Malaysia are blessed with its multi racial and culture societies. Each race brought in their food and sold in the market that pampered us with choices. Sometimes I can’t make up my mind what to eat. Last week I was introduced to something which looks like our local pancake.

See what I mean? It is known as apam balik by Malay locals. Tai Kau Mien by Chinese and Ban Chean Kueh by Hokkien people. But wait a minute ….. do you notice why they cut it in such a way? Our local apam don’t cut that way.

The MBI Martabak Manis actually originated from Jawa Indonesia. And to make it better, this joint of delicacy were sold in some restaurants for main course. Martabak Manis is good to be eaten like that but some how you can’t have it all day long. You can order some bakso, soto ayam and ayam penyet here for the main course. The restaurant were personally manned by its owner from Indonesia. It is very home cooked taste since most of its chefs were seniors.  The range of home made and hand pounded sambals were the bomb. You can ask for more as long as you don’t waste them. All the chilis used were of premium grade. Fragrant and smoking hot.

This is the stall located in the restaurant compound. This is a franchised brand and if you are interested to sell them, you may contact the owner.

I first had this during my Bali trip. It was at Tabanan night market that lots of people que for it. There it is known as TERANG BULAN which in English is called Bright Moon.


Every single one were made to order. Locals one normally just put crushed peanuts, sugar and butter.

But Indonesia version come with Cheese and condensed milk. This is a must order where it is the original of Indonesian Pan cake which the owner choose to name it martabak manis. It is good to be consumed while it is hot. It is much more fragrant compare to our locals one. It may looks the same but upon served, it smells much much better.

There’s another version that has crushed peanuts, cheese, condensed milk and chocolate rice. It is rich and tasty. I would recommend you to share this and order another crispier version which is called TIPKER which is a short form of tipis kering.


Tipker – Tipis Kering

You can basically choose any fillings as per stated in the menu below.

This is my personal favorite Tipket Jagung …. lip smacking yummy!

To spice up the dinner, I ordered ABC from the Waroeng Oma which goes well with the martabak manis. They sell Sosro tea too.

Martabak manis are located at :

Waroeng Oma

No.42-1,Jln PJS8/2,
Sunway Mentari Plaza.

Bandar Sunway

46150 Selangor
(Bunisess hour 1.00PM – 10.00PM)


1, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor One to Eat Food Court  also known as Orange.
47500 Malaysia. (Business hour 12.00PM – 10.00PM)


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