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MIGF 2010 – Spa Cuisine At The Pomelo, Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat

You may have eaten before western cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Asian Cuisine and all sorts of cuisines. But have you ever try before SPA CUISINE?

Flavourful spa cuisine weaves into perfect harmony with holistic wellness for a Sensory Feast at The Banjaran Hot Spring Retrat, Ipoh. Held in conjunction with the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2010 from 1st Oct 2010 throughout 31st Oct 2010, Sensory Feast presents an innovative spa cuisine menu integrating both flavour and nutrition amidst a magnificent backdrop of both natural wonders at THE POMELO, seated within Malaysia’s first luxury natural wellness hotsprings retreat.

Leading the main kitchen of The Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in KL, Chef Rolf Jaeggi from Switzerland.


Chef Rolf use the seasonal, low-fat, organic and whole method of cooking in drawing out the natural flavour of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to enhance each dish. Bearing testament to his culinary prowess, Chef Rolf’s creations are ingeniously infused with the pomelo fruit to further titillate taste buds. The Sensory Feast menu is available with organic wines or mocktails to cater towards diners varied preferences, priced at RM180++ per person with organic wine pairing and RM150++ per person with mocktail pairing.


The signature mocktail of The Pomelo Restaurant – Pomelo Mojito


The drink were very refreshing and healthy to be consumed daily. It has the ability to bring out the appetite and also cleanse the internal digestion system.

The 6-course menu commences with White and Red Pomelo with Mixed Shrimp and Grilled Scallop on Lemongrass Foam, and strikes a delicious balance between sweet and sour notes of white and red pomelo respectively. Pomelo are easily obtainable here since it just located few kilometers away from the resort at Tambun.



The starter was a really good blend of natural ingredients and some spices from the backyard of the hotel’s private spice garden for freshest herbs. The pomelo’s sour flavor brings out the natural taste from the ingredients, herbs and scallop as a dressing.

Breakfast Food Trip in Ipoh – New Foh San Dim Sum, Yoke Fook Moon Dim Sum, Ming Court Dim Sum, Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Foong

When we talk about breakfast in Ipoh the first thing that will cross your mind would be DIM SUM.In Ipoh, to have Dim Sum for weekend’s breakfast is a norm where most of the people flock around the Dim Sum street (Jalan Leong Sin Nam).

Prior to the gathering of MfM Anniversary, myself and Andrew woke up early at 6am and drive to Ipoh for Dim Sum. I was thinking to reach there at 8 plus where you can still able to try out the new Foh San Dim Sum outlet.

The New Big Foh San Building


We are so dead wrong! The place were packed! You can see the que goes out till the main door and road. Same for the take away corner where it is dedicated just for take away orders.

The new Ground Floor Setup …. Nice but sad so many people standing around waiting for table

Stair Case to second floor …. just look at the amount of people going up

Nicely decorated stair case …. took this shot while heading up

The second floor were flooded and fully packed as well …..

We look around and waited for 5 mins ….. Hell no we will get a table that morning …. all come in family size and all the tables were fully loaded. We headed to Ming Court Dim Sum which is right opposite of the new Foh San which also packed.

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum Ipoh

Judging by the view of the crowd waiting outside, we didn’t even bother wanna go and try our luck and straight heading to Yoke Fook Moon.

Restoran Yoke Fook Moon Hong Kong Dim Sum

Again we were disappointed by the crowd. We gave up and went to old town for White Coffee Breakfast.  My personal favorite since the old days were Sin Yoon Loong. Unfortunately this shop were off on Sunday. So I went to the one next door instead which is Sun Yuan Foong.

Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Foong

Before we cross the road, there’s something which caught my attention. Apom Balik stall! hur hur hur …… that’s one of my fav snack.

Just look at all the thin and crispy pan cake baking in progress

I just like mine with extra corn and peanuts!

The pancake come with RM0.70 each and 3 for RM2. All come with corn and peanuts unlike in KL, just plain peanut already RM0.90 at least. After that we cross the road heading to Sun Yuan Foong. Then we saw a roast pork stall and a confectionery stall which we couldn’t resist and tar pao some roast pork.

Piggy Biscuit

Crunchy skin roast pork

The Chee Cheong Fun Seller

My plate of Chee Cheong Fun being prepared

My plate of Ipoh Style Chee Cheong Fun – RM2 for 3 pcs

A Bowl of Curry Lai Fun – RM4 with plenty of extras

Excellent white coffee which each of us gawk down 2 rounds

Roti Kahwin

Egg Custard with Maple Syrup

Place: Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Foong

GPS Coordinate : N4 35.607 E101 04.619

Location: Jalan Bandar Bijih Timah. Right opposite of Kedai Makanan Nam Heong. Notable landmark is the tall flat across the road which pretty special looking. It comes with grill for 3rd floor onwards. This flat is famous for people go there commit suicide.

Address:Jalan Bandar Bijih Timah, Ipoh, Perak

Contact No : None

Business Hour : 7am to 6pm

Food Type: White coffee and roti kahwin

Price: White coffee ice RM1.30 per glass and Kaya Butter Toast RM1.50 per set

Environment Cleanliness Vote : 3/5

Food Votes : 5/5

Halal : No

If you wanna eat dim sum on a Sunday morning in Ipoh, you better reach there around 7am.

Restoran Hoong Tho

Place: Restoran Hoong Tho
Food Recommended : Hoong Tho Noodle and Deep Fried Fish Meat Wantan

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8TV Ho Chak Banner

Place: Restoran Hoong Tho
GPS Coordinate :
Location : Ipoh Old Town
Address : No.20, Jalan Bandar Timah, Ipoh, Perak
Business Hour :
Food Type: Chinese Foods
Price: RM5.00 for Hoong Tho Mee and RM8 for the fish meat wantan
Halal : No

Food Recommended : Hoong Tho Noodle and Deep Fried Fish Meat Wantan
Remark :

Restoran Wing Kat Fong

Place: Restoran Wing Kat Fong
Food Recommended : Chee Cheong Fun

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Place: Restoran Wing Kat Fong
GPS Coordinate :
Location : Ipoh Menglembu Town
Address : Menglembu Town, Ipoh, Perak
Phone : 018-378 4373
Business Hour :
Food Type: Chinese Foods
Price: RM2.00
Halal : No

Food Recommended : Stuffed Chee Cheong Fun and Original Chee Cheong Fun
Remark :

Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Funny Mountain Soya BeanFunny Mountain Soya BeanFunny Mountain Soya Bean
Pricing and Press Review On The StallThe Tau Fu FahThe Tau Fu Fah
The Tau Fu FahThe Tau Fu Fah Mixed With Soya Bean Milk

Click On The Picture To Enlarge & Put Your Mouse Cursor Over Picture For Description

Place:Funny Mountain Soya Bean

Location : Near Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken
GPS Coordinate : N4 35.684 E101 05.067 Funny Mountain Soya Bean Location MapFunny Mountain Soya Bean Location Map
Address : 49, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh, Perak
Contact No : 012-516 1607 (Cliff Tan) Contact Info
Business Hour : Daily 10am to 7.00pm
Off Day :
Food Type: Soya Bean Milk and Curd
Price: RM0.80per bowl and RM4.50 per big bottle for take away
Credit Card : No
Cleanliness Votes : 2/5 (Stall OK but near to road side)
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : No
Halal : No
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Fantastic Tau Fu Fah

Recommended Drinks : The Soya Bean Milk


The best tau fu fah I ever had out of all I’ve tasted across Malaysia. They do provide drive thru service for take aways.

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Yee Hup (Hiong Piah)

Yee Hup BakeryCharbroiled Hiong Piah In Proper PackingCharbroiled Hiong Piah In Loose Pack

Click On The Picture To Enlarge & Put Your Mouse Cursor Over Picture For Description

Place: Yee Hup (Hiong Piah)

Location : Gunung Rapat
GPS Coordinate : N4 34.691 E101 07.652 Yee Hup Location Map
Address : 7, 9, 11, Jalan Ampang, Taman Ipoh Jaya, Ipoh, Perak
Contact No : 05-313 2328
Business Hour : Daily 10am to 9.00pm
Off Day :
Food Type: Charbroiled Hiong Piah
Price: 10pcs for RM6
Credit Card : Yes
Cleanliness Votes : 5/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : YES
Halal : No
Smoking and non smoking zone : No
Tax :
Recommended Foods : Charbroiled Hiong Piah

Recommended Drinks :


All the biscuits are baked fresh daily. You should try it when it is fresh out from the oven as the caramel sugar is still in liquid form.

Hong Kee Mah Chee

8TV Ho Chak Banner

Place: Hong Kee Mah Chee

GPS Coordinate : None hong-kee-mah-chee-location-map.jpg

Location : Pasir Pinji Housing Area

Address : 550A, Jalan Queen, Pasir Pinji, 31050, Ipoh, Perak


Contact No : 05-321 2620

Business Hour :

Food Type: Mah Chee

Price: RM1.00 / RM1.20

Halal : No

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Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

Aun Kheng Lim Salted ChickenAun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

Click On The Picture To Enlarge


Place: Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

GPS Coordinate : N4 35.689 E101 05.009 Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

Location: It is on the other end of Mc Donalds Ipoh. The road is facing Ipoh Wet Market. It is located at the corner lot.

Address : No 24, Jalan Theatre,
30300 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia

Contact No : +605-2542998

Business Hour : 11.00am to 6pm. Off day unknown.

Food Type: Salted Herbal Chicken

Price: RM16 per bird

Environment Cleanliness Vote : 4/5

Food Votes : 5/5

Halal : No


Ipoh best salted chicken. All the chicken used here are slightly smaller in size due to it is “Kampung” breed. It has less fat compared to normal chickens which sold in the wet market. It is cooked by seasoning the chicken with chinese herbs and buried under salts to cook it.