Racing Creatures & Barista Guild Asia Launches The 4th Malaysia Barista Championship 2013

Last week I was invited to Blackbox located at Publika for a press launch for the launch of 4th Malaysia Barista Championship (MBC). We use to take Nescafe back in the olden days to start off our day. As the day goes by, we are glad to have the culture originate from Melbourne Australia to start in Malaysia. More and more gourmet coffee joints and cultures started.

My heart shape coffee art on a cup of cafe latte.

This is a new live center for the community in Publika where many stand up comedy, or showcase were held here.

The first thing I saw upon entering the place were Monin where they are the famous syrup and sauce maker. The flavored syrup where used almost in all over the coffee joints in Malaysia. Flavor like hazelnut coffee is added with this syrup.

Coffex being the famous Australian Coffee producer are part of the sponsor in the event. Street gourmet coffee were popularize back there in Melbourne Australia.

Alongside the good coffee beans, the milk that goes into your coffee need to be consistent, creamy and has a certain character condition met in order to produce a good cup of latte or flat white. Not all plain milk off the shelf will taste good with gourmet coffees.

Usual coffee snacks that accompany the drink.

Or an overly sweet macaroon to balance a cup of sugarless coffee? I take my coffee without sugar. This way it is more healthy and you get to taste the barista skill in preparing a good cup of good coffee.

It is all started from the selection of coffee beans ranging from Southern Americans, African Regions and South East Asians. Each has its distinctive character and taste where coffee traders or experts. Then they were roasted and mixed to create blends which each cafe has their own signature blend.

This is El Salvador where espressolab let the guest of the events to try out their new blend. I find it not strong enough for my liking where it is a blend with more southern American beans ratio. Hence it doesn’t have much after taste.

Next we need a good and fine coffee grinder that able to churn out the perfect amount of coffee powder per cup. Too much is over bitter and too less will make it tasteless.

Then the coffee machine is the major factor for milk frothing and coffee press consistency.

It is a dream machine to be owned by coffee connoisseurs and baristas.

Mr Kelvin Ngow the Exec Director of Coffex Coffee (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the main sponsor here where he supply the coffee machines, grinders, beans and blends.

Last year’s 2012 Barista Champ JH Yee who started off from Espresso Lab and now a co owner of Top Brew Coffee at Plaza Damas, Hartamas. He was on the stage to give some inspirational talk.

Myself with Jim Liaw and a friend of his. I am so surprise that he knows so many people in the coffee industries.

Mr Kelvin and Jim both are long time friends where Jim got his coffee machine from Coffex Malaysia.

Farm House Milk anyone?

“Four espresso, four cappuccino and four signature drinks in 15 minutes – the country’s best baristas battle it out to be named MBC2013 Grand Champion.” expressed Ms Karen Khoo of Racing Creatures Sdn Bhd. 16 baristas from all over the country will display their talent in the art and science of specialty coffee. With an international panel of judges from Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia to cast a critical eye on the contestants. This year, Head judge Hendri Kurniawan (Indonesia) and Ross Bright (Singapore) will lead this group of judges. To make the competition even more attractive, the grand champion will get the chance to see the World Barista Championship 2013 happening in Melbourne as well as a hotel stay of 4D/5N in Melbourne plus coffee tour and access to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in May 2013, all courtesy of Tourism Victoria; as well as a 3D/2N coffee farm tour in the Gayo Islands courtesy Global Coffee Resources. Additionally, a Nuova Simonelli MusicaV 1 Group (Black) coffee machine sponsored by Dankoff Coffee on behalf of Nuova Simonelli is up for grabs as well.

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