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Penang Specials #3 : Best Tosai and Vadai at Lintang Pasar Dato Keramat

Those were the days when I was still working in Penang, the cheapest and best breakfast I had almost daily was an Indian food. It is Tosai and vadai.

The restaurant was a roadside stall which do not has a name and has been operated since my grand father’s generation and this has past down to several generations.

Tosai were prepared upon order and vadai are constantly fried to preserve the heat and crispiness.

This is A MUST TRY! Is the best you can find in Malaysia I would say.

This is a bit hard compared to the other one. Still it is flavorful with a lots of dal beans.

Idhili to be eaten with masala potato.

Indian desserts.

Top left are the chili powder mix which brings lots of kick …. top right is sugar, bottom left is dhal vegetarian gravy and right the coconut chutney gravy. All these are unlimited refill and don’t waste.

The tosai in front were the ghee tosai with 2 vadai drenched with a lot chilli powder.

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Penang Specials #2 – Toast Bread Dipped With Half Boiled Eggs at Joo Leong Cafe Sungai Tiram

Penang Specials – Location 2

Do you ever heard of a kopitiam who don’t have side stalls? The place which I want to introduce this round is known as Joo Leong Cafe or more famous known as Roti Bakar Sungai Tiram by the locals.

The crowd here are consistently packed and the table turn around are fast. So you can easily get a seat here.

The menu is simple. Just 2 items. If this do not fill you up for breakfast, there are nasi lemak and fried bee hoon that can satisfy your appetite.

You can’t get this type of nasi lemak in KL. The small portions of deep fried fish then soaked in the sambal are to die for.

You’ll see a couple of tables dedicated to do certain task.

Like this one, the old man’s job are to cut bread skins.

This aunty is to toast bread and apply butter on the toast plus cuttin it to small bite sizes.

High quality butters were used here and this is just one small pot of butters used every morning.

This mug of butter can be cleared within 30 mins. They don’t stinge on the spread and you get a satisfying one.

The look of the perfectly prepared butter toast.

On the other table, soft boil eggs were prepared. There are truly expert in preparing the soft boil eggs. Every eggs cracked no need much to be scratched.

And this is the amount they boil in one go. Compared to the amateurs who used the water dripping method, this is much faster and consistent from their years of experience.

This is the single egg cup served with toast breads.

This glass cup is for double eggs.

You can choose to sprinkle some sugar on the toast. Add some light soya sauce and pepper to the soft boiled eggs. Dip a piece of the toast in it and enjoy.

A simple and satisfying breakfast to start the day. They serve a good cup of Kopi O too.

Joo Leong Cafe
179-H, Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas
Penang. West Malaysia.

Tel (1) : 010-4124865
Tel (2) : 012-4984865

Monday OFF

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Penang Specials #1 – Badam Milk (Almond Milk)

I am going to start document down Penang specialties foods and drinks which available only in Penang island and mainlands. This discoveries are there since before our independence days. The first that goes to the list is BADAM MILK or better known as Almond Milk.

Located at the famous Kapitan Tandoori restaurant at Chulia Street, you may notice a special trishaw parked by the restaurant. 

Normally a restaurant has their own bar that prepares all the drinks. This one they dedicate the trishaw for badam milk and fresh milks. Many of the regular patrons or tourist just pop by and drink them while standing.

Simple menu

Masala Milk with spices

Badam Milk with cashew nuts and raisins boiled with slow fire.

Pulled milk to cool off the milk to warm temperature so that it is more easy to drink.

Professional milk puller at work.

There’s a layer of skins above the milk where the milk puller will scoop a bit and placed on the glass after the tea is pulled.

The milk got taste of ginger, spices like anise seeds, raisins and raw almonds. It is quite thick and filling.

Each glass cost RM2.50 and only available at night.

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Restoran Zi Zai Paya Terubong, Penang Cooking Up A Feast From Yesteryear

Tucked in an industrial zone of Paya Terubong, Penang Island. This is one of the best home cook food restaurant available in Penang. Though it may look like an ordinary tai chow restaurant, it does serve some authentic home cook foods.

Last weekend I was in Penang island to do a pre wedding job there. If you didn’t know I am part of the crew of Mobster Studio. After done with he photo shoot I went to Paya Terubong to visit Restoran Zi Zai. I came here before previously but not able to try much of the goodies here. The kitchen is helm by Hock Chai the owner cum head chef. Prior to our arrival, I made a reservation ahead on what is going to be served. If you want your dish to come out fast upon your arrival, give Hock Chai a call a buzz. The food menu is well written with English and Chinese words where language is not a barrier here. Some of my friends from KL who don’t speak Hokkien do not need to worry here. You can speak to them in English or Mandarin here.

Salted Fish Bone Soup – RM12 BIG

We were served with a bowl of piping hot and tasty tofu cook with salted fish and pork soup. A sip down awakes the appetite hunger for more. The salted fish bone is not that salty and just giving a lil bit of flavor to the bean curd which literally tasteless. Sliced pork were added to spice up the soup taste where we clear every single drip of it.

Asam Fish – RM35 (Extra big pre ordered needed)
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Crispy Fried Oyster at Lam Ah Coffee Shop Chulia Street Penang

Tucked in the corner of the city opposite the FIre Station of Beach Street and Chulia Street junction, there are 2 famous hawker foods can be found here. One is the beef noodle and another one is the fried oyster stall. The fried oyster were previously from the Swatow Lane kopitiam prior to the new building of the New World Park.

Big fat juicy and crispy edge fried oyster. Perfect for tea time snacks.

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Ultimate Penang Best Food List

Last Update : 29 Dec 2013

To know more about Penang in 3 minutes 30 secs play the video below which is pretty interesting.

Sneak Previews Penang Old School Foods On Video

Part 1

Part 2

Kungfu Style Wan Ton Mee

Siam Road Char Koey Teow

Air Kacang [New World Park]
Ais Kacang [Kek Seng Kopitiam]
Ais Tingkap [Chowrasta Market]
Apom Guan [Burma Road]
Apom Chooi [Burma Road]
Asam Laksa [Air Itam Kek Lok Si Bus Station Market]
Asam Laksa [Weld Quay Next to Okio Dessert Van]
Asam Laksa [Balik Pulau Sungai Batu House Operated]
Asam Laksa [Balik Pulau Sungai Pinang Durian Farm]
Asam Laksa [Farlim Shell Station]
Asam Laksa [Penang Hwa Secondary School]
Bak Chang [Pulau Tikus Opposite Union School]
Bak Chang [Cintra Street Next to Rolex Woo Hing]
Braised Chicken Feet and Mushroom [Kimberley Street Sky Emperor Cafe]
Cendol [Penang Road Joo Hooi Cafe]
Char Koay Kak [Batu Lancang Market Food Court – Seafood Style]
Char Koay Kak [Lorong Macalister Seow Fong Lye Kopitiam]
Char Koay Kak – Burma Road
Char Koay Kak – Wah Meng Kopitiam Air Itam
Char Koay Kak – In front Sui Wah Mini Market Night
Char Koay Teow [Ah Leng Day Time]
Char Koay Teow [Ah Leng Night Time]
Char Koay Teow [Lorong Selamat]
Char Koay Teow [Sisters Macalister Road]
Char Koay Teow [Kampung Jawa Bayan Baru]
Char Koay Teow [Siam Road]
Char Koay Teow [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Kimberley Street Bee Hooi Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Kimberley Street Mantis Prawn Sin Guat Keong Kopitiam]
Char Koay Teow [Bamboo Clam Style Carnarvon Street Ping Hooi Cafe]
Char Koay Teow [Crab Meat version at New Lane or Lorong Baru]
Chee Cheong Fun [Macalister Lane Seow Fong Lye]
Chee Cheong Fun (Peanut Butter Style) [Genting Cafe Island Glades]
Chee Cheong Fun [Branch of Seow Fong Lye Soon Yuen Cafe Kuala Kangsar Road]
Chicken Porridge [Cintra Street]
Coconut Jelly [Joez Coconut Jelly Jalan Dato Keramat]
Curry Mee [Air Itam Sister]
Curry Mee [Jalan Dato Keramat next to Federal Cinema]
Curry Mee [In front Of Honda Show Room Sungai Pinang]
Economy Fried Bee Hoon [Kimberley Street Ah Seng]
Economy Fried Bee Hoon [Ah Seng’s competitor next door]

Fried Chicken Skins [Gurney Drive]
Fried Oyster [Lam Ah Kopitiam Opposite Bomba Chulia Street]
Fried Oyster [Seng Thor Kopitiam Carnarvon Street]

Fresh Water Prawn Lim Aik Chew Sungai Dua Mainland
Hainanese Poach Chicken Rice [Penang Road Kheng Pin Cafe]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Perak Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [One Corner Cafe Burma Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Sin Kim San Rangoon Road]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [T&T Lorong Selamat]
Hokkien Prawn Noodle [Burma Road Green House]
KL Style Hokkien Char Fat Noodle Jalan Dato Keramat
Koay Chap [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Koay Chap [Kimberley Street]
Koay Teow Soup [Pitt Street Eel Fish Ball at Carnarvon Street]
Koay Teow Soup [Jalan Kimberley Duck Meat]
Koey Teow Soup [Lebuh Cecil Market Food Court]
Koay Teow Soup [Lorong Macalister Kim Lee Kopitiam]
Koay Teow Soup [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Instant Cook]
Loh Bak [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Kopitiam]
Loh Mee [Carnarvon Street Seng Thor Kopitiam]

Loh Bak [Penang Road Kheng Pin Cafe]
Loh Mee [Next to Kuan Yin Temple]
Mee Goreng [Bangkok Lane]
Mee Goreng [Jelutong Market Traffic Light]
Mee Goreng Sotong [Esplanade Food Court]
Mua Chee [Gurney Drive]
Nasi Kandar Beratur [Masjid Kapitan Keling 10.30pm onwards]
Nasi Kandar Line Clear [Upper Penang Road]
Nasi Kandar Sulaiman [Jalan Dato Keramat]
Nasi Kandar [Air Itam Wah Meng Kopitiam]
Nasi Kandar Hameediah [Campbell Street]
Nyonya Home Cook Food Ivy’s Kitchen
Nyonya Home Cook Food and Basins Feast at Zi Zai
Nyonya Kueh Maker [Chulia Street]
Okio Ice Dessert
Oyster Noodle [Jalan Perak Ang Hoay Lor Branch]
Oyster Noodle [Jalan Perak Ang Hoay Loh]
Pan Cake [Aki Pan Cake]
Popiah [Padang Brown Dato Keramat Road]
Pork Satay [Bangkok Lane]
Putu Mayam [Little India]
Roast Duck [Jit Seng Kopitiam Carnarvon Street]
Rojak [Macallum Street Flat]
Roti Canai with Beef and Meats [Transfer Road]
Roti Jala with Beef Curry
Susu Badam (Almond Milk) Chulia Street Restoran Kapitan
Susu Tarik Penang Road Line Clear
Susu Tarik Air Itam Bus Station
Tandoori and Naan [Kapitan Chulia Street]
Thai Style Asam Laksa Chew Jetty
Thai Style Home Cook Food Annathai Kitchen Pulau Tikus
Toast Breads and Eggs – Tanjung Tokong Ah Wang Cafe
Toast Breads and Eggs – Eng Loh Roti Taiwan
Toast Breads and Eggs – Charcoal Toasted Toh Soon Cafe Jalan Campbell
Toast Breads and Eggs – Sungai Tiram
Toast Breads and Eggs – Madras Lane Kiah Hong
Wan Tan Mee – Lebuh Melayu
Wan Tan Mee – Padang Brown
Yam Rice Chai Leng Park
Yau Char Kwai (Chinese Cruller) – Cintra Street
Yau Char Kwai King Paya Terubong