see a couple of tables dedicated to do certain task.

Like this one, the old man’s job are to cut bread skins.

This aunty is to toast bread and apply butter on the toast plus cuttin it to small bite sizes.

High quality butters were used here and this is just one small pot of butters used every morning.

This mug of butter can be cleared within 30 mins. They don’t stinge on the spread and you get a satisfying one.

The look of the perfectly prepared butter toast.

On the other table, soft boil eggs were prepared. There are truly expert in preparing the soft boil eggs. Every eggs cracked no need much to be scratched.

And this is the amount they boil in one go. Compared to the amateurs who used the water dripping method, this is much faster and consistent from their years of experience.

This is the single egg cup served with toast breads.

This glass cup is for double eggs.

You can choose to sprinkle some sugar on the toast. Add some light soya sauce and pepper to the soft boiled eggs. Dip a piece of the toast in it and enjoy.

A simple and satisfying breakfast to start the day. They serve a good cup of Kopi O too.

Joo Leong Cafe
179-H, Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas
Penang. West Malaysia.

Tel (1) : 010-4124865
Tel (2) : 012-4984865

Monday OFF

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