Hello and welcome to Food Point Of Interest or better known as Food POI. This page is created for the sake of food hunting and ethusiast which likes to drive or travel around just to look for good foods.

I got the name of Food POI from the GPS page Mal-Sing Maps which contribute a lots of Map updating for all the GPS appliance users in Malaysia and Singapore. With their rapid updates of roads, waypoints and point of interest, I came up with an effort to record down all the nice foods with pictures and food review after the user taste it. With the rating by myself alone, it might sound bias.  So I am open for food critics comments. Hence this will improve the quality of our food hunt and tasting informations.

As I mention above on the GPS stuff, this page comes with coordinates. All you need to do is just punch in the coordinate and let the GPS bring you there. Besides that every post comes with full business address, contact no, editor rating, business hours and location map.

Please help to contribute all your “PRECIOUSssssss” nice food spots by sending email to ken[at]foodpoi.com and share with the community. I will try my best to put up your contribution to food poi blog and let everyone have a try on it.

In order to have a complete information of the particular suggestions, please try to complete as much info as my post in order to maintain integrity of all the foods list.

Enjoy and Bonarpetite !