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CLOSED : Kafe Kofi King and First Photography Academy

I am glad to share with you all that Penang now having a new DSLR Camera Photography learning center located at the heart of Georgetown. To be precise it is right at the corner next to Red Rock Hotel at Aboo Siti Lane. The building comprise of an old building which house a photography studio, show room for camera equipments and also a restaurant under the name of Kafe Kofi King. I won’t talk much on the photography academy but you can checkout more details about them at

The chef behind the Kafe Kofi King has a vast experience in preparing Chinese Cuisine, Westerns and Fusion foods. I had the opportunity to try out all his cooking when I did a photography shoot session for a friend at the studio. All the foods were prepared fresh upon order and there is a good thing about the chef here. He really put his heart into cooking his foods. He only serve the best to his customer. It may take sometime before your food is served. Food that are prepared in a rush will never taste good. Another way you can pre order via phone before visiting them so that the chef can cook ahead. The business hour and reservation details is located at the end of this post.


Chicken Chop with melted mozzarella cheese


It is paired with wrinkle fries and also stir fried mix vege.


Grill Chicken Spaghetti

Tom Yam Spaghetti


Sweet and Sour Fried Fish


The best dish from the chef, curry fish head




Fried Chili Squid

Anna Thai Kitchen, Authentic Home Cook Thai Laksa and Banana Glutinous Rice in Penang

I am a avid laksa lover. Where ever that got sell asam laksa or Thai laksa, I will go and test it out without fail in Penang island. As for Thai laksa, so far nothing beats the one sold by Anna Thai Kitchen. It is cooked by a Thai lady in Pulau Tikus where she sell it in the wet market only. Now the son is helping her to grow the business and introduce the real Thai Laksa and also their infamous banana glutinous rice.


This is how it is packed for the Thai laksa (Kha-Nom-Chin).

Thai laksa suppose to be eaten cold and doesn’t have much gravy. Due to our local people who get too used with the asam version, they thought Thai laksa would be eaten the same. The way they cut the cucumber also slightly different and not sliced. It also come with diced long beans. The taste carries a fresh aroma of  the coconut milk used to cook the gravy.




Traditional Thai Banana Glutinous Rice (Khao-Tom-Mart)


Made from premium quality of Thai imported glutinous rice, fragrant special banana and fresh coconut milk done in traditional method.  Every bite makes you crave for more! Too bad this 2 foods only available in Penang for now.

For Order :

Anna Thai Kitchen,
26, Jalan Moulmein,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 Georgetown,

Tel : 04-227 7599

Operating Hour : 7am to 3pm (Breakfast and Lunch Only)

Email :

Lim Aik Chew, Nibong Tebal Sungai Acheh Best Fresh Water Prawn

Nibong Tebal is a small town which located just next to Parit Buntar (Perak State Border Town). Everyone just know that they are famous for crab porridge which to me it is just overrated. Put that aside, there are a hidden gem which lies within this town.

You should checkout Lim Aik Chew’s fresh water prawn restaurant which located next to the river. You can either drive straight in to the shop via the main road or via the Malay village.

Pedestrian and Motorcycle Crossing from the Village Side

While at the center of the bridge, the view of the river


The bridge view from the restaurant side.

We choose to park at the village side as parking is a problem here. Most of the parking lots were occupied by the residents. This is just like a normal village housing area turn into a restaurant.

Old deco


Old Clock ….. not moving anymore

This shop may look old and run down but their food is better than some nicely decorated restaurants. This restaurant is famous for their fresh water prawn and fish.

All the fresh water prawns were still alive


The owner of this restaurant bought the fresh water prawn from walk in fisherman who came back in the afternoon. It is just walking distance to where all the boats were parked. The boss will judge base on the size and pay the fisherman on the spot. Then the prawn were transferred to the aquarium in the kitchen.


See all got plenty of roe in the head ….. My cholesterol level is at its peak when I visit them

Just look at the size of those prawns … so huge!

The price tag change daily as the price for the prawns vary. Fresh water prawn is cheaper than sea water type

Mixture of fresh water prawns

Prawn Roe

The kitchen is very clean and hygiene is at a comfortable level here. The cook wear a clean apron and hat to take care the cleanliness.

The lady boss do the cooking

The prawns were deep fried before cook in curry sauce

Prawn marinated ready to be steam


Steam prawn with ginger and garlics plus tomatoes


High fiber roti benggali for curry prawn dip

Curry Prawn In This Sauce

Steam dunno what fish ….. but it does taste good and fresh

Deep fried Kembong Fish with house special sauce and bird eye chili

Place: Lim Aik Chew Nibong Tebal Best Fresh Water Prawn

GPS Coordinate : N5 09.048 E100 27.738

Location: Near the Tanjung Berembang Police Post

Location Map :

View Food POI in a larger map

Direction :

Exit at Sungai Bakap/Nibong Tebal toll plaza, turn left and travel towards the town. Go up the steel bridge. Go straight all the way until the end of the malay village where you will see the first picture location.

Address: 436 Tanjong Berembang, 14310 Nibong Tebal,

Contact No : 04 5932957 / 016 5904912 (Mr Lim)

Business Hour : Lunch time only …..

Food Type: Seafood

Price: Price subject to change depending on market price

Environment Cleanliness Vote : 3/5

Food Votes : 5/5


Make sure you call up to check the fresh water prawn availability before you go.

[CLOSED] The Sire Museum Restaurant at Penang King Street

Lately I feel strange. My heart just signal my brain to write some old school food post. So I go and dig my archive (got more than 400 articles to write) and walla! Slip some where in one of the sub folders which tickle me to write about it. It was THE SIRE MUSEUM RESTAURANT which located in Penang.

The restaurant is located a stone throw away from Penang Municipal Office building which located at Esplanade where the Fort Cornwallis reside. If you pass by King Street, you will not see anything which will grab your attention. But when you step in, the feeling of back to the past will kick in. The Sire actually

Main front dining hall with a long hallway which link to the back section
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Ivy’s Kitchen – The Home Cook Recipe Nyonya Food

Many of people thinking nyonya food is mostly available in family size meal only. With the current economy state, Mr Tan and his wife (Ivy) who are behind the cooking to come up with individual sized cooking for nyonya food.

ivys kitchen - 04

The shop located just next to Jemputree in Pulau Tikus where is a prime area for office buildings and commercial area. Converted from an old house to a restaurant makes you feel more like dining at home comfort.

ivys kitchen - 01

ivys kitchen - 02
Inner setup with traditional floor tiles intact which left from the previous house owner

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Kafe Wahong – Kampung Jawa Famous Char Koey Teow

Early last month, I was having business trip back to Penang. I was craving for Char Koey Teow (CKT) for my breakfast on that morning. I was thinking where to find a good plate of CKT early in the morning where all the super famous CKT still not yet open for business. Ah Leng Char Koey Teow only opens at 9am. That time was still 7am. Hmmm …… Scratching my head to figure out …. suddenly Kafe Wahong bumped into my mind.

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 01

This coffee shop have nothing in special but since my early days where I was still in secondary school, they already famous for its CKT among FTZ workers.

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 02

Affordable priced CKT ranging from RM2 to RM6

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 03

This stall is there for more than 20 years and they still keep the way they fry the koey teow. Plate by plate.

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 04
Perfect proportion for a plate of char koey teow. Too many is not nice …. too little customer will not return

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 07

This stall’s signature way of serving the char koey teow at the edge of a plate

kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 05
RM3 per plate come with 2 big prawns


kampung jawa kafe wahong char koey teow - 06
This may look little …. but if you push the koey teow down, the portion is reasonable and just perfect.

Place: Kafe Wah Hong
Location : Kampung Jawa. Nearby The Petronas Petrol Station, Bayan Baru, Penang
GPS Coordinate : N5 19.657 E100 17.676
Location Maps :

View Food POI in a larger map

Address :
Contact No :
Website :
Business Hour : 7am till lunch
Off Day : Sunday
Food Type: Hawker Food
Price: RM2 onwards
Payment Terms : Cash
Cleanliness Votes : 2/5
Food Votes : 5/5
Air Conditioned : No
Halal : No
WIFI : None
Smoking and non smoking zone : None
Tax : None

Recommended Foods : Char Koey Teow

Recommended Drinks : Coffee Oh Ice!


Kedai Kopi Kong Thai Lai – Late Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew’s Favorite Coffeeshop

Last trip back to Penang was pretty a fruitful trip for food hunting. I was craving for old school gourmet coffee. Hokkien lang call it KOPI O! In KL all the mamak coffee are very diluted and more milk taste than the coffee. No matter how bad Penang’s kopi O, it still pawns the KL ones.

kedai kopi kong thai lai - 08.jpg
See how much coffee powder people put and those coffee drips from the filter? Penang folks said if the coffee drip doesn’t stick on the cup/glass it is consider diluted. Must TEOW AU (stick on the cup). I go and pick up the coffee filter and i think that easily come close to 500 grams in weight.

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Penang Coconut Jelly

Penang is a very humid place as it is surrounded by the ocean. In the afternoon, when the sun is on top of our head, you can feel the heat is much hotter than any other place in the peninsula Malaysia. To cool myself down, usually I will go and dig for Lorong Aboo Sitee’s Fresh Pandan Anba Coconut drink. That was the past …. Now I found something which is better and much tastier.

penang coconut jelly - 06.jpg


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