Watami Malaysia Now at One Utama

One Utama lately has gone thru some reshuffling in the mall. There are quite a number of new line-ups in the rain forest wing that will change the way you dine. I was invited to checkout this new Japanese food joint known as WATAMI.

Watami name comes from the name of the gounder Mr WATANABE MIKI. A

The Watami Group established in 1984, started off in the dining-out restaurant business with the key concept of providing a place for all occasions and a comfortable space.

Please bear in mind that this is a non-HALAL restaurant.

Watami is basically a franchise brand from Japan that is brought in to you without changing the way it operates.

There are a centralized bar setup that prepare all sorts of drinks ranging from cocktails to liquors for your enjoyment.

A mixture of classic contemporary with modern interior design are in place when decorating this place. You can feel it is new but with a Japanese curve and touch every where.

The Watami Group developed the Ishokuya concept “Watami” in 1982, restaurants that guests can wine while they dine (and vice versa) while spending time enjoying the company of others in a comfortable atmosphere. The meaning of Ishokuya is Scene & Meal Restaurant in short on a Kanji Word I, Shoku, Ya. Today Watami is one of the most established restaurants brand in Japan with more than 600 outlets outside Japan and 50 accross Asia Pac including HK, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia.

The inner side of the restaurant where it is slightly dimmer in ambiance light. Perfect for a chill out after work. Although the restaurant are located in the mall, you don’t have the noise issue. It is pretty comfy here where you can dine, drink and chill all the way till they close at 10pm.

Kalpis water

Green Citrus Green Tea

Fresh Mango Mojito RM12.90

Coke with Lime. Very nice combination aside from Lemon with coke. There’s a range of drinks here where they serve in tall mugs. It is very satisfying and refreshing. No need to hold back.

A wide range of finger foods and snacks are available on the menu to accompany your favorite drink at Watami.

For sake people are not neglected here. Checkout Watami house brew which imported all the way from Watami Japan. This bottle cost RM47.90 and is so easy to drink.

Watami Sake – RM47.90

This sake are perfect to accompany the Asari Ishinabe Soup – Clams cooked in stone pot with Japanese style sauce

Asari Ishinae Soup – RM19.90

It is served boiling with a piece of butter melted right in front of you. Be Careful with the bowl as it is scorching hot and cooking the clam soup upon served. The best way to enjoy this soup is to take a whole shot of sake right up. Swallow and then take a spoon of the clam soup and drink. The taste is on another level where the freshness of the seafood is bring out to its utmost best taste.

A Japanese restaurant must have some of their sushi range to greet their customer. Here they prepared a couple of combination sushi platter that are just right for single serving anytime to complement their drinks menu.

Tokujo Irodori Sushi Moriawase (Special Assorted Irodori Sushi [Salmon, Eel, Tuna]) RM24.90

The sushi are served in pair for each type which portion are just right for the taste. 1 piece is just too little. 2 you get to taste the sushi. 3 is too much.

If the sushi still not able to make you full, you should checkout the onigiri or the okonomiyaki here which both are Japanese famous street foods.

Kushiyaki Misio Onigiri – Rice ball skewer with miso paste RM9.90

Hiroshima-fu Okonomiyaki – Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with pork and shrimp Japanese Pizza – RM19.90

Nagasaki Chanpon-fu Ramen – Nagasaki style ramen in pork broth  served with seafood and pork slice – RM26.90

Nagasaki style ramen with pork and seafood in tasty pork broth. Origin from Fujian, China this dish was adopted and localised by the Nagasaki people at Kyushu. This ramen is unique as the noodles and vege are stir-fried to bring out the flavour before it is served in steaming hot soup.

For those who do not want to have a heavy dinner and want something to warm themself up, sukiyaki is the best choice.

Gyuniku Sukiyaki Nabe – Beef sukiyaki RM28.90

Additional Gohan – Steamed rice RM3.90

The beef were cook ahead and you control how well you want them to be. After the meat are cooked just right, it is taken up and place in a bowl.

A fresh egg are cracked and use as a dip for the beef. The texture surprisingly so smooth with this method of eating. No wonder Japanese people can crack a fresh egg into a bowl of steamed white rice and eat it just like that. That concept have the same effect on sukiyaki beefs.

Additional ramen to eat with the sukiyaki soup – RM9.90 for 130 gram / Udon 200 gram for RM9.90

Gomoku Kamameshi – Chicken and Seafood Rice Pot  RM26.90

To my surprise that this is available here in Watami Malaysia.

This ia home cook dish famous in Japan that the ingredients were cooked with rice from ground up.

The ebiko and spring onions were added when the rice are cooked. Each spoon of the rice has a strong seafood and chicken taste with popping experience from the ebiko. Something worth to highlight here.

For more info, do checkout the nearest Watami at 1Utama, Pavilion and Paradigm Mall. They are open daily and carries the same menu and service plus experience. Price are reasonable and foods are at top quality. Japanese are particular on their quality and constantly Japan Watami people do pop by to QC on their range of franchisee outlets.