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Golden Orchid Oriental Thai Restaurant Damansara Jaya

The area of Damansara Jaya where the previous Atria were, are not desserted. Infact more and more good eateries has surfaced and join in the crowd for providing family meals. Golden Orchid Restaurant join in the suburbs of Damansara Jaya. With the opening of the restaurant, residents of the area can enjoy Fusion Thai cuisine from flavourful soups such as zesty seafood Tom Yam, to the absolute must have SOM TAM POK POK (Green Papaya Salad) Download advanced for free.


Scented candles greeting the guest by the door

Authentic real golden orchid imported to decorate and symbolise the restaurant.

The setup are simple and close to family dining hall more on every single table herunterladen. The seatings were ideal ranging from 4, 6, 10 and 12 per tables.

For me Thai Food is all about the non fancy preparation and very home based cooking style. More on natural ingredients and flavourings used rather than MSG.

Pandan Cooler water

For example like this pandan leave water boiled till the aroma came out clash royale download pc. It is a normal drinks which available in any restaurant in Thailand. This is complimentary in Thailand but here come with a min price.

Tom Yum Seafood and Chicken

The heart and soul of a Thai Restaurant. This is a must to order if you dine in any Thai Food restaurant. Be it as a starter or mains this soup never fails to bring out the appetite in you. This curry like color tom yam were from the central to southern Thai flash animation download for free. Coconut milk were used in the cooking process hence you can taste a slight milky taste in it. For me Golden Orchids Tom Yam are on par with the General Thai ones.

Spicy, tangy and yet satisfying to start off the dinner herunterladen zusammen schreiben. Perfect to warm up your tummy on a rainy night.

Golden Orchid BBQ Combo Platter

A platter of Thai-styled BBQ seafood & lamb served with home-made green chilli sauce. The grilled foods were the ingredients which you can get anytime. Just the sauce are special where it consist of raw garlics, lime juice, fish ale sauce and plenty of fiery hot bird eye chillis download bonus booklet dentist. Smoking hot! But taste good. The platter comes with grilled squid, lamb and chicken .The squid are normally pretty chewy and taste like you are biting the rubber sandals. The squid are done just nice and same goes with the lamb which are pretty tender. The sauce makes a big difference and without it, it just taste bland which they were just lightly salted when grilled kostenlos lieder von spotify herunterladen.


Fried Butter Prawn

The smooth satisfying coated prawn were delicious! Cook with curry leaves and chilli bring some oomph to it.

Kembong Fish Platter

Deep fried kembong fish with ulam and our special blend of Nam Prik sauce download nintendo switch game. This is one of the common chap fan dish in Thailand. You can get it anywhere on Thai Street. This is simple, healthy and cheap. A complete meal that comes with 2 kembong fish, fried brinjal, raw cucumber, ladies finger, kacang botol and kangkung roots are just perfect. I can live with this all day long. It doesn’t matter whether it is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat this 3 meals a day when I work in Bangkok paper io 3d herunterladen.

The sambal belacan is spicy, fragrant and pack plenty of punch.  It resembles our Malay sambal belacan but trust me, this have more fire power. More spicy!

Golden Orchid Fried Chicken

Fried Crispy fillets of chickens served with home-made sweet chilli sauce

It looks like our Chinese Szechuan La Chi Kai Ting but it doesn’t have the peppercorn seed gratis sinterklaas briefpapier downloaden. This dish use curry leaf instead and coat the chickens with the fragrant aroma results from the leaf.

Fried Paku Pakis

Fried Fish with Keng Som

An exotic dish from Hatyai. Deep fried then soak on Keng Som soup where it is pretty close to our curry fish but slightly milder.

Thai Style Omelette

Fluffy and crispy Thai omelette

Red Ruby – Tub Thim Krob

The dinner won’t be complete without Ruby-red chestnut in refreshing cold coconut milk served with slices of jackfruit

Steam Tapioca with Coconut Milk

Golden Orchid Operation House :

11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch
5.30pm to 10pm for dinner

Open Daily.

Address :

12-14G, Jalan SS 22/25,

Damansara Jaya

Facebook :

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