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Millesime French Fine Dine Cuisine in Solaris Dutamas Publika

Publika at Solaris Dutamas is a new and fast upcoming gourmet central in KL City. All the famous food eateries like Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee, Ampang Loke Yuen Chicken Rice are located inside its EATZ food court. That is more like a street food selections. There are some bistro to fine dining in the area. One of it is Millesime located at the Kencana Petroleum building. To find the place for the first time is kinda challenging.

Just go to the Kencana Petroleum building get out via the main door. Look at your left and you’ll see the hall way below.

As you walk there you will see a small sign board on your left as shown above. The main door is actually by the car park access area.

The place are very spacious and got plenty of privacy. You may see the faces of other patrons but not able to hear what you or they say.

The restaurant is perfect to enjoy a bottle of wine alongside enjoying the quite place with a perfect companions.

The range of wines here are there waiting for you to choose them. You can get from affordable to high end ones.

The farmers bread and sour dough are to die for here. Baked fresh daily and then the fluffy breads were served with flavoured butters.

Depends on your luck, the butter flavour change daily. We got the seaweed butter where I love it so much. It is not salty and done just right to spread on the freshly baked breads.

Amuse Bouche 

Mashed roasted aubergines topped with feta cheese gives you a melt in mouth sensation is something to start of. If this is too strong for you or non cheese love, you should try the Smoked Duck With Shitake Mushroom.

Smoked Duck With Shitake Mushroom may look small in the size but I can tell you the taste are very intense and flavourful. Don’t belittle this small bites. Definitely worth to be your starter of the night.

Gravlax of Snapper and Salmon., Mizuna Leaves and Shaddock Nuggets – RM32++

This salad looks too good to be eaten when they serve you. It may look like a normal plate of salad. This plate takes more work to prepare then that. It takes a marination of the snapper fish for 4 days on sugar, salt, lemon rind and dill. The vege are crunchy and the fish mixed with it are just so refreshing and tasty. This plate must be cleared as a whole dish rather than tossed.

Rustic Tomato Soup – RM23++ – Must ORDER

This is one of the best tomato soup I ever had. This is due to the soup are not just plain tomato soup. There are eminence of smoked herring with oregano oil. It is served with herring alone and then hot tomato soup were poured on top. You don’t see croutons put into the soup since the smoked herring taste better than that.

Squid Ink Linguine with Calamari, Chili and Pesto in Olio RM45++

Chef special home made squid ink linguine cooked al dante and still maintain its moist. Then tossed with chewy calamari and cherry tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil blends all the ingredients and the linguine itself.

Palate Cleanser served after the linguine.

A lollipop shaped strawberry sorbet to clear the taste in our mouth before we move on to our wagyu beef.

Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Short Ribs with Polenta and Mushroom Ragout – RM58++

Level 6 marbling wagyu beef on the table yo ….. it is tender and not overly cooked. It is just perfect. There are enoki mushrooms and hints of truffle oils were used.

Vanilla Ice Cream  paired with Valrhona Dark Chocolate Souffle below – RM25++

The souffle are prepared fresh upon order.

So when you eat them don’t just scoop and place into your mouth. You may burn your tongue. The right way to enjoy this is by taking a scoop of the souffle and ice cream combined then place into your mouth. The Hot and Cold sensation are extra ordinary to end your dinner.

You can also order a cup of gourmet coffee here to call it a finale for the night.

A little extra dessert that goes with your coffee.

The man who helm the kitchen Chef Patrick Keith.

With more than 2 decades behind the kitchen preparing western foods, he has plenty to offer customers who visit Millesime. He is an expert in churning out continental European food. However he said due to the local preference he localised the taste a bit if the customer didn’t ask for the authentic taste. Not many people can accept authentic French taste as it is very intense in terms of cooking herbs usage. However we were glad that all the dishes above served are authentic French. Every Wednesday, there a wine lunch served here which cost RM120++ 4 course meal. If you are looking for something off the menu and best selling in the restaurant would be chef’s Beef Cheek and Grill Lamb Cutlets.

If customer asking me where is the good French Dining in town, Millesime would be one of the choice that I would recommend. The traffic, parking, ambiance, privacy and luxury are in place. Not to mention their top notch customer service in house where all are experts in their respective roles. I will be back for a bigger celebration when I got project success completion.

To be specific, the restaurant is located at this corner of carpark entrance.


I would recommend whoever that can’t decide what to eat to try out their :


A 5 course menu using only the freshest ingredients every single day at RM200++ per pax.



G1-01-3 Ground Floor

Menara Kencana Petroleum

Solaris Dutamas

1 Jalan Dutamas 1 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6211-0648 Email:

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