A Porky Affair at Smoking Hog SS2 (CLOSED)

I am a pork lover guy …… wherever the restaurant serves pork, I’ll be there to try out their foods. Lately more and more restaurants that dedicated to serve pork mushroom in Klang Valley. Hidden in the all famous food streets, night markets and restaurants, there’s a new restaurant that grab my attention because they serve pork.

The restaurant may be tricky a bit to find but it’s entrance is right at the walking alley next to the Crazy Crab restaurant.

The entrance is a small door that leads you to the lift lobby and upon entering the lift, go to the top floor.

The restaurant were located at the Mezzanine floor and you’ll be greeted by a contemporary designs and art work of the restaurant.

Plush leather couches and wood works were on displayed and also as the main dining tables for the guests.

Caesar Salad @ RM 23

A full fledge caesar salad dressed with house special salad dressing with runny egg yolk and real pork bacon salad bits. This is the real deal that many of the restaurants replace pork bacon with beef just to suit the local request that just for the sake of reducing the cost. I kinda like the way they add on crispy anchovies to the salad as a replacement to salt.

Shishamo & Fruit Salad @ RM28

This dish would be ladies or girls favourite who love to eat clean and healthy. The sweet and tangy  taste from the dressing blend in well and perfect to go as a starter before having a full weight meal. This will reduce your appetite to over eaten.

Egg Bomb @ RM 15

This egg standing there may look like a normal fried egg on the plate. Once you cut open, the first thing to flow out would be the runny egg yolk which drenched the ingredients deep fried along with the egg.  You may feel for an egg that cost RM15 will be too much but the ingredients that go in there are of premium quality stuffs.

Bacon with Takoyaki & KBO Salad @ RM 34

Meat balls blanket with bacon and served with kimchi and baby octopus. You may take this as a salad platter or finger food platter. It is well balanced and easy to go along with any type of drinks and a good start for those who don’t want to have a heavy meal before their drinking session nor too heavy meals that prohibit them to drink later.

SH Signature Bacones @ RM 32

Another good drink companion would be their Bacones. The name bacon…. already tell you the bacon as one of the ingredient for the dish. The crispy bacon wrapping the the stuffings are pretty filling if you take both of it.

Grilled Pig’s Tongue Burger

You may feel gross with the name “tongue” but do you know that the tongue were actually having the softest meat and taste best for a burger. As you can see the burger do not come with any sauce as the meat patty were juicy enough. To enjoy burger is best to have a teeth bite down all the layers. If you feel it is too thick, you may use my method to press down and compact the burger for easier to go in your mouth.

Besides all the light snacks and starters, the main thing you can go for all day long would be their range of pastas. Pastas are fast to prepare fresh and is much better than eating rice that has too much carbs. I always get the problem after a rice meal, I get sleepy. But different story with pastas are just filled up our belly and does not cause sleepy feeling. Smoking hog served pastas all day long and their range are enough to cover you all week long.

When this plate of pastas served we can’t tell what is below the cover. It is covered with smokes and all fog up below it.

Double Smoked Duck Fettucini Carbonara @ RM 39

This is one of the best carbonara I have where it is served in my fav style that let us poke our own egg yolks and mixed it. It makes your paste smoother and creamier. The bacons no need to say bring more fragrance to the plate that make you want more.

Bacon Matriciana @ RM 31

Spicy L & Seafood Tagliatelle @ RM 41

Baked Rice Cake Lasagna @ RM 25

This is another special dish to try on is their rice cake lasagna. It is made so good that we finished it by shared among us. You can’t tell this is made from pastas or rice cakes as the textures are pretty much the same when it is eaten hot with the sticky cheese.

Smoking Hog Berries Ku Ru Yok @ RM 39

Another dish you may consider would be their Ku Lu yoke … sweet and sour pork. This is different from what you normally have that are cooked with tomato sauce or plum sauce. Here at Smoking Hog, they are using their house special BBQ sauce and strawberries.

Bacon & Egg Ice Cream @ RM 10

This is one hell good scoop of an ice cream. It is rich and creamy. I am a big fan of desserts and never say too much of them. But this one a scoop is nice but 2 is too much. It is way too much above the bar for me. For ice cream, usually it is cold and sweet. For this, it add saltiness to it with the crispy bacon bits that surprisingly goes very well with the whole thing. If you think this is too fattening for you, you may opt for their famous Rum and Raisins that are equally as good. Usually for Rum and Raisins, I will go for Haagen Daz. I would say Smoking Hog’s were better as their raisins are better.


The Smoking Hog
3rd Floor (above Professor
21 Jalan SS2/64
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7865-9239

Closed on Mondays

Operation hours:
Tues, Wed & Thurs: 12.00pm – 11.00pm
Friday: 12.00pm – 1.00am
Saturday: 9.00am – 1.00am
Sunday: 9.00am – 11.00pm