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Kota Kinabalu Best Beef and Fish Paste Noodle at Kuo Man Restaurant

Last week I was in Kota Kinabalu to attend a photography workshop. After finish shooting while trying to kill some time, I decided to do a small food hunt in KK. For a start, my ex colleague brought me to this place which famous for Beef noodle Kuo Man Restaurant. The restaurant bags 30 years of experience and always packed during lunch times. For a season foodies like me, I always walk one round and look at patrons table to see which is the most frequently ordered dishes.

The menu on the wall for easy ordering.

Most of the table sure have a common plate of roast pork.

The skin are crispy and having a perfect portion of lean and fats layer. This sold out very fast. I was there at 12pm and heard it is sold out by 1pm. It is good but not as good as Pudu Wong Kee’s.

Beef noodle with ice berg lettuce and noodle. The beef are super tender and sort of melt in your mouth. Soup were seafood based and everything put together upon order. You can choose either to have beef only or mix with fish paste.

Restoran Kuo Man
Lot 5, 1 ½ Mile, Jalan Tuaran,
Sunny Garden, Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah. 5 Jalan Tuaran, Likas,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-221189
Opening Hours Daliy 6.30am-2.30pm
GPS: N05 58.097 E116 5.023

Fish Ball Breakfast at Restoran Kong Teck Sandakan

Sandakan for being a seafood town, access to all sort of seafoods are easy. One of the local favorite kopitiam here are famous for their breakfast made entirely from fish balls. The kopitiam is located next to a housing area and slightly outskirt from the town center.

Most of the customers here are locals and regulars to this place. The food are very healthy and a couple of varieties for you to rotate if you patron here daily.

Clear soup fish balls selections. The fish balls were made at the back of the store daily and the soup base are cooked using the fishes and pork bones.

Kolo mee like mince meats Hakka noodle. The noodle texture a bit soft compared to the springy wantan mee that I like. The minced meats were cooked with light seasonings and perfect to complement the tasteless noodles.

Look at the koey teow look sliced fish balls. They purposely slice the fish ball to koey teow look and then cook with prawn soup and then topped with some fried fish balls yong tau fu.


You can opt for curry soup base too which is kinda mild for my liking.

The springy fish ball noodle where you always get in KL are origin from here. The original are more springy as it is made purely from mackerel fish balls.  Since I got a bowl of fish ball soups as a sideline, I opt this dried version. Pork lards were added and I finish this bowl the fastest.

My fish ball soup mix sidelines.

Kedai Makan Kong Teck
Jalan Pak Tak, Mile 7
90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Tel:  016-826-4977

This food trip were organised and host by Four Points By Sheraton Sandakan.

Breakfast Eating Out in Sandakan, Lot No.8 at Bridge No.7 Sim Sim Water Village

Sim Sim water village is the place where you find all sorts of seafoods to eat. The settlement by the sea is been there for ages since early days Sandakan was formed. We had our dinner there the first night when we touch down in Sandakan and back again the next day morning for breakfast.

To find the place is just along one long stretch road.

All the location were marked base on which bridge number. In this case, this eatery is located at Bridge 8 which can be seen from the road.

This is the view from the roadside.

The kopitiam serve some dim sum which localised that suits the taste of the locals. Majority of their customers were locals more than tourist.

Braised chicken feet.

Mixed Fish Paste Ball Soup

This is basically Yong Tau Fu like breakfast. There are fresh fish paste and some wrapped with pig skin and then cook with clear soup. All the soup has a common base and cooked using the fishes.

Sandakan Chee Cheong Fun

The chee cheong fun here just use dark soya sauce and topped with fried shallots. However the flat noodle is not as smooth as the from Penang. The texture slightly rougher and thickness double the ones from Penang. The dark soya sauce are pretty sweet for my liking.

Beef Noodle

Basically you can choose your favorite noodle to go along with the beef briskets. The soup are slightly peppery and not as strong herbal taste compare to the one from KL. Normally beef briskets are cooked for a very long time and continuously cook since they start operating.

Sandakan Pei Tan Kau (Dumpling with pork and century egg)

The super star breakfast in Sandakan. It resembles a normal sui kau but it is packed with pork and century eggs were added.

Prawn Noodle

Curry Mee with yong taufu.

Sandakan Spring (Tan Kong Mee) Noodle with deep fried pork

Another super star of Sandakan breakfast that similar to wan tan mee with added fried nam yue pork. It is known as Spring noodle for its springy texture. I find that the noodle are not as springy as it claims. The nam yue pork is not as good compared to the one in Sandakan Central Market Food Court’s version.

Koey Teow Soup with Deep Fried Pork

This also similar to the one I reviewed at the Central Markets. This has Chinese Cruller added and is not that suitable to be added. Maybe I am pampered by tasting the best when I touch down on day 1 before trying this. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FAMOUS ORIGINAL HOME MADE KOEY TEOW WITH DEEP FRIED PORK

Fish head noodle

The fish are fresh and the soup are cooked with evaporated milk and salted vege. The fish used were either garoupa or marble goby since it is easily available here. This bowl of noodle if eat in KL, it would cost easily RM35 or not RM50 with the current market price.

Roast pork from Winky’s Dad butcher shop in the market.

The breakfast place basically do not have much pork dishes. Since Winky (Sheraton Event Manager) know that I am a pork lover, she brought her dad’s roast pork for us to try. It was good and juicy with a perfect lean and fats at the right proportion. Thanks again for letting us try.

Address :

Lot No.8 at Bridge No.7 Sim Sim Water Village
Jalan Sim Sim,
Sandakan, Sabah

* The trip were organised and hosted by Four Points By Sheraton Sandakan, Sabah.

Dinner Eating Out In Sandakan, Restoran Seafood Sim Sim 88 at Sim Sim Water Village

The first night in Sandakan, I was introduced to the local famous tourist restaurant known as Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88. Being a place that renowned for seafood, this is a MUST try. The location is at a place called Sim Sim. Basically Sim Sim is an ocean settlement where all the peoples stay and make a living there.

Most of the people here open a seafood restaurant or coffee shop that sells breakfast.

The seafood restaurants here mostly are pork free. Since the seafood are so cheap and fresh why you still need pork?

We are sitting on some wooden huts that built on a wooden platform above the ocean. The place is non air conditioned and can get warm when not raining.

The place are clean and surrounded by the villagers day to day life ambiance.

 The look of the cashier counter and entrance.

Fresh live crabs and fishes tank.

Variety of fishes for you to choose to choose from. All these fishes are catch by small fishermans and then sold to the restaurants. All the fishes are fresh from the sea and not from breeding farm. Like chickens the free range chicken taste better as they had plenty of exercise in the wide ocean.

You just need to go to the tank and point your finger. They will catch and cook for you.

Bigger than my palm sized fresh oyster.

Huge lobster that gain a lot of attention. According to the locals this place price are slightly higher but still we find it reasonable for the quality and freshness.

For the starter we are having a steamed oyster. I know some of you may say this is wasted. You all would love it on tobasco sauce and lemon. But what to do? We need to try their specialty. I place the small sauce plate there to indicate the size of the oyster. The oyster are steamed with lime juice and birds eye chilli. It is juicy and flavorful.

Fried baby squid and tossed with black soya sauce.

I would say this is a good dish for a start and also for snacks. They are kinda chewy and the taste rely on the caramelized coating of the sauce that goes with it.

Deep Fried Salted Talang Fish and drenched on lime juice

Don’t judge by its look and attack a big bite on the fish. You will regret. This is not a piece of normal fried fish which normally it smells so good and you will cut a quarter and place it in your mouth. If you eat salted fish that way, you will turn speechless. I love the idea of pairing the salted fish with lime juice. Something to bring the kick out of the good quality salted fish.

Butter Prawns

Juicy and succulent prawns pan fried with butter sauce. Not to be missed.

Fried Sabah vegetable with egg

Steamed Sar Bak Clam with Ginger and garlic with birds eye chilli.

Kam Heong Crab

Kam Heong crab is one of the common style in preparing crabs. The kam heong sauce is normally a house specialty which each having different ingredient mix in it. Curry leaves, garlics, and chilli are the common ingredient in all kam heong sauce.

Steamed Red Snapper Fish in Teo Chew Style

The tangy and slightly spicy sauce steam with the fish are a good way to bring out the appetite. The fish also is good to be steamed with light superior soya sauce.

Honey Lamb Chop

Tender lamb chop prepared honey glazed and dark soya sauce. I always scare the lamb smell but here they prepare till the smell reduce to minimum.

Restoran Seafood Sim Sim 88

Bridge 8, Sim Sim Water Village,
Jalan Buli Sim-sim, Sandakan,
Sabah, East Malaysia
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* The trip were organised and hosted by Four Points By Sheraton Sandakan, Sabah.