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China Shunde Cuisine By Noble Mansion, Jaya 33

How many of you know where is Shunde? (In Cantonese is pronounce as SUN TAK). Shunde District, is a district of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong Province, China. Yes Foshan! The place where Ip Man rules last time. Beside the famous martial arts and culture, they are famous for their foods as well. Now you no need to fly 4 and a half hours to enjoy the foods there.

The brand new Noble Mansion open its door to the public recently at Jaya 33 where they are specialise in this line of cuisine.

It is located  at the brand new mall Jaya 33 new wing as well where Noble Mansion join in the crowd with Kampachi (Japanese Food) and Colliseum (Western Food).

It is lushly decorated with modern contemporary with Chinese elements blend in. It made the whole place look so luxurious but rest assure the price is very reasonable. The whole idea is to make the place relax and presentable to all their customers without adding more price on their dishes. Their dishes still coming out from the same head chef. Chef Justin from Oriental Group is still the one behind the menu of all the gorgeous creation here. Shunde food taste are quite similar to ours where it reside in Quang Dong province that basically same like our Chinese Food.

BBQ Pork Meat Skewer – RM12 per portion

Lean meat lightly marinated and then put on skewered and then grilled. This doesn’t need any sauce and it already taste awesome. Maybe this is made with pork and I am a big fans of it? You guys try it out and I can say this is definitely better than the Melaka Pork Satay. The ATAS version for sure will taste better ingredients and pork are used to made these skewers.

Premium anchovies & Star Fruit in Oriental’s cincalok sauce  – RM14

This is a type of Chinese Salad which famous in China. It has the healthy impact towards health especially those who had high blood pressure. Star fruits are famous to suppress the disease. On top of that it is tossed with Chef Justin’s secret fermented cincalok specially use for this dish. I like it a lot! It is slightly tangy, spicy and refreshing. The anchovies are not really that salty as they treated it with water before fried.

Zucchini with Minced Ginger – RM8

Zucchini or better known as Japanese Cucumber by the locals are famous for its refreshing effect. It taste even better when minced ginger added on top. I never expect this to be blend in well.

Smoked vegetarian spring roll – RM8

Liver sausage ‘Char Siew’ Roll – RM16

I am not a spare part person but in this dish, it taste so good. It is pretty similar to pig in blanket but this is more Chinese style. It has sesame seeds added on top. Then inside there are a spring onion.

Steamed Fresh Water Prawn – RM28 Per pax

The prawns are still swimming. This is how fresh it is. It is cut into half and then steamed with chef’s special sauce. Lips smacking! If got man tou, we will use it to wipe the plate clean.

Steamed Ocean Garoupa with Shunde Style

This fish are steamed the conventional way but with added pickled chillis and the plastic looking thingy is actually flat noodles. It is a transparent looking flat noodle imported from China and the black bean pickled chilli mix with superior soya sauce are the perfect companion for the flat noodles. Not to mention the fresh fish that is so nice putting it all together.

Suckling Pig

Have a look at that tanned pig ….. is all set for you to chop it.

Suckling Pig with lettuce

The skins were so crispy and easy can be cut by using a mere plate. There are not much bones in it and each piece were cut in to bite size rectangle and then wrapped with lettuce before putting into your mouth. Beneath the crispy skins, there are a layer of fats and lean meats. Just perfect proportion. You easily need 4 pieces to satisfy your self. So for a table of 10, the whole pig is just nice.

Lime juice to ease of the oily suckling pig a bit.

Lobster with chicken & pig stomach in spicy sauce – RM80

This dish is done the old school way where the 3 main ingredients placed in the same plate and put to steam. Bird eyes chilli were added and several other sauces were added. Simple and healthy choice.

Braised Wolf berry shoots with eggs – RM28

At the first look I thought this was a wat tan hor …. which is not. The vege is soft and the starchy sharks fin look egg sauce were smooth and flavourful.

Roasted Suckling Pig with Glutinous Rice – RM330 each

Beside the famous suckling pig, under Chef Justin’s sleeve there are another suckling pig dish that worth the mention. It was the roasted suckling pig with glutinous rice  that are pre-cooked with waxed meat. Then it is covered with the suckling pig on top and serve. It is a must order dish here if your companion has the appetite. Crispy skins with fragrant waxed meat glutinous rice are so presentable on the table.

Fried Rice Noodle

Abalone sauce

Rice Noodle with abalone sauce set RM28 per portion

The result a mixture all in one pot create a harmonious plate of starchy abalone sauce noodle with sliced crab sticks. I would suggest you to add the pickled chili which made it taste better.

Chilled Sweetened Fuji Apple with Snow Jelly, Gingko, Fresh Lily & Red Dates – RM13 per pax

Instead of the traditional Chinese way of serving this dessert warm, it is chilled which I love it even more. Imagine the sweet apple juice with all these goodies. Simply a great way to end your dinner.

Longevity Piglet Bun – RM28 for 4 pcs

This is the companion that come with the Fuji apple  cheer up our day. A day an apple keep your doctor away plus this cute piggy make you go home with a smile. So what are you waiting for?

The Plaza @ Jaya 33,
No.1, Jalan Semangat,
Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-7932 3288

GPS: 3.109636,101.638201

Operation Hours:
Mondays – Sundays and Public Holidays 11.00 am – 3.00 pm 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm

MBI Martabak Manis In Restoran Waroeng Oma (Khas Jawa Timur) Sunway Mentari

Malaysia are blessed with its multi racial and culture societies. Each race brought in their food and sold in the market that pampered us with choices. Sometimes I can’t make up my mind what to eat. Last week I was introduced to something which looks like our local pancake.

See what I mean? It is known as apam balik by Malay locals. Tai Kau Mien by Chinese and Ban Chean Kueh by Hokkien people. But wait a minute ….. do you notice why they cut it in such a way? Our local apam don’t cut that way.

The MBI Martabak Manis actually originated from Jawa Indonesia. And to make it better, this joint of delicacy were sold in some restaurants for main course. Martabak Manis is good to be eaten like that but some how you can’t have it all day long. You can order some bakso, soto ayam and ayam penyet here for the main course. The restaurant were personally manned by its owner from Indonesia. It is very home cooked taste since most of its chefs were seniors.  The range of home made and hand pounded sambals were the bomb. You can ask for more as long as you don’t waste them. All the chilis used were of premium grade. Fragrant and smoking hot.

This is the stall located in the restaurant compound. This is a franchised brand and if you are interested to sell them, you may contact the owner.

I first had this during my Bali trip. It was at Tabanan night market that lots of people que for it. There it is known as TERANG BULAN which in English is called Bright Moon.


Every single one were made to order. Locals one normally just put crushed peanuts, sugar and butter.

But Indonesia version come with Cheese and condensed milk. This is a must order where it is the original of Indonesian Pan cake which the owner choose to name it martabak manis. It is good to be consumed while it is hot. It is much more fragrant compare to our locals one. It may looks the same but upon served, it smells much much better.

There’s another version that has crushed peanuts, cheese, condensed milk and chocolate rice. It is rich and tasty. I would recommend you to share this and order another crispier version which is called TIPKER which is a short form of tipis kering.


Tipker – Tipis Kering

You can basically choose any fillings as per stated in the menu below.

This is my personal favorite Tipket Jagung …. lip smacking yummy!

To spice up the dinner, I ordered ABC from the Waroeng Oma which goes well with the martabak manis. They sell Sosro tea too.

Martabak manis are located at :

Waroeng Oma

No.42-1,Jln PJS8/2,
Sunway Mentari Plaza.

Bandar Sunway

46150 Selangor
(Bunisess hour 1.00PM – 10.00PM)


1, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor One to Eat Food Court  also known as Orange.
47500 Malaysia. (Business hour 12.00PM – 10.00PM)


Sungai Buloh Restoran Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot

Lately around 4 to 5pm, the weather without fail rains pretty heavily and getting pretty cold. When you get cold, what is the best food to eat? Steamboat or Hot Pot of course!

Recently I went to try out a new steam boat place called Restoran Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot. It is located at the old Restoran LYJ which famous for their Poon Choi. Now their business expanded and shifted to a bigger building nearby.

The interior of the restaurant has been refurbishes. So it look very new and cozy. Unlike traditional steamboat that use charcoal, here they use gas stoves and modern unstick ports.

What makes them so special? It is the sauces and condiments for dippings.

On the condiments/sauce station, there are recipes for you to follow. You may mix your own or follow the recipes.

My personal favorite bird eyes chili + chinese coriander + vinegar + light soya sauce. Perfect to go with anything in steamboat pot.

The sauces above and below are mixed according to the recipe as stated. Some taste good and some taste new to me. I just randomly dip them with the steamboat stuffs and each having special character to match certain dish.

A salmon fish head which good to be a soup flavour enhancer.

Put the whole fish head inside the soup pot (in this case, this is a tomato soup base) and boil it.

Or you may select a mushroom soup base which is more fragrant with mushrooms taste.

Pork belly were added to the soups hence the taste are pretty sweet and intense.

To spice it up even further we add in crabs which the roe generate sweetness to the soup. You can imagine so much goodies went in and there are no MSG or artificial flavouring used.

There are an extensive range of selections to choose from ranging from paste form fish balls. crab and squid balls.

Fresh made daily meat and seafood balls that are come in small portions enough for 2 to start off.

Premium seafoods range also available where you can choose if it suits your budget. Fresh seafoods ranging from scallops and big prawns are available on the menu. Prices are stated clearly and you can rest assure you are paying according to the menu and will not get slaughtered like in traditional steamboat house.

Fresh pork slices and treated meats also

Luncheon meat also can go along with the steamboat. However luncheon meat is luncheon meat. How you cook also the taste will be the same.

House special deep fried HAR CHOU which is famous at LAMMEEYA. Just a note to you that, the operator of the place is the same peoples who run LAMMEEYA and KISSATEN range of restaurants in Klang Valley. So a consistent taste and tip top QC are there to ensure the foods taste good all the time.

Hong Kong Double Sausage Claypot rice for those who can’t live without rice like me. The Lap Cheong and Lap Mei are cooked together with the white rice and you can taste the sausages fragrant in the white rice. This is my mom’s fav dish when she is lazy to think what’s for dinner. I like it a lot though.

Double liver and smoked duck rice.

Same method of cooking with the double sausage rice but the taste is not as intense as that. With hot pots and clay pots rice which are famous for generating body heat, you need something to cool them down. 1 you can go with the traditional WONG LO KAT herbal tea or go with the SNOW BEER.

This is not bubbles or foam. It was the frost generated when pouring the beer into the special chilled glasses.

Just gulp it down and ahhhhhh ………. the chilling sensation down your body instantly cool off the inner temperature.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot
PT 11 Jalan Perkhidmatan
Kampung Baru Sg Buloh
Tel: 03-61402595

Facebook :

Kompassion Thai Fusion Food Damansara Kim

I love Thai foods. In KL or Selangor, the Thai Food that I like and will recommend people would be either My Elephant by Doodee [Section 17], Good Evening Bangkok at 1Utama and the recent Golden Orchid Oriental Thai. All these are on my top of my personal favorites.

Located pretty outskirt from main stream location, this is on the same location along the same row with Euro Deli at Damansara Kim housing area.

KOMPASSION actually is a brand new Thai Fusion restaurant where the Head Chef named Kom which he is one of the owner of My Elephant. Passion means the chef’s passion in cooking to churn out more of his own personal creations which combine Thai with westernise cooking. What I like so much of the place is because of they serve pork! Being a pork lover, anything that cook with pork will get my attention.

From outside, you can clearly look into the restaurant at night. The transparent glass which allows you to see the restaurant at night to look inside its decoration and number of customers inside. If it is too full, you can either wait or go somewhere else. No need to waste time to find parking which is a challenge as well.

Kompasion Chicken Wings RM17.90

The chicken wings are a great start for the night. It is lightly marinated and yet satisfying. Over powered marination sometimes spoil the dish. A hint of ginger and garlics were used in the marination which we all love it a lot. 6 of us that night clear it in minutes when is served even though it is hot from the fryer.

Stir Fried Kai Lan RM15

Simple stir fried kai lan with garlics and topped with garlic bits.

Paneang Curry Pork Loin – RM35

The pork loin resembles the world #1 food massaman curry but somehow the pork were pre roasted first. The pork loin were very sinful but somehow for RM35 the portion are rather small.  A hint of basil leaves were used in cooking this dish.

Tom Yum Fried Rice with Grilled Seafood – RM18.90

This Thai Fried rice is slightly different from what you get in other Taichow restaurants. Here they use unpolished rice and paired with grilled salmons and prawns. The sambal add on able to enhance the plate of fried rice too.

Kompassion Pork Leg Rice RM25.90

This is a must order in Thai Restaurants. When you travel to Thai, you will see Pork Leg rice in any of the restaurants. It is a common dish where they serve it in any eateries without fail. However, Chef Kom change the dish instead of using white rice, he use unpolished rice.

Green Curry Crispy Pork RM35

Roast pork cook in green curry style which use lots of basil leaves. The use of coconut milk gives it a creamy texture on the dish and goes very well with a plate of white rice.

Double Cooked Pork Belly and Soft Shell Crab with Cucumber Salad RM65

This is my life most expensive plate of salad ever ordered. It may sound pricey but after looking what is on the plate, I would say pretty reasonable price. It comes with roast pork belly garden greens with tobiko and a whole soft shell crab.

Double Cooked Pork Belly and Soft Shell Crab with Cucumber Salad

Soft shell crab.

Tom Yum Fish RM45

This is my favorite type of Tom Yam soup which is the clear type. You can ask for the level of spiciness that Thai people really eat which is level 1. That night we ordered level 2 and all barely can take it and say it was too spicy. For me it is just perfect! Level 1 will numb our taste bud away.

Fish fillet and Chinese coriander were  used in cooking the tom yam soup.

Tako – RM10

Water chestnut cake

Ice Cream with Jackfruit and Red Ruby – RM10

Complimentary Cheesecake

Overall I would say this is a mid range Thai food where the price are slightly higher compared to the shop decoration. Some shop decoration are very nice but foods are priced lower. If you ask me will I go back for its food? I would say YES. The foods quality are top notch and affordable. Here you get quality more than quantity. If you opt for quantity, Kompassion is not your choice.

No.5, Jalan SS 20/11,
Damansara Utama,
46350, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7731 9256
Business Hours: 12pm to 2:30pm, 6pm to 10:30pm
Closed on Mondays

Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Restaurant Damansara Jaya

The area of Damansara Jaya where the previous Atria were, are not desserted. Infact more and more good eateries has surfaced and join in the crowd for providing family meals. Golden Orchid Restaurant join in the suburbs of Damansara Jaya. With the opening of the restaurant, residents of the area can enjoy Fusion Thai cuisine from flavourful soups such as zesty seafood Tom Yam, to the absolute must have SOM TAM POK POK (Green Papaya Salad).


Scented candles greeting the guest by the door

Authentic real golden orchid imported to decorate and symbolise the restaurant.

The setup are simple and close to family dining hall more on every single table. The seatings were ideal ranging from 4, 6, 10 and 12 per tables.

For me Thai Food is all about the non fancy preparation and very home based cooking style. More on natural ingredients and flavourings used rather than MSG.

Pandan Cooler water

For example like this pandan leave water boiled till the aroma came out. It is a normal drinks which available in any restaurant in Thailand. This is complimentary in Thailand but here come with a min price.

Tom Yum Seafood and Chicken

The heart and soul of a Thai Restaurant. This is a must to order if you dine in any Thai Food restaurant. Be it as a starter or mains this soup never fails to bring out the appetite in you. This curry like color tom yam were from the central to southern Thai . Coconut milk were used in the cooking process hence you can taste a slight milky taste in it. For me Golden Orchids Tom Yam are on par with the General Thai ones.

Spicy, tangy and yet satisfying to start off the dinner. Perfect to warm up your tummy on a rainy night.

Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter

A platter of Thai-styled BBQ seafood & lamb served with home-made green chilli sauce. The grilled foods were the ingredients which you can get anytime. Just the sauce are special where it consist of raw garlics, lime juice, fish ale sauce and plenty of fiery hot bird eye chillis. Smoking hot! But taste good. The platter comes with grilled squid, lamb and chicken .The squid are normally pretty chewy and taste like you are biting the rubber sandals. The squid are done just nice and same goes with the lamb which are pretty tender. The sauce makes a big difference and without it, it just taste bland which they were just lightly salted when grilled.


Fried Butter Prawn

The smooth satisfying coated prawn were delicious! Cook with curry leaves and chilli bring some oomph to it.

Kembong Fish Platter

Deep fried kembong fish with ulam and our special blend of Nam Prik sauce. This is one of the common chap fan dish in Thailand. You can get it anywhere on Thai Street. This is simple, healthy and cheap. A complete meal that comes with 2 kembong fish, fried brinjal, raw cucumber, ladies finger, kacang botol and kangkung roots are just perfect. I can live with this all day long. It doesn’t matter whether it is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat this 3 meals a day when I work in Bangkok.

The sambal belacan is spicy, fragrant and pack plenty of punch.  It resembles our Malay sambal belacan but trust me, this have more fire power. More spicy!

Golden Orchid Fried Chicken

Fried Crispy fillets of chickens served with home-made sweet chilli sauce

It looks like our Chinese Szechuan La Chi Kai Ting but it doesn’t have the peppercorn seed. This dish use curry leaf instead and coat the chickens with the fragrant aroma results from the leaf.

Fried Paku Pakis

Fried Fish with Keng Som

An exotic dish from Hatyai. Deep fried then soak on Keng Som soup where it is pretty close to our curry fish but slightly milder.

Thai Style Omelette

Fluffy and crispy Thai omelette

Red Ruby – Tub Thim Krob

The dinner won’t be complete without Ruby-red chestnut in refreshing cold coconut milk served with slices of jackfruit

Steam Tapioca with Coconut Milk

Golden Orchid Operation House :

11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch
5.30pm to 10pm for dinner

Open Daily.

Address :

12-14G, Jalan SS 22/25,

Damansara Jaya

Facebook :

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Yama & J Japanese Fusion Restaurant At Jaya One

2 years back, a young chap named Yama left Kuala Kumpur and head to New York at the age of 18. He went thru a several jobs change and learn English. The result he improved his English landed him a new job in one of the Japanese restaurant. He started off as an apprentice Japanese Sushi chef after that and start learning the arts of making traditional sushi.

His master were the old mindset type which emphasise on conventional sushi.

Yama used 1 year to perfect his skill in preparing sushi and sashimi.

Now Yama san is back in KL and opened his restaurant at Jaya One Wai Sik Kai just above Starbucks Coffee.

The place boast a sushi buffet lines, dining tables and a bar complete with all type of pours be it from hard liquors to cocktails.

It is all about the art of cutting and slicing seafoods at its freshest condition. By having a professional sushi chef from Japan, the creation were so artistic and beautiful.

Being staying in New York which the life pace is high speed and competitive, Yama need to come out something that bring him out from the normal crowd. Hence he went and learn from 20 chefs in 5 years time to come out with a fusion version of Japanese foods. Japanese food in America becoming more adventurous and exciting as it transcended the traditional soy sauce and wasabi combo. Fusion was the next wave. Fusion chef’s from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, France and Italy were reinterpreting Japanese flavours. His observation discovers that to fusion the Japanese food, the answer lies on the sauce. For salmon alone, he created 10 types of sauce for it.

Red Dragon Roll – RM38

Spicy tuna & cucumber inide; Top with big eye tuna and chef signature spicy ponzu garlic sauce. This is close to the normal uncooked sushi but it is topped with chef’s special ponzu sauce which consist of garlic, mayo and sesame seed.

Baked Salmon – RM32

The baked salmon is consist of snow crab tempura, snow crab and avocado topped with chef’s signature sauce. Ebiko and sesame seed were added to enhance the flavour.

Japanese Lasagna RM39

A sushi shape like lasagna which Snow crab mix with avocado inside topped with a baked layer of cream cheese & chef signature sauce.

Happy Sumo Roll RM32

A combination of shrimp tempura with cream cheese and snow crab placed inside. Outside deep fried with potato strip around on top and topped with chef signature yuzu, home made eel and strawberry sauce.

Art Of Maki RM43

Salmon, avocado, crab meat wrapped with tuna and served with chef special signature yuzu sauce.

Mango waikiki roll RM29

Fresh salmon, avocado and crunch inside topped with mango and red tobiko laden with chef signature mango sauce.

Lunch buffet is available at RM48 per pax.  You can also opt to order from their A La Carte menu and there are some special lunch sets available too.


Yama & J Fusion Buffet
M-6-1 Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan University
46200 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7931-7372/016-381-8896

Facebook :

Gurney Delight Cafe Authentic Penang Food At Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

Where can you find a good Penang food in Klang Valley? This is the question I got quite frequently. Previously I would give them answer, Restaurant O & S located at PJ Taman Paramount. But one thing you know that to eat good food, you need to face the traffic jam, parking, toll and time just to get a fix. For those who are staying in Shah Alam, here’s a good news. Now you no need to go so far and can get a good Penang food located within Kota Kemuning.

 The place were operated by authentic Penang people and all the best of all stars is in a single place.

Char Koey Teow – RM5.50

The char koey teow carry the authentic fragrant where the right type or koey teow used. Penang koey teow when in raw form, has oil in it.  Then it is fried with pork lards, chinese sausage, prawns, cockles and eggs. You need a big fire and right amount of soya sauce mix. Wok Hei is the main key point to churn out a good plate of char koey teow!

Fried Jawa Mee RM5.50

Traditional Jawa Mee are cooked in potato starchy soup. This one is fried and taste better for some people. However I love the original potato soup ones. The plate are come with fried taukua, hard boil eggs, prawns and a squeeze of lime upon served.

Authentic Penang Chicken Feet Loh Mee RM5.50

This Loh Mee are Penang authentic and is not the KL LAM MEE. Here the thin yellow noodle and beehoon is used. KL ones are using hokkien mee thick noodle. The starch are cooked with chicken feet and pork. Then it is paired with cooked chili and raw garlic mix.

Opened and spreaded Penang Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun RM3.50

Shrimp paste chee cheong fun are hard to find in KL. Like I said only O&S and here got it. The shrimp paste were imported from Penang weekly. There are 2 types of CCF where you either open the rice roll noodle so that it is easy to absorb the sauce or you leave it in the roll form.

Unopened version RM3.50

With plenty of onion oil and sesame seed, the fragrant are brought to the next level.It may look basic and simple but as a breakfast, it is sufficient.

Curry Mee RM5.50

Pork coagulated blood, tofu puff, squids, prawns, cockles and mint leaved drenched in a pot of prawn based soup then mix with cook chilli is one of the Penang famous hawker food known as curry mee. This is the nyonya type where the soup color are white. In Penang most were brown colored and use a lots of coconut milk.

Duck Meat Koey Teow Soup RM5.50

Koey teow soup in Penang is famous for known as sick people’s food. Whenever you feel sick, you will look for koey teow soup vs KL people look for teowchew porridge. This duck meat koey teow soup are cooked clear and no MSG added. It is serve with pork lard, fish cake, duck meats and fish ball. If you are real Penang people, you will request for red chilli and put it in the soup.

Asam Laksa RM5.50

A must to try if you are asam laksa lover. The fish are still in one piece rather than crushed version like the one in the famous Air Itam market version. This one you can taste the real soup base flavor. At the same time you can see what fish are used to cook the asam laksa. As usual Penang authentic asam laksa come with plenty of shrimp paste. This is not for dipping. Stir and mix it into the soup and start eating. That’s the right way to enjoy it.

Lam Mee RM5.50

Clear prawn soup with shredded eggs, prawns and lards called lam mee? This is the Penang nyonya style. If only I can get the sambal belacan in KL then pair it with this plate of noodle will be awesome. The prawn chicken soup based noodle are simple yet tasty.

Fruits Rojak RM4.00

The sauce is available for sale. RM7 a bottle for the sauce only where you can make your own fruits salad at home. This is the sweet type of shrimp paste compared to the one used in asam laksa and chee cheong fun.

Tee Nya Kuih RM3.50 per tub

This is a rare item in KL. In Penang, this also very hard to find. This is a cold dessert where the rice cake are chilled then dipped in brown sugar. It is the best cold snack in front of TV. This only available in the weekend. You can book or order them in bulk too.


Gurney Delight is located at :

15G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla U31/U,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam, Malaysia

03-5879 5112

Restoran Keng Ping Lenggong and Fresh Water Seafood Cuisines

Most of the seafoods that we had on daily basis are mainly from the sea. No doubt the fishes and prawns from the sea are good, you will find that the foods made from fresh water seafoods are better. For this I am going to introduce to you all a fresh water seafood restaurant originated from Lenggong, Perak.

Located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, this restaurant are already 1 year old. It is the branch of the original Lenggong Keng Ping.

The restaurant are air conditioned and pretty spacious in its setup. This restaurant are use to be a vegetarian restaurant.

On the wall, there are some house specials written in Chinese together with pricing.

Authentic Sai Toe Fish Ball.Per pop RM0.70

It is hand made and no preservative added. Every single ball are bouncy and it is highly addictive as a starter. At first we ordered 40 balls for 10 pax to start it off. I was standing at the side placing orders for the menu attack for the session. After I finish placing orders, I turn back to the table and it is gone! Finish! So I ordered another round.

The fish balls were paired with a home made bird eye chilli sauce which also came from Lenggong. This is not for the faint hearted. Go slow with it.

This bottle of chilli sauce are available for sale if you want to bring it home. It taste really good with anything fried.

Claypot Pak Sok Kong

This is the wild type which catch by orang asli and then sell to the local fish monger to distribute it. There are no muddy smell from the fish as they are expert in treating the fish before it is dish out. A dash of Chinese rice wine were added when served. It is very tender and the fish basically melt in your mouth.

Steamed Water Monkey fish which is steamed and with just added superior soya sauce. This fish is meant to be shared. The ideal size of the fish is 1.5KG and the best way to enjoy seafood is by steam it. The flesh were taste a lil fruity in result of the feedings it had in the river.

Steam fish belly with bean paste

This is the best part of the fish for those who know how to eat fish. The belly is the softest and require a high skill to prepare it. At first I thought it will be fishy smell but it is not. It taste really good.

Wild boar curry.

Tofu Puff with minced meat

This is a recommended to order dish here at Keng Ping. Home made tofu puff with minced meat topped with special soup. There are no MSG and artificial flavorings.

Home made Kau Yoke with Yam.

Braised pork belly with yam. Perfect lean and fat cut of pork bellies braised for a long day plus left it overnight really made this dish a perfect companion for white rice. Just one dish alone I can kill 2 to 3 bowls of rice just like that. A combination of pork plus yam is a must to eat together in order to bring out the best taste out of it. Just the pork alone sometime may be too fat. The yam actually reduce the oily feeling as it is kinda sandy texture.


Clay pot wild boar

The wild board meat are suppose cook for a longer time to tender it. Taste wise the sauce not able to absorb much into the meat.

Sour Plum Sauce Duck

I find this dish is rather subjective for people to love it. If you like plum sauce, then you will love it. But not for me personally. The duck meat were ok and easy to go with rice.

Sambal Petai Ikan Bilis

Hail to the stinky beans. Stoink to the brim but high in nutritious value. A famous dish in nasi lemak.

Kam Heong Crab

Four Heavenly Kings


The brinjal were awesome. It is fried with plenty of garlic bits and bird eye chilli. Every bite come with kick from the garlic and chilli.

Claypot Kam Heong Chicken

This is a household dish for many house. I had this a lot when staying with my parents. The chicken were pan fried and then cook in dark soya sauce and dried chilli.

Homemade Tofu

A simple home made egg tofu pan fried and then cook with minced meat. The sauce were slightly starchy with a hint of bean paste used. It looks simple but tasty.

Steamed Chicken


This is another MUST order dish at Keng Ping. The skills that displayed by the chef to steam the chicken is in question here. He pass it with flying colors. Imagine I take the breast meat which famous for being tough and rough taste so tender.

The ginger sauce is the key to enhance the steam chicken taste. I can tell you, this portion easily clear by you alone. However the chicken were sold in 1/2 or whole bird. The chicken used here were corn fed chicken hence the color is a lil yellowish compared to normal chicken. At Lenggong, the chicken used were free range chicken. It is tough yet tender with the chef’s skill in preparing it.

Fried Roast Pork with bird eye chilli

Stir-fried Lotus Roots with Mushroom

Stir Fried Giant Bean Sprout with tofu puff and pork.

Stir Fried Cheng Long (Green Dragon from direct translation) Vege with bean sprout

This vege no matter how you fry it, it will still taste green.It looks like a mini pandan leave.

Braised egg noodle. *NOTE Make sure you order small portion eventhough you got 10 pax to share. The big portion lacks oomph and gravy. The idea is the same like Char Koey Teow, it will only taste good when fried 1 by 1 plate. If you put everything together, the consistency will be gone. This braised noodle is origin from Lenggong.

Fried rice are rather blant and normal. Go for the noodle instead.

Restoran Keng Ping
No.26, Jalan Puteri 5/2
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong
Tel: 03-8052 3572 / 017-889 1697 / 017-912 8414

Bondi Junction Restaurant at Setia Walk Puchong Mediterranean Food

The new happening at Setia City Walk continue from my previous article about Sushi Tei and it’s latest Yee Sang Offerings. The latest family and comfort food restaurant for me to share with you all are Bondi Junction restaurant

This restaurant are located above Ding Tea.

It is kinda tricky to find the location for first timer here. The owner previously who worked before in Australia gained plenty of experience in culinary and then work in several resorts over the year.

Now he is fulfilling his dream by having his own restaurant that he can share his best dishes to the public.

The restaurant is non air conditioned and to my surprise it is pretty airy. It is painted in yellow and red with some Aussie decors on the wall.


This the look of the restaurant. Kitchen and the dining area are pretty near but to my surprise the smoke do not come to the dining area. The ventilation are done pretty good that maintain the comfort level in the restaurant.

They were having their own coffee blend here. As a coffee lover, I find that this blend is easy to drink and well balanced. Combination of Colombian and Arabica beans proportions are perfectly blended. You shall try their flat white.


The house special menu.

The compact kitchen is enough to dishout some top quality foods.

Fresh baked focaccia with 4 sides.

The focaccia were baked with rosemary and olives. It is fluffy and perfectly paired with fetta cheese, sun dried cherry tomatoes, olives and balsamic vinegar.

This have to be preordered as the quantity baked daily are limited. Willy the head chef cum owner said he do not bake too much to avoid wastage. So the dough are bake fresh daily. Once sold out means is finish. If you seriously want this, you can call them 1 day ahead to preorder this.

Roasted Pumpkin and Red Capsicum Soup – RM11

Roasted Pumpkin with herbs and then cook with red capsicums. It give a little spicy flavour resulting from the red capsicums.

Mushroom Soup – RM11

This is the first time I had a perfect bowl of soup without adding salt or pepper. It is so perfectly done until the proportion of ingredients are right. Creamy level is excellent and super tasty! A MUST ORDER here. However instead of croutons, it is served with 2 pcs of lightly toasted bread. You can crack your own croutons if you want.

Bondi Special – RM27

Bondi famous hand tossed pizza which topped with Basil pesto, olive, sun dried tomatoes, capsicum, beef pepperoni, egg, onion and mozzarella. It is square in shape rather than round which I find it pretty practical to eat. It is well balanced in the toppings when it is made square. When the pizza in round shape, as you bite further in to the center, the topping always fall down.

Chilli Chicken – RM20

Alternate for non beef lover, you can opt for the chilli chicken which made of hand tossed base topped with Marinated chicken, chilli, onion, garlic, tomato, capsicum and mozzarella cheese.

Beef Lasagna – RM18

The soft and cheesy lasagna are filled with Minced beef in in rich tomato sauce. To balance the super cheesy flavour, it came with garden salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Sinful to the max!

Chicken Bolognese – RM15

Minced chicken in Napolitana sauce with basil and parmigiano

Chicken Gordon Bleu – RM30

This dish is far most popular western food in Malaysia. It is either prepared with rolled chicken thigh or breast meat. Don’t ever judge the book by its cover. Even though Willy chose breast meat for his chicken gordon bleu, the meat still moist and tender.

Stuffed seafood chicken – RM32

Chicken breast meat rolled with seafoods and put to oven baked. Heaven is the only word I can describe for this dish. From meaty to seafood freshness plus a balance of vege that goes along with it are  a healthy combination.

Roasted Salmon – RM32

The thick fillet are so satisfying and every bite are flavourful.

Brocoli, red pesto, carrot and green beans to accompany the gorgeous salmon fillet.

Wine pairing wise, Merlot is the perfect fit to the foods here. I brought myself a bottle of Australian Jacob’s Creek Merlot Vintage 2007  for the dinner.


This is the perfect wine for pasta, pizza and cheesy dishes.

Creme Brulee – RM10

Classic Apple Pie – RM10

Russian Benny – RM17

Poached eggs with salmon served with home made Hollandaise Sauce, toast, mushroom and tomato.

French Lemon Tart – RM10


Flat white for the finale.

Visitors of Bondi Junction Wall of Fame.

Bondi Junction Setia Walk is located at :


F-03-1, Block F,
Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong

Facebook :

Reservation and Preorder Contact : 019-311 2816