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Honda Asimo Humanoid Robot Live In 1Utama

Yesterday I was in 1Utama to have my brunch and watching the latest movie Madagascar 2. After finish the movie I can heard there’s a big crowd over in the main hall located at the new wing of 1 Utama. When I look down …. I can see the word Honda Asimo with plenty of posters showing their robots. ASIMO is a short term which means ADVANCED STEP IN INNOVATIVE MOBILITY.


This kind of show are very very rare and might be the only chance in your lifetime to be show cased in Malaysia. It is a very very high tech robot which resemble the movement of a human.

Just look at the crowd below.



Parents and kids were given priority to sit in front and I was on the first floor right next to the stage on left side to have the nearest coverage.
This is the stage where I can see from the first floor and ASIMO is just behind the door in the center.

Below is the video which I capture for the 2 session of its showcase.

More pictures :

The big screen which enlarge the view for people who stand at the back to see

ASIMO say Hi to everybody


Back Look Of ASIMO






Details of ASIMO’s road tours:
Nov 14-16, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya
Nov 20-23, City Square, Johor Bahru
Nov 27-30, Queensbay Mall, Penang


Big Fat Cheque From Nuffnang

Many of my friends think I am wasting of time taking pictures and blog about what I eat. I tell them …. we’ll see about that. Last month I show them this !

Now they start bitching me ….. hey teach me how to start a blog …. 😛 I would like to thanks Nuffnangrent a car bulgaria for this cheque.

Triple Happiness for Food POI Today

Last 2 days I receive a shout out at Food POI’s chat box saying that I won Makanlah’s October Give away which is a bottle of Estee Lauder Pleasures For Men Cologne spray. At the same period of time, I also redeem their treat points for a RM30 voucher from Chilis + the Makanlah car stickers .

Basically Makanlah is a new foodie in town where it works slightly different from us food bloggers. They are more like a portal where the visitors can build their own food location address books and also share out the info to the rest of Makanlah visitors. More details from their introduction brochure below.

I would like to thanks Sean the Multimedia Consultant who built Makanlah for giving me all these goodies.

Besides all the goodies above, I also received my Google Adsense cash out cheque amounting USD109.65

Oktober Fest 2008 Celebration at Deutsches Gasthause 3, Damansara Perdana

October ….. do this bring any special occasion which could cross your mind as a foodie? Besides Deepavali, there’s another celebration which is celebrated internationally. It is the German OKTOBER FEST.

Thousands of visitors sitting enjoying the beers ……

The Oktoberfest is a sixteen-day festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September (and running to early October). It is one of the most famous events in the city and the world’s largest fair, with some six million people attending every year, and is an enjoyable event with an important part of Bavarian culture. Other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event.

Oktoberfestbiers are the beers that have been served at the event in Munich since 1818, and are supplied by 6 breweries known as the Big Six: Spaten, Löwenbräu, Augustiner, Hofbräu, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr. [1]Traditionally Oktoberfestbiers were the lagers of around 5.5 to 6% alchohol per volume called Märzen – brewed in March and allowed to ferment slowly during the summer months.

Visitors also eat huge amounts of food, most of it traditional hearty fare such as Hendl (chicken), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), Haxn (pork knuckle), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Würstel (sausages) along with Brezel (Pretzel)), Knödeln (potato or bread dumplings), Käsespätzle (cheese noodles), Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes), Sauerkraut or Blaukraut (red cabbage) along with such Bavarian delicacies as Obatzda (a fatty, spiced cheese-butter concoction) and Weisswurst (a white sausage).

Our team in Food POI also never miss to celebrate this occasion for the past 2 years. Last year we were at Euro Deli to celebrate it. This year we went to try out a restaurant which we spotted for quite sometime. But the crowd is not there. So we dare not go and try worry that the restaurant may close down anytime. But that prove us wrong when coming to the Oktober Fest seasons. It is full house almost daily. When we walk in and checkout the menu, this is their 3rd branch ! The name of the restaurant is Deutsches Gasthause 3.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 30.jpg

The environment looks like a typical bar with plenty of liquor bottles and wooden beer drums. Service wise is good and they do know how to recommend to their guest the house specialty.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 06.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 03.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - gas pump.jpg

My booze came from this petrol pump.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 25.jpg

When we flipped the menu we were having a hard time to decide what to eat ….. but before choosing anything to eat, I go for my booze ….. I ordered a rare old school German beer. It is a 500ml Franziskaner Weissbier while Daniel ordered a orange juice due to he got a hang over for sleeping too much.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 01.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 02.jpg
See the color of the beer ……. The aroma displays a slight smoky character. The palate is malty sweet up front with with a smooth creamy texture. A Bavarian specialty and a real treat for wheat beer connoisseurs.
[This bottle cost me RM31.50]

deutsches gasthause 3 - 23.jpg

Besides this, they have Belgian Beers [Hoegarden White, Stella Artois, Hoegarden Grand Cru, Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brune, Leffe Radieuse], Australian Beers [Foster’s, Crown Lager, Victoria Bitter], American Beers [Budweiser] and the German Beers [Konig Ludwig, Warsteiner, Beck’s and Lowenbrau]. They got a menu book alone for beers!

For starter, we ordered a Caesar Salad [RM18.00]

deutsches gasthause 3 - 07.jpg

Nothing to boast on the salad though as you can see the thin bacons. The best caesar salad I had so far still goes to Italianies. Out of 5 ratings, I give this a rate 2/5.

Then both of us ordered our self a bowl of soup each. Daniel goes for a bowl of Home Cooked Wild Mushroom Soup [RM14.00]

deutsches gasthause 3 - 08.jpg
The mushroom soup are really home cooked after the first sip we taste. It is very creamy and smooth with plenty of finely chopped mushrooms. The rate 4/5 goes for this bowl of soup.

For myself, I am getting a bowl of Home Cooked Goulash Soup [RM16.00]. Goulash is a Hungarian thick stew which is cooked with diced capsicum, carrots, tomatoes, pepper and beefs. It taste a bit spicy and sourish plus with the fragrant of the beef.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 20.jpg
This stew is a MUST to try when you visit this restaurant. Rating 5/5!!

deutsches gasthause 3 - 21.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 22.jpg

Both soups serving are huge! and value for money.

Then I saw my main course is served. I ordered a DEUTSCHER WURSTE STANDARD [RM55.00]. It a mixed authentic German Sausage Platter served with Potato Salad, Mustard and home cook sauce.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 09.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 10.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 11.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 12.jpg

The sausages are nothing special compared to the one I had in Euro Deli. I guess their sausages are in freezer too long and need to be cut on its skin in order to cook it thoroughly. The juiciness of the sausages are soaked with oil rather than the original meat flavors. Euro Deli’s sausages are made fresh daily. I would give them a rating of 3/5 for this sausage platter.

Daniel ordered the PORK KNUCKLE [RM55.00]. It is a “whole” crispy roasted pork knuckle served with Sauerkraut [German Fermented Cabbage], boiled potatoes, pork sauce and mustard. Trust me ….. make sure you share this dish ! if not you definitely cannot finish it. The waiter did warn us on this and we thought we can finish it. But after clearing the soups, we couldn’t finish the pork knuckle.

deutsches gasthause 3 - 13.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 14.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 17.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 24.jpg

Daniel with his pork knuckle. The Pork Knuckle are rated 5/5 by Daniel and me.

Both of us walk of satisfied with a bill of RM217.25. The bill got separate the price for food RM158.00 and drinks RM39.50 + a 10% service charge RM19.75

We will be back for more items. Do checkout their menu below. They got sell PORK PIZZA !!!! must come back to try liao.

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Place: Deutsches Gasthause 3

Location :Damansara Perdana
GPS Coordinate : N3 09.914 E101 36.574
Location Maps :

View Larger Map

Address :

Deutsches Gasthaus 3
C112, Centre Wing, Metropolitan Square,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7710 4602

Deutsches Gasthaus / Little Hemmingway
No.24G & 24M, Medan Setia, Plaza Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2095 1589

Deutsches Gasthaus 2
No.24, Lorong Rahim Kajal 14,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000, Kuala Lumpur
03-7727 4602

No.124, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2094 8300

Business Hour : Lunch till 12am
Off Day :
Food Type: German & Western Foods
Price: Premium
Payment Terms : Cash / Credit Card
Cleanliness Votes : 4/5
Food Votes : 4/5
Air Conditioned : Yes
Halal : No
WIFI : Yes
Smoking and non smoking zone : Yes
Tax : Service 10%
Recommended Foods : Checkout the items above.

Recommended Drinks : German Beers of course ….

Environment very pleasant and not as noisy as pub. Good for relaxing.

More Pictures :

deutsches gasthause 3 - 13.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 14.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 19.jpg
See how crispy is the skin!!

deutsches gasthause 3 - 26.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 27.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 28.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 - 29.jpg

Their Menu

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 01.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 03.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 04.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 05.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 06.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 07.jpg

deutsches gasthause 3 menu - 08.jpg

Merdeka Open House 2008: Mee and My Malaysia

Today I got tagged by Lingzie on an article regarding Penang Hokkien Mee. So I went and read article and found out that Babe In The City is organizing a Virtual Merdeka Open House 2008: Mee and My Malaysia. It is meant for food bloggers to gather around and make a dish our of the theme “MEE”. So I am participating by showing you all how to cook authentic Penang Chicken Soup Lam Mee. Luckily I came across cooking it last Sunday together with all my housemates which are from Penang. All were craving for it and since it is pretty to cook, I cook it and took some pictures for my food blog later. So this is my first recipe post and hope you all like it.

The Lam Mee in KL are using fat yellow noodles which people use for frying Hokkien Char and the gravy are pretty thick and black in color. The one we had in Penang are clear soup and eat together with hand pounded sambal belacan.

(Suggested for 4 servings)

Ingredients For Soup

150 grams prawn shells cleaned and head removed (Don’t throw the heads away. We use it to cook the soup)

2 litres chicken stock (You can use a freshly prepared one or Knorr Chicken Cube [optional … put taste better but you drink more water])

1 table spoon cooking oil

1 table spoon light soya sauce

1 table spoon salt

1 table spoon corn flour mixed with 2 table spoons of water for thickening a bit later

grounded white pepper (to taste)

Ingredients for Omelette

3 chicken eggs

salt (to taste)

Ingredients for noodles

4 persons serving of yellow noodles and bee hoon (optional), scalded

bean sprouts, scalded

Ingredients for toppings

200 gram prawns (suggested to use medium sized prawns) from the one you cleaned earlier

200 gram deboned and sliced chicken meats which you use to boil the chicken stock earlier

sliced omelette

sliced spring onions

fried shallots

garlic oil and crispy pork lard

Ingredients for sambal belacan

5 fresh red chillies

5 cili padi

a piece of toasted belacan

lime juice from 4 pcs of calamansi (kat chai)

Use pastel and mortar for better taste to pound the chillies and when want to eat only put in the lime juice. Put this in the fridge. If not, later will spoil because of the belacan. This chilli also good to eat with all sorts of noodles.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Boil the chiken meat and bones to prepare the chicken stocks.
  2. Stir fry the prawn shells and heads until fragrant.
  3. Add the chicken stock in to a sauce pot and put in the shell heads and shells to boil. Once boiled, lower the heat to simmer for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Season to taste with the soya sauce, salt and pepper
  5. Get a new pot and strain the stock to remove the shells, heads, chicken bones and meats.
  6. Add in thickening solution from the corn flour.
  7. Stir and let it boil. Once boil, turn off the heat.

Serving Instruction

  1. Place scalded noodles and bean sprout in a soup plate/bowl. Put in the soup over and add the toppings.
  2. Put 1 or 2 tea spoons of the pork lard and garlic (not the oil. Just the crisp).
  3. Sprinkle the spring onions on top.
  4. Eat with sambal belacan with added lime juice.

Pretty easy to prepare huh ….. Enjoy! Merdeka!

Nuffnang Top Secret Project Trafford – Part 2 : Mister Potato Flash Mob at KLCC 2008

Nuffnang Top Secret Project Trafford – Part 2 : Mister Potato Flash Mob at KLCC 2008

From the PART 1 of the Project Trafford, we have introduced and brief you all what is Project Trafford all about from Nuffnang and Mister Potato.

I did mention in my earlier Project Trafford introduction page where Mister Potato sending 30 persons to Old Trafford for a stadium tour for FREE!

For god sake and I am repeating my statement again …..

YES! You Hear It Right! FREE!

Lately when you checkout all major hypermarkets or shopping centre, you will notice that there are some Mister Potato Crisps Potato Chip come in a special package featuring football players picture.

Curiosity Kills The Cat Blogger – Nuffnang Top Secret Project Trafford

Curiosity Kills The Cat Blogger – Nuffnang Top Secret Project Trafford

On May 22nd 2008, Nuffnang unveiled a statement which attracts lots of attentions. They just gave a very brief detail which can be found here. The word TOP SECRET usually makes people wonder what is behind that magic word. 40 bloggers are going to be short listed to participate in this project.

Starbucks Coffee – Blackberry Green Tea


Click On The Picture To Enlarge

Place: Starbucks Coffee

Location: All Starbucks Outlet (Store Locator)

Contact No : Refer to store locator.

Business Hour : Daily 9am to 1am

Beverage Type: Gourmet Iced Coffee and Tea

Seasonal Specialty : Blackberry Green Tea

Price: Standard coffee house.

Cleanliness Vote : 5/5

Drink Votes : 5/5

Halal : Yes

Wifi : Yes [Register for a free Account at dialup. Can be use in Starbucks to gain access to WIFI service]

Comment/Remark :

A newly introduced non coffee drink from Starbucks. It combines green tea powder, milk powder and blackberry thick syrup blended with ice. Then the syrup is put a bit on the top of the drink. I skip the whipped cream to taste the original taste. Guess what…. It taste really good!