Living With Diabetic Nerve Damage : A True Story

Teh Tarik is something which blends into our culture and daily living especially people who stay at KL. We all tends to go for teh tarik or teh ice without fail when we hit the mamak stalls.

Some of my friends ordered canned soft drinks instead. I do agree this feels good on a scorching hot day. But however there’s a price to pay when you go overboard with too much of that. It is all come down to sugar that affect our health.

Sugar! It is commonly consumed and easily added to foods for the sake of taste good.

One of them over the years suddenly has a numb and burning feel on his legs. He then went for a full body medical check up  and his blood sugar reading were very high that stand in between 13-20 mmol/l. Doctor confirm that he has a diabetic nerve damage. Doctor  prescribe him with some medicines for peripheral nerve damage for comparative discretion  that help in combating the problem.

He found that the vitamins prescribed by doctor was ineffective despite he controlled his diet and compliance to the medications prescribed; the nerve damage symptoms are getting worse with frequent unbearable attack which affects his mood and daily activities. It is always good to have third party professional advise from the same line hence I introduce him to my friend’s pharmacy. My friend who is a professional pharmacist by practice recommended him to try out this product called Live-well Mecomin.

He took it for 2 months consecutively by following the dosage recommended by the pharmacy. Obviously the effect doesn’t change overnight. With a healthier living lifestyle like exercising and maintaining good eating habits, he managed to have a speedier recovery. Just within two months, he managed to see effective results. Though he complained that the exercise ordeal and the diet tires him, he claims that he rather endure the hard training and use a little money buying the supplements than sacrificing his health. Now, he is happy and can now lead an active lifestyle without complaining any leg numbness or pain when he is walking. The Livewell mecomin contains mecobalamin that helps  in  rebuilding  nerves and combating  diabetic  symptoms post and pre. It is also suitable for vegetarians!

I hope my friend’s experience can also benefit those of you (and your friends) who are suffering from the same fate.

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