Sirocco Italian Restaurant, Malacca Holiday Inn Hotel

строителство на къщиåWhat makes a good holiday trip? Stay in comfort and good food of course. Continue from my previous post on Holiday Inn Melaka, where I introduce about the hotel rooms and facilities they have a mid range Italian Dining located right at the lobby floor.

There are 2 sections of the restaurant which 1 part is right in front of the wine room and the inner restaurant which is facing the open kitchen.

The place are ideal for business talk and anniversary celebration where you can choose a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate anything. Ambiance wise are pretty quiet and not  like fast food restaurant which you can barely hear what your guest are talking.

Privacy corner where it is outside the main dining hall. This is the place where not many guest around u. You are pretty secluded and have plenty of privacy.

The main dining hall area that surrounding the open kitchen.

I am kinda impress with their efficiency here. Such a compact kitchen manned by 4 to 5 chefs and still very well organised. They even have a wood fire oven that use to bake all the breads and pizza. Thumbs up to the lead chef that head this kitchen. You don’t see people bang into each other even working in such a tight place.

Wood Fire Oven baked bread with balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil dip for the start.

For the night, we got a bottle of Church Block Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz-Merlot Mix Red Wine from McLaren Vale, Australia. To my surprise it is pretty easy to drink and goes well with any western foods especially pizza. The wine is fruity with a spicy tinge result from the Shiraz.

Funghi Dell Arrosto con II Famaggio di Capre – RM35

Wood fire oven roasted Portobello mushroom with goat curd cheese.

Cappesante saltate con Dadolata di Vegetali – RM25.50

Succulent Scallop with vegetable stew made in capsicum, shiitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, button mushroom, zucchini and carrot.

Sirocco Caesar Salad – RM22

Classic Caesar Salad consist of Romaine lettuce tossed with Beef Bacon, Anchovies and Grated Parmesan Cheese. This can never go fail and shall be the starter.

Zuppa di Conghiglie – RM19.50

Cream of seafood chowder with vegetable. Creamy soup with succulent prawns and clam.

Minestrone Di Verdure Classico, Pesto – RM18.50

Classic minestrone with basil pesto. A perfect choice for those who want to start off slow where this is purely made from fresh tomatoes. Some people can’t start off with seafoods and meaty soups.

Zuppa di Funghi, Aromatizzo al Tartuffoc – RM19.50

If the minestrone are not your type, this is the fail proof soup. Mushroom soup can never go wrong. There are a hint of truffle but not strong enough. But still it is tasty with plenty of black mushroom cook with it.

Branzino In Costa di Sale, Patate Novelle al Vapore, Burro al Limone – RM50.80

Oven baked salt-crusted sea bass with steam new potatoes with lemon butter sauce.

The service are pretty good which they even help you to remove the salt and bones. Just serve you with what you should place in your mouth. The lemon butter sauce are ideal to dip in all sorts of seafoods.

Costolette di agnello con Caponata – RM68

Lamb rack done in ratatouille style topped with tomato sauce. Perfect for lamb lovers where the rack are pretty well marinated and juicy.

Smoked Salmon Pizza – RM25.00

This is the all time best selling pizza at Sirocco. Thin crust, hand tossed and topped with smoked salmon, sour cream plus drizzled with olive oil made it sound simple but is a satisfying choice.

Gamberoni – RM32

Spaghetti tossed cook king prawn, chilli, parsley, garlic and arugula is one of the favorite pasta choice for family guest. This can be eaten by anyone. It is not too spicy and the tomato tangy flavor are kid’s favorite.

Risotto al Funghi Selvatici e Parmigianno – RM32

Risotto cooked with wild mushroom and parmesan cheese. We find that this is rather decent choice if you want to get full. Nothing beats rice when filling up your tummy. This risotto is an healthy option where it is cooked with wild mushroom cream and topped with grated parmesan cheese.

Tortino Caldo al Ciocolato – RM19.80

Warm chocolate tortino with vanilla ice cream. This will melt your heart of after a long day journey in Melaka. The hot chocolate ooze out when you cut them.

Zuccotto – RM16.80

Oreo cookies Mud Pie

Canolli – RM16.80

Orange cream with brandy snap rolls


Holiday Inn Melaka
Jalan Syed Ab. Aziz
75000, Melaka
Toll Free: 1 800 801 881
Tel: +606 285 9000
Fax: +606 285 9111

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