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Ernest Zackarevic – Art is Rubbish is Art

On 17th Jan 2014 till 14 Feb 2014, you will be able to witness the famous street artist Ernest Zackarevic which get popular by drawing the Bicycle Girl with brother in Penang download hazard icons.

These art pieces improve the tourism industry of Malaysia where the culture spread to other states and country like our neighbouring country Singapore proxy server. However one of his creation were destroyed by the local authority where it is not appreciated due to political reason. His artworks were highly sought after since it getting popular in Penang bewerbungsschreiben kostenlos downloaden. Now to make it more happening, he is having a private showcase of all his works made from rubbish. Who says rubbish can’t create art piece? Let’s check them out download avg for free.


The entrance at  the old Hin Company Bus Depot which converted into a private gallery to house all his latest creation herunterladen. All the photos can be viewed in full size by clicking on them.

What do you think of this javascript herunterladen mac? A rustic golden picture frame?  No no no ….. this is actually a gutter cover and it is a real gutter inside the frame.

 Ernest and Kopi Gold

 Ernest dissected and split into various wooden boxes herunterladen.

Kopi Gold and His trousers framed

The drawer

The Horse

Girl in Pink

Paint on wooden planks


A painting of a man sleeping pubg auf ps4 herunterladen. This is painted on rusty and recycled door.

The Roadwork Wizard

Oil and Spray Paint on old windows filme youtubeen ipad.


Girl painted on a gunny sack

Jolin painted on gunny sack

Style wars

Trishaw guy




Produce of Indonesia painted on old coffee gunny sack

 Girl with a cat

Michael Jackson

The first window is a soya bean drink + the grass jelly = you get a mixture which is well known locally as Michael Jackson Download tiptoi for free. You can order them in any kopitiam in Penang for this drink.

Cash Cow – Whole cow painting made from thumb tacks. Click to enlarge and see it.


Girl with balloon

Lego crook waiting for the girl

The location for this exhibition is at Hin Bus Company. Behind Gama.

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