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Sungai Buloh Restoran Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot

Lately around 4 to 5pm, the weather without fail rains pretty heavily and getting pretty cold. When you get cold, what is the best food to eat? Steamboat or Hot Pot of course!

Recently I went to try out a new steam boat place called Restoran Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot ios 13 wil niet download. It is located at the old Restoran LYJ which famous for their Poon Choi. Now their business expanded and shifted to a bigger building nearby.

The interior of the restaurant has been refurbishes. So it look very new and cozy. Unlike traditional steamboat that use charcoal, here they use gas stoves and modern unstick ports.

What makes them so special spotify playlisten herunterladen? It is the sauces and condiments for dippings.

On the condiments/sauce station, there are recipes for you to follow. You may mix your own or follow the recipes.

My personal favorite bird eyes chili + chinese coriander + vinegar + light soya sauce periodensystem kostenlos downloaden. Perfect to go with anything in steamboat pot.

The sauces above and below are mixed according to the recipe as stated. Some taste good and some taste new to me. I just randomly dip them with the steamboat stuffs and each having special character to match certain dish.

A salmon fish head which good to be a soup flavour enhancer adobe typekit fonts.

Put the whole fish head inside the soup pot (in this case, this is a tomato soup base) and boil it.

Or you may select a mushroom soup base which is more fragrant with mushrooms taste Download sims 1 for free full version german legal.

Pork belly were added to the soups hence the taste are pretty sweet and intense.

To spice it up even further we add in crabs which the roe generate sweetness to the soup gratis hörspiele zumen. You can imagine so much goodies went in and there are no MSG or artificial flavouring used.

There are an extensive range of selections to choose from ranging from paste form fish balls. crab and squid balls.

Fresh made daily meat and seafood balls that are come in small portions enough for 2 to start off herunterladen.

Premium seafoods range also available where you can choose if it suits your budget. Fresh seafoods ranging from scallops and big prawns are available on the menu. Prices are stated clearly and you can rest assure you are paying according to the menu and will not get slaughtered like in traditional steamboat house netflix filme downloaden kosten.

Fresh pork slices and treated meats also

Luncheon meat also can go along with the steamboat. However luncheon meat is luncheon meat. How you cook also the taste will be the same.

House special deep fried HAR CHOU which is famous at LAMMEEYA herunterladen. Just a note to you that, the operator of the place is the same peoples who run LAMMEEYA and KISSATEN range of restaurants in Klang Valley. So a consistent taste and tip top QC are there to ensure the foods taste good all the time.

Hong Kong Double Sausage Claypot rice for those who can’t live without rice like me download for free. The Lap Cheong and Lap Mei are cooked together with the white rice and you can taste the sausages fragrant in the white rice. This is my mom’s fav dish when she is lazy to think what’s for dinner. I like it a lot though.

Double liver and smoked duck rice.

Same method of cooking with the double sausage rice but the taste is not as intense as that. With hot pots and clay pots rice which are famous for generating body heat, you need something to cool them down. 1 you can go with the traditional WONG LO KAT herbal tea or go with the SNOW BEER.

This is not bubbles or foam. It was the frost generated when pouring the beer into the special chilled glasses.

Just gulp it down and ahhhhhh ………. the chilling sensation down your body instantly cool off the inner temperature.

Xiao Lao Wang Hotpot
PT 11 Jalan Perkhidmatan
Kampung Baru Sg Buloh
Tel: 03-61402595

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