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Gurney Delight Cafe Authentic Penang Food At Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

Where can you find a good Penang food in Klang Valley? This is the question I got quite frequently. Previously I would give them answer, Restaurant O & S located at PJ Taman Paramount. But one thing you know that to eat good food, you need to face the traffic jam, parking, toll and time just to get a fix. For those who are staying in Shah Alam, here’s a good news microsoft teams free chip download. Now you no need to go so far and can get a good Penang food located within Kota Kemuning.

 The place were operated by authentic Penang people and all the best of all stars is in a single place.

Char Koey Teow – RM5.50

The char koey teow carry the authentic fragrant where the right type or koey teow used anhänge herunterladen. Penang koey teow when in raw form, has oil in it.  Then it is fried with pork lards, chinese sausage, prawns, cockles and eggs. You need a big fire and right amount of soya sauce mix. Wok Hei is the main key point to churn out a good plate of char koey teow!

Fried Jawa Mee RM5.50

Traditional Jawa Mee are cooked in potato starchy soup aladdin 2019 herunterladen. This one is fried and taste better for some people. However I love the original potato soup ones. The plate are come with fried taukua, hard boil eggs, prawns and a squeeze of lime upon served.

Authentic Penang Chicken Feet Loh Mee RM5.50

This Loh Mee are Penang authentic and is not the KL LAM MEE daw herunterladen. Here the thin yellow noodle and beehoon is used. KL ones are using hokkien mee thick noodle. The starch are cooked with chicken feet and pork. Then it is paired with cooked chili and raw garlic mix.

Opened and spreaded Penang Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun RM3.50

Shrimp paste chee cheong fun are hard to find in KL kann man videos aus der ard mediathek downloaden. Like I said only O&S and here got it. The shrimp paste were imported from Penang weekly. There are 2 types of CCF where you either open the rice roll noodle so that it is easy to absorb the sauce or you leave it in the roll form.

Unopened version RM3.50

With plenty of onion oil and sesame seed, the fragrant are brought to the next level.It may look basic and simple but as a breakfast, it is sufficient shockwave herunterladen.

Curry Mee RM5.50

Pork coagulated blood, tofu puff, squids, prawns, cockles and mint leaved drenched in a pot of prawn based soup then mix with cook chilli is one of the Penang famous hawker food known as curry mee. This is the nyonya type where the soup color are white. In Penang most were brown colored and use a lots of coconut milk.

Duck Meat Koey Teow Soup RM5.50

Koey teow soup in Penang is famous for known as sick people’s food cleanmaster for free. Whenever you feel sick, you will look for koey teow soup vs KL people look for teowchew porridge. This duck meat koey teow soup are cooked clear and no MSG added. It is serve with pork lard, fish cake, duck meats and fish ball. If you are real Penang people, you will request for red chilli and put it in the soup ave maria download kostenlos.

Asam Laksa RM5.50

A must to try if you are asam laksa lover. The fish are still in one piece rather than crushed version like the one in the famous Air Itam market version. This one you can taste the real soup base flavor kindle paperwhite bücher kostenlos herunterladen. At the same time you can see what fish are used to cook the asam laksa. As usual Penang authentic asam laksa come with plenty of shrimp paste. This is not for dipping. Stir and mix it into the soup and start eating. That’s the right way to enjoy it.

Lam Mee RM5.50

Clear prawn soup with shredded eggs, prawns and lards called lam mee wie kann ich mir filme downloaden? This is the Penang nyonya style. If only I can get the sambal belacan in KL then pair it with this plate of noodle will be awesome. The prawn chicken soup based noodle are simple yet tasty.

Fruits Rojak RM4.00

The sauce is available for sale. RM7 a bottle for the sauce only where you can make your own fruits salad at home. This is the sweet type of shrimp paste compared to the one used in asam laksa and chee cheong fun.

Tee Nya Kuih RM3.50 per tub

This is a rare item in KL. In Penang, this also very hard to find. This is a cold dessert where the rice cake are chilled then dipped in brown sugar. It is the best cold snack in front of TV. This only available in the weekend. You can book or order them in bulk too.


Gurney Delight is located at :

15G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla U31/U,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam, Malaysia

03-5879 5112

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