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Klebang Coconut Shake, Melaka

Dining in Melaka I would say pretty focused on the area around the Jonker or Dataran Pahlawan area. I previously had a food hunt there and after repeat a few rounds, I feel kinda bored with it. Last year during my trip to review Philea Hotel Melaka, I ask my Melaka food expert Jason to bring us something new. We had funs in the resort but after the lunch we need to kill sometime before dinner. Then we drove out and head to Klebang. It was quite far from the Melaka Ayer Keroh Toll Plaza which is around 35 mins. Upon reaching the place we saw a long que for it.

The famous Klebang Coconut Shake Special with added vanilla ice cream.

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Melaka Best Kept Secret Seri Muara Alai Haji Nasir Ikan Bakar Village

Down in Melaka, you know a lot Singaporeans and KL people drove down to Melaka for a weekend retreats. Most of the time, people tends to either flocked into the center of the town of Jonker Street or the Portuguese Settlement. Thanks to my Melaka Food Expert Jason Mumble who lead us here. This place if without GPS will be a bit of Challenge to reach unless you come with a local.

The operation hour of this place starts from 6.00pm onwards everyday.

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Good Ice Coffee by Lao Qian Cafe in Sam Suk Kong Melaka

On a scorching hot day walking down the Melaka Famous Jonker Walk, you will automatically think of durian cendul for sure. There are an alternate to cure that crave.


At just right a stone throw away from the famous chicken rice ball shop Chop Chung Wah, you can’t miss this all red tall building. This is the latest and tallest building along Jonker Walk. The building is called SAM SUK KUNG building which sells souvenirs.




The old sign board located inside the shop

The ice coffee here is prepared differently where they freeze the bottle with crushed ice inside. Upon order only they will pour in a fresh brewed milk coffee. The coffee will taste chilled rather than diluted watery taste.



See the gap of the ice cubes? I bet it will you chill you down on a hot sunny day …. taste even better than starbucks at a cheaper price.

Lao Qian Ice Cafe is located inside San Shu Gong at Jonker Walk

GPS : N2 11.705 E102 14.902

Yong Moh Coffee Stall Serving Best Juicy Pork Bun and Dim Sum in Melaka

When you are heading down to Melaka for a weekend trip. Obviously you will be having chicken rice for breakfast on your first day. How about the second day? You will for sure want to try something else. On my last weekend escapade to Melaka, I went and checkout this place called Yong Moh Coffee Stall which recommended by my friend.


Located along the narrow Jalan Tukang Emas, or Blacksmith Street, adjacent to Jonker Walk and opposite the 17th Century Kampung Kling Mosque, this is a typical coffee shop currently managed by the third generation of the Low family. It serves one of the best and most value-for-money meat buns accompanied by a good brew of locally-ground coffee.




The first thing that caught my eye when walking near to this place is the meat buns. It looks slightly smaller than what we had back in KL. It is just barely half the size of the TAI PAU of KL. Skins are white which indicates its freshness.


Most of my colleagues were caught by a surprise. The first bite into the bun makes the gravy burst out and make a mess out of it on their face.


Look at the fillings and the gravy … perfect!


Other type of buns


Steamed using the traditional basket steamer compared to the modern glass box.

Besides the bun, all the dim sum taste very authentic and good. Each of them were made fresh daily and there are no left overs.





Prawn Dumplings


Lor Mai Kai or Glutinous Chicken rice


Oh that is so juicy!

Next we were introduced to one of their best selling dim sum. The “HOR SIN KU” or the lotus leaf rice.


This is my favorite as it taste almost like a bak chang but minus the salted egg yolk. Every bits of the rice were covered with the lotus leaf fragrance and also the filling are great.


Yong Moh is located at :

32, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200, Melaka. Off days: Tuesdays. Operating hours: 5am till late noon.

Price : Cheap

GPS Coordinate: N2 11.819 E102 14.859

Pak Putra Restoran, Best Tandoori and Naan in Melaka

The night still early after we had our Asam Pedas at Hajjah Mona’s. We moved on to Pak Putra’s Restoran which famous for their Tandoori Chicken and fluffy Nan bread. Most of the staff are from the punjabi race from their slang. The restaurant is located down the road from Hajjah Mona’s restaurant which about 300 meters away.


The chicken is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with tandoori masala. It is moderately hot, but the heat is reduced in most Western nations.


Cayenne pepper, red chili powder or kashmiri red chilli powder is used to give it a fiery red hue. A higher amount of Turmeric produces an orange colour. In some modern versions, both red and yellow food colourings are used.


Tandoori chicken and naan cooked in red hot tandoor oven


Tandoor Oven

It is traditionally cooked at high temperatures in a tandoor (clay oven), but can also be prepared on a traditional grill.


Preparing to put the naan bread dough to cook in the tandoor


Removing the cooked naan bread from the tandoor


Tasty and juicy tandoori chicken


Awesome mint sauce with cucumber, onion and a zesty squeeze of lime


Garlic Cheese Naan Bread

The naan were great! Fluffy, soft and the garlic really spice up the bread. I just can eat it like that. This place is so famous that their tandoori chicken sold out at 10pm during weekends. If they run out of tandoori chicken, you can try the rest of their dishes too which taste as good.

Jalan Laksamana 4,

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)
6pm- 1am

GPS : N02 11.696 N102 14.624

Melaka Best Asam Pedas at Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas Taman Kota Laksamana

Early this month, my company had a weekend trip to Melaka after work. We just drive down for the sake of one reason. FOOD! In the day time, I had a tailor made itinerary (CLICK HERE). As for night time, I am cracking my head what is nice beside visiting Jonker Street for street foods.

Thanks to my good friend Jason from who introduce to me all the great foods around Melaka City. The night were kick off with a plate of Malay Asam Pedas which located within the vicinity of the UNESCO Heritage circle. To be precise it is 100 Meter away from Donald and Lily’s Restaurant. This restaurant operate from 5pm to 5am daily. The restaurant is actually a house convert to restaurant and is pretty easy to spot. From infront of Donald and Lily’s restaurant just go further in towards the new hotel which currently building in progress.

Open air setup

All the big wok cooking the asam pedas.

Asam pedas is more diluted compared to normal curry. It also carries a more sour and spicy taste which lead to it being called asam pedas which means tamarind spicy from direct translation. Asam pedas usually cook with fishes rather than meats.

All are served in single serving style

Stir fried bean sprout with red chili

Hard boiled salted eggs

Fried chicken and eggs

Kembong Fish

Mackerel Fish

Cencaru fish


A standard plate of white rice served with the bean sprout and 1/2 salted eggs. You can chose not to take the standard rice for a change. Every table also come with pre packed nasi lemak which taste pretty good.

Nasi lemak with anchovies sambal and a portion of omelette

Besides rice, you should try the satay sold here. It taste really nice and goes along very well with the asam pedas.

Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas is located at :

No.6, Taman Kota Laksamana,
Melaka Town.

Tel : 012-601 3672 or 012-601 3676

GPS : N2 11.625 E102 14.730 (Marked as Assam Pedas in

Operating Hours : 5pm to 5am Daily

Non Air Conditioned

Price : Cheap

Food Rating : 4/5

Seafood Village at Malacca Portuguese Settlement

On our last journey down to Melaka, we end up having our dinner at the Portuguese Settlement before we depart home. So far we heard plenty of good and bad articles related to the seafood served here. As a foodie we have to try it ourself before passing the judgement whether it is good or bad.

When we arrive at the seafood village area, we saw some of the fresh seafoods brought in from the local’s harvest. There are some fresh cockles, snails, oysters and cray fishes. The villagers here went to the sea and dive around the nearby islands where there are plenty of fresh seafoods for them to harvest all year long.

Just look at these oysters size.

It is even bigger than my hand. Each cost RM25. You can bargain for it upon order.

Grill cockles

They just heat it up just enough to make the cockles open up

Our plate of deep sea cockles which cost RM15 per plate. This plate make us laugh real hard for the night. When the cockles is served, Andrew is the one that start to eat it. He said the taste is so raw and sweet. Then he said when we pick up the cockles, he was surprise that the cockle still able to close its shell. After he had a few of it, Daniel brought it back to the stall where Andrew ordered and ask them to reheat them again. Then the guy told him …. hey … this is not cook yet! hahahaha ….. the cockle even spit at him when he try to forcefully open them.

Portuguese Grill on our red snapper fish. This dish doesn’t taste as good as the one from Petaling Street. The chili that they prepared doesn’t have much fragrant.

Garlic and ginger lala

Belacan kangkung

Garlic butter scallops

This actually taste not bad. This is my favorite out of all the seafoods served that night. The scallops are fresh and succulent.

A reminder to all who plan to dine here…. never order their noodles …. Just order their seafoods with white rice. The noodle taste bland and awful. A lot people were flogging on the stall no 1. But we go and try the stall no 4 instead which known as 88 seafood. For drinks, make sure you order your mango juice from Joe’s Only One Mango Juice which located at the far end of stall no 10. Not the one next to stall no 1 which sold by an old lady.

Overall verdict. Seafood are use to be cheap. But due to a lot Singaporean tourist during the weekends, the price are rather steep. Bargain for your food.

Joes Only One Mango Juice at Melaka Portuguese Settlement

After we had our Pork Satay at Xiang Ji’s, we head to the Portuguese Settlement to chill out and relax ourself after a long day drive. The water front near the seafood food court area is very similar to the one back in Penang Gurney Drive, just shorter.





Old Jetty Pillars



The stall is located at the far left of the food court and only open from 5.30pm onwards.


On the left basket, it is the raw mango and the one on the right is ripe type. This 2 are mix together in a juicer to create a perfect cup of fresh mango juice.


Those mangoes go straight into the juicer and then served on the rock (ice cubes). Then a dried sour plum is added for little hints of salty flavor just like our lime and plum juice. Just like that. No sugar added.


I had 3 cups and still contemplated to go for the 4th. Just got worry can’t drive back to KL on that night. The mango juice is so tasty till I forgot to shoot my glass.


Next ….. our seafood dinner at Portuguese Settlement

Joes Only One Mango Juice is located at :

The far right stall at Portuguese Settlement Seafood Village
Open Daily from 5.30pm to 10pm
Each cup cost RM2.50
Website :

Xiang Ji Pork Satay or Better Known As Jonker Satay

When we mention about eating satay in Melaka, first that come in to mind guaranty would be satay celup. But satay celup only available at night. During the day time, there is another type of satay which worth the mention. The “PORK SATAY“. On our last week’s day trip down to Melaka, we had this for our high tea. The restaurant that sell this is Kedai Satay Xiang Ji.


The place is very airy and the place they cook the satay are clean. The environment inside the restaurant is not smoky as the smoke exhaust are turned on all the time.


The owner is cooking the satay.


He turn the satay stick by stick to make sure all are evenly cooked to perfection


The fire are just right




The pork innards satay ….. I don’t take innards so no idea what is that.


Chicken and Pork innards satay


Pork satay


Chicken and pork liver satay

Each stick cost RM0.60 and when you sit down, the satay will be served to you immediately without you need to order it. You pay after you finish eating. They count by the stick on your table. The peanut sauce is unlimited refill and you can help yourself on how much you want to refill at the designated area. They also provide you the ketupat and a plate of cucumber onion mix.

Xiang Ji Pork Satay is located at :

50, Jalan Portugis, Melaka. Very near to Jonker Street, opposite SRJK Pay Teck, a Chinese school

GPS : N2 11.980 E102 14.801

Open from 12pm to 5.30pm