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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by email2me

Japanese Sweets and Sake Fair at Isetan KLCC

A big news to all the sweet tooth people out there. This Oct 18 to 30 Oct 2013, there are a Japanese Sweets Fair at Isetan KLCC concourse floor image cannot be downloaded.

There are all sorts of authentic imported traditional and modern desserts for you to get your hands on Download picture it for free.

Warm Okowa wrapped in traditional bamboo leaves steamed on the spot awaits you to checkout what is inside them Download advanced for free. The bamboo leave ain’t from local but were air flown in just for this promo event.

Chef busy reheating the okowa and ensure it is not over steamed herunterladen.

Besides the usual cheesecake, scone, modern pastries I would put more attention to the traditional stuffs. Senbei (Rice cracker) is one of my favorite clash royale download pc. There are many samplers for you to test around.

Japanese promoter flash animation download for free. They are not local.

3 different type flavors and shapes for senbei herunterladen zusammen schreiben. Each has a distinctive flavors to it yet still healthy compared to other junk foods.

On beverage side there are quite a number of sake on display download bonus booklet dentist.

See so many good sake awaiting you with the sampling cups kostenlos lieder von spotify herunterladen.

Plum flavored sake

More high alcohol level flavored sake

The rice that were polished in order to make sake download nintendo switch game. Each % ratio determine the quality of a good bottle of sake.

Besides that on the launching day, there’s a surprise. Checkout who’s in the house. The first Iron Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka the contender that won the sweets making challenge.

The boss of Isetan showing Chef Sakai and Yoroizuka around the sweets fair section and then proceed to tasting them one by one. So what are you waiting for?

Time to check them out at KLCC Isetan concourse.


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