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TASTE MIGF, the spectacular preview event for the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL GOURMET FESTIVAL (MIGF) RETURNS THIS 26th, 27th & 28th September

The spectacular preview event for the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, TasteMIGF, will take place from the 26th to 28th of September 2014 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

For one fabulous gastronomic weekend, food lovers can get a tasting preview of the Festival by partaking in a Super Gourmet Safari exchanging Gourmet Dollars for bite sized samples from all the Festival restaurants as they gather in one specially created location – The Theatre of Cuisines.

They can also shop at the Epicure Gourmet Village and attend Master Chefs’ cooking classes and enjoy wine appreciation talks and other culinary happenings.

A new inclusion this year is the LuxuryPlus Showcase which will display high end properties and investment opportunities among others and provide those present with the opportunity to hear from the industry’s best.

Go on a Super Gourmet Safari at the Theatre of Cuisines

In the specially created “Theatre of Cuisines”, where the Festival restaurants are showcased, visitors can buy “Gourmet Dollars” and enjoy a “Super Gourmet Safari” sampling creations from Malaysia’s leading chefs as they serve up tasting portions from their Festival Menus. These special portions are big enough to exhibit the creativity of the Festival chefs but small enough to allow tasting as many dishes from as many restaurants as possible. Live music and cooking demonstrations take place, providing a fiesta-like atmosphere for all visitors.

The Theatre of Cuisines will open to the public for a fabulous gourmet weekend from 11.00am to 10.00pm on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.

Buka Puasa Buffet At Mandarin Oriental KL

Hi all, after a long hiatus from the heavy schedule for my job and photography, I am back. Currently we are in the mid of World Cup 2014 which held in Brasil.

In conjunction with the world cup, we had just started the Ramadhan fasting month where Muslims are fasting for 30 days before the new year. From 29 June to 28 July 2014, break your fast at Mosaic and indulge in a myriad of local and western dishes, freshly prepared on the spot.

The drinks that best quench the thirst of fasting.

Dates that are best to replenish the lost vitamins during fasting.

Lemang is the main star here during raya. For those who don’t know about lemang, it is a glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and then cooked in bamboo with leaf wrapped.

Serunding is a dried meat floss that are part of the companion for lemang. Besides serunding, beef rendang also is the best choice.

Beef rendang.

For appetizers, tease your palate with Acar Daging Panggang, Acar Udang Tradisi, Gado-Gado and the different types of kerabu dishes such as kerabu mangga muda sotong kering, kerabu ayam herba and kerabu kacang botol kerisik.

Kerabu kacang botol kerisik

Kerabu mangga muda sotong kering

Acar Udang Tradisi

There are a range of local soups like Sup Kambing Ubi Kentang, Sup Makanan Laut Bersantan, Sup Ekor Sapi dengan Ubi Kentang dan Sup Tulang Rawan. Not to forget the delicious bubur lambok which is the famous traditional Malay porridge.

Murtabak alongside the satay which is famous among the locals and tourist.

For the main courses, take your pick from over 100 dishes and indulge in traditional delicacies such as Ayam Kurma Seri Melayu, Sambal Udang Petai, Nasi Minyak Petai, Nasi Goreng Kerabu, Rendang Daging, Udang Galah Masak Chilli Api, Ikan Merah Assam Pedas, Otak Otak, Ikan Bakar, Ayam Goreng Kunyit Bawang Cili, Chicken and Daging Temasik just to name a few.

If you are in favour of sampling international cuisines, Mosaic has the perfect offer on what you need at the grill, wok, noodle and tandoor stations. The selections include Black Pepper Beef, Peking Duck, Chicken Shawarma, an assortment of Italian pasta dishes.

Fresh oyster on the Japanese corner.

Fresh sushi.

The Indian or better known as Tandoor corner have a wide range of authentic Indian Foods which prepared on the spot by the chefs behind the counter. Each are cooked in small portion to ensure freshness and taste the best when it is cooked in small quantity.

End your meal with traditional desserts such as assorted cookies, bubu kacang hijau durian, bubur jagung manis, dates, assorted Malay kuih, Ice Kacang  with a combination of western and locals favorite.

Dodol ….. anyone?

The chef behind all these dishes are Chef Kamarudin Bin Dali or more commonly known as Chef Din.

The buka puasa location are consist of Mosaic and also the Diamond BallRoom (5 or more) . With an exclusive 15% early bird savings for bookings of four or more from 29 June to 5 July 2014, the Buka Puasa buffet is priced at RM138++ per person for the Mosaic and Diamond Ballroom. For more information or dining reservation, please call 03-2380 8888 or email

Living With Diabetic Nerve Damage : A True Story

Teh Tarik is something which blends into our culture and daily living especially people who stay at KL. We all tends to go for teh tarik or teh ice without fail when we hit the mamak stalls.

Some of my friends ordered canned soft drinks instead. I do agree this feels good on a scorching hot day. But however there’s a price to pay when you go overboard with too much of that. It is all come down to sugar that affect our health.

Sugar! It is commonly consumed and easily added to foods for the sake of taste good.

One of them over the years suddenly has a numb and burning feel on his legs. He then went for a full body medical check up  and his blood sugar reading were very high that stand in between 13-20 mmol/l. Doctor confirm that he has a diabetic nerve damage. Doctor  prescribe him with some medicines for peripheral nerve damage for comparative discretion  that help in combating the problem.

He found that the vitamins prescribed by doctor was ineffective despite he controlled his diet and compliance to the medications prescribed; the nerve damage symptoms are getting worse with frequent unbearable attack which affects his mood and daily activities. It is always good to have third party professional advise from the same line hence I introduce him to my friend’s pharmacy. My friend who is a professional pharmacist by practice recommended him to try out this product called Live-well Mecomin.

He took it for 2 months consecutively by following the dosage recommended by the pharmacy. Obviously the effect doesn’t change overnight. With a healthier living lifestyle like exercising and maintaining good eating habits, he managed to have a speedier recovery. Just within two months, he managed to see effective results. Though he complained that the exercise ordeal and the diet tires him, he claims that he rather endure the hard training and use a little money buying the supplements than sacrificing his health. Now, he is happy and can now lead an active lifestyle without complaining any leg numbness or pain when he is walking. The Livewell mecomin contains mecobalamin that helps  in  rebuilding  nerves and combating  diabetic  symptoms post and pre. It is also suitable for vegetarians!

I hope my friend’s experience can also benefit those of you (and your friends) who are suffering from the same fate.

For more information on Live-well Mecomin’s benefits , you can find out from


Ernest Zackarevic – Art is Rubbish is Art

On 17th Jan 2014 till 14 Feb 2014, you will be able to witness the famous street artist Ernest Zackarevic which get popular by drawing the Bicycle Girl with brother in Penang.

These art pieces improve the tourism industry of Malaysia where the culture spread to other states and country like our neighbouring country Singapore. However one of his creation were destroyed by the local authority where it is not appreciated due to political reason. His artworks were highly sought after since it getting popular in Penang. Now to make it more happening, he is having a private showcase of all his works made from rubbish. Who says rubbish can’t create art piece? Let’s check them out.


The entrance at  the old Hin Company Bus Depot which converted into a private gallery to house all his latest creation. All the photos can be viewed in full size by clicking on them.

What do you think of this? A rustic golden picture frame?  No no no ….. this is actually a gutter cover and it is a real gutter inside the frame.

 Ernest and Kopi Gold

 Ernest dissected and split into various wooden boxes.

Kopi Gold and His trousers framed

The drawer

The Horse

Girl in Pink

Paint on wooden planks


A painting of a man sleeping. This is painted on rusty and recycled door.

The Roadwork Wizard

Oil and Spray Paint on old windows.


Girl painted on a gunny sack

Jolin painted on gunny sack

Style wars

Trishaw guy




Produce of Indonesia painted on old coffee gunny sack

 Girl with a cat

Michael Jackson

The first window is a soya bean drink + the grass jelly = you get a mixture which is well known locally as Michael Jackson. You can order them in any kopitiam in Penang for this drink.

Cash Cow – Whole cow painting made from thumb tacks. Click to enlarge and see it.


Girl with balloon

Lego crook waiting for the girl

The location for this exhibition is at Hin Bus Company. Behind Gama.

View Food POI in a larger map

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks 10 Years Anniversary

Known as the pioneer in Malaysia to offer tasty signature street snacks that hail from Taiwan, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks celebrates its 10th Anniversary with the launch of a new street snack, Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom (鹽酥金针菇), to continue to capture the hearts and palates of Malaysians. In addition, a host of free giveaways, instant wins and promotion have been put in place as a gesture of appreciation to its loyal customers’ patronage over the last decade.

Best known for its authentic Taiwan street snack favourites, such as XXL Crispy Chicken (more than 10 million pieces have been sold across the region since its inception), Crispy Floss Egg Crepe, Handmade Oyster Mee Sua and Seafood Tempura, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, with over a total of 100 outlets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia, has made it most convenient for customers to satisfy their craving for their best-loved street snack, without having to travel miles to Taiwan.

XXL Crispy Chicken

Handmade Oyster Mee Sua

Crispy Floss Egg Crepe

Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom (鹽酥金针菇)

In conjunction with its 10th Anniversary, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks launches Crispy Salt Pepper Mushroom (鹽酥金针菇) at all outlets from 1st November 2013. Tasty and crispy, each golden mushroom is coated with a light golden batter that makes it highly-appetizing and addictive!

Priced at RM5.50, there are five different flavours: Original (招牌), Kimchi (泡菜), Seaweed (紫菜), Sour Cream (酸奶油), Wasabi (芥末), to choose from.

With every purchase of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks’ XXL Crispy Chicken (RM6.50) from 11th Nov 2013, customers can purchase a limited edition pencil umbrella at just RM9.90 (Usual Price RM19.90)! Available at all Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks outlets.


LA MIAN – The Ancient Art of Chinese Noodle Making At Le Meridien KL

Nothing warms the heart like a piping-hot bowl of thick broth with beef, preserved vegetables and homemade noodles. Renowned for its culinary cultures, China’s Lanzhou city from Gansu province boasts a noodle tradition that has been introduced to many countries around the world – the celebrated La Mian.

Originated during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty, La Mian or pulled noodles is characterized for its clean taste and simple preparation but never short in flavour. Guest Chef Leo Zhang from Beijing will showcase his skillful techniques live in noodle making at Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur’s all day dining restaurant.

According to Zhang, it took him 9 years to master the skill of hand pulled noodles and make the perfect beef stock. “The technique of preparing La Mian noodles dates back centuries and it is more about the arm movement”, says Zhang. In 1999, Zhang later moved to an independent restaurant in Beijing Xicheng district to become the specialist of a variety of noodle making, under the guidance of Jiang Bo, a nutrition master in China. In 2006, Zhang joined the Westin Beijing as Chef De Partie and has been there ever since.

The dough is held between the hands, stretched, tossed, pulled and swung repeatedly until it is evenly divided into thinner strands and served fresh to diners.

Take your pick of green Spinach Noodle or red Tomato Noodle and choose a selection of toppings including Tomato Egg Sauce, Spicy Braised Beef Brisket, preserved Vegetables and Shredded Chicken, Beef Shank and White Radish among others.

A hot beef broth is then poured over the noodles to complement the dish.

It has a very clean and clear taste. Beijing food being tasteless by origin are kinda subjective for everyone’s liking. You either love it or hate it. In my case, I love it. It is a healthy choice and less in seasonings. Basically the whole pot of soup were cooked by using the big bones of the cow. If you up for it, you may add some chilly oil which look spicy but it is not. Just the look.

If you prefer variety, then Latest Recipe also features Malay, Indian, Japanese and Western delights that are prepared a la minute. Just watching the chefs in action as they dish out freshly cooked and piping hot food is enough to sharpen appetites for more good things to come.

The restaurant is concentric in design with a high ceiling and its centerpiece is a dramatic eight-metre long, multi-coloured glass mosaics, cast in Kobe, Japan, which flows into the lobby. The juxtaposition of simplistic and contemporary decor exudes an aura of tranquility throughout the restaurant.

The La Mian promotion is available from 18-27 November 2013 for Buffet Dinner only between 6.30pm and 10.30pm at Latest Recipe, level 5 of Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. The promotion is priced at RM108++ per person from Monday to Thursday and RM118++ per person for Friday and Sunday.

Festival Of Lights at Mosaic, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

From now till 10th Dec 2013, those who can’t go back to their home town to celebrate Deepavali can enjoy  in a true Indian celebration at Mosaic Restaurant Mandarin Oriental KL.

Kolam in front of the restaurant

Lighting up the celebrations.

Traditional head gear decorations from India.

Featuring an extensive spread of Indian Cuisine weekly for lunch and dinner, guests will be treated to 3 delectable menus on rotation throughout the promotion.

Marinated and mixed to perfection with fresh herbs, spices plus chilli will bring a distinctive taste of Indian flavours to you prepared by a team of specialist.

Begin your indulgence with starters such as Dahi Bhall, a dish consisting lentil dumpling flavoured with cumin, green chilli, laced with yoghurt and tamarind chutney.

A feast of main course consist of Ajwaini Macchi curry, a dish which uses fish to cook with freshly ground Indian spices flavoured with carom seeds,

Nandu Vindaloo, a special stir fried flower crab with hot and sour gravy and bhadam Kofta, curry minced lab cooked with cashew nuts paste and ground Indian spices.

Briyani rice.

Rawa Jingga – deep fried prawn coated with semilina

Vegetarian diners will be treated to Matter Panner, a dish which is created using cottage cheese cooked with fresh green peas in a mild curry, Dal Kandahari, black lentils gently simmered with Kashmiri red chilli and finished off with butter and cream , just to name a few of the vegetarian offering.

Throughout the celebration, be sure to catch a 4 minute performance by the Indian dance team who will be performing at the entrance of Mosaic during the launching.

Lunch is priced at RM98++ per person while dinner is at RM118++ per person (Sunday to Thursday) and RM138++ person (Friday and Saturday). For dining reservations, please call +603-2179 8881 or email

Japanese Sweets and Sake Fair at Isetan KLCC

A big news to all the sweet tooth people out there. This Oct 18 to 30 Oct 2013, there are a Japanese Sweets Fair at Isetan KLCC concourse floor.

There are all sorts of authentic imported traditional and modern desserts for you to get your hands on.

Warm Okowa wrapped in traditional bamboo leaves steamed on the spot awaits you to checkout what is inside them. The bamboo leave ain’t from local but were air flown in just for this promo event.

Chef busy reheating the okowa and ensure it is not over steamed.

Besides the usual cheesecake, scone, modern pastries I would put more attention to the traditional stuffs. Senbei (Rice cracker) is one of my favorite. There are many samplers for you to test around.

Japanese promoter. They are not local.

3 different type flavors and shapes for senbei. Each has a distinctive flavors to it yet still healthy compared to other junk foods.

On beverage side there are quite a number of sake on display.

See so many good sake awaiting you with the sampling cups.

Plum flavored sake

More high alcohol level flavored sake

The rice that were polished in order to make sake. Each % ratio determine the quality of a good bottle of sake.

Besides that on the launching day, there’s a surprise. Checkout who’s in the house. The first Iron Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka the contender that won the sweets making challenge.

The boss of Isetan showing Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka around the sweets fair section and then proceed to tasting them one by one. So what are you waiting for?

Time to check them out at KLCC Isetan concourse.


Taste Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) Gala Night 2013

Last Friday the Taste MIGF is back, bigger and even more exciting. This spectacular MIGF 2013 preview event now stretches over three days and nights, during which the general public are invited go on a Super Gourmet Safari to sample Festival Menu tasting portions from each of the 28 Festival restaurants. The specially created Theatre of Cuisines is the stunning venue, within the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to witness the launching of this awesome event where it is a dream for many foodies (Food Bloggers) to attend. It was a 3 days event and Food lovers lucky enough to experience Taste MIGF 2012 know that they are in for another outstanding experience at the 2013 edition. The Taste MIGF concept is unique, with no counterpart within Malaysia, the region, and possibly the rest of the world. The basic premise is to give food lovers from all walks of life – not just a privileged few – ready access to the world of fine dining: one which is relaxed and enjoyable, without any of the fast-disappearing stuffy, starched-table-cloth era. And, additionally, where realistic and affordable prices are the norm.

Me and my photography sifu Jim Liaw (Jim Liaw Photography) who attend together with me for this grand event.

The Taste MIGF Super Gourmet Safari is the ideal introduction to premium dining for everyone. Malaysia’s finest restaurants each have a station in the brilliantly presented Theatre of Cuisines, and each offer taste samples from their actual Festival menus. The samples incidentally, are big enough to allow a full appreciation of the dish itself, yet small enough to ensure that all the restaurant offerings can be tried.

Live entertainment from concert bands, professional dancers and non-stop deejay music, together with a large dance floor, will provide a swinging party atmosphere.

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival is the globally acknowledged, month-long event promoting premium dining to the nation and the world. This year’s theme is “Cool Chefs – Cooking With Attitude”, and is an exciting platform for the Festival’s brilliant Master Chefs to out- do themselves in fierce but friendly competition. Having witnessed ever-increasing success each year since its inception in 2001, MIGF is the region’s premier and most celebrated fine food event, and now officially a part of Tourism Malaysia’s “Fabulous Food 1Malaysia” initiative.

The festival basically are participated by 28 renowned restaurants in KL that are expert in serving their respective international and local cuisines. Range of fine foods, drinks and party filled up the night that bring you lots of joy to celebrate the exciting month ahead. Restaurants ranging from Italian, French, Chinese, Western, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese and many more filled up the hall with their finest creations to greet the customer. If you are looking forward to know what can you expect this year for MIGF menu, below is a long list that cover all the samples that will be serve month long on each respective’s restaurant. You can expect the best service and value from them when you visit them.

Arthur’s Bar & Grill – Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Lafite – Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Bunga Emas – The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Dynasty – Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Sagano – Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Five Sen5es – The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Prego & QBA – The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

Grill 582 – BEST WESTERN PREMIER Dua Sentral

Lai Po Heen – Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Grill – Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

Nook – Aloft KL Sentral

Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant – Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

The Restaurant – TheClub, Saujana Resort KL

Tuscany Restaurant – Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa

Midori Restaurant – Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa

Blu Med – Blu Med Ristorantee Bar

Chakri Palace – Rotol Food – Chain (M) Sdn Bhd

Cuisine Gourmet By Nathalie – Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Kelantan Delights – Kelantan Delights Sdn Bhd

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant – Shaftsbury Capital Sdn Bhd

Marini’s On 57 – MontOro (M) Sdn Bhd

Minori – Multiple Reward Sdn Bhd

Nerovivo – TheNeroGroup

Tanzini – Sonata Vision Sdn Bhd

Ten Japanese Fine Dining – Sushi Train (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Tarbush Restaurant – Restoran Tarbush Delicacies Sdn Bhd

For More Details On Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) Checkout :