Checkout the photo below. How many of you ever taste this? I can fin..." /> Bubble Teh Tarik and Mobile Ice Kacang from Sweet Day KLCC - Food Point of Interest


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Bubble Teh Tarik and Mobile Ice Kacang from Sweet Day KLCC

Checkout the photo below. How many of you ever taste this? I can find this in Penang but not in KL. This is the ice ball that I grew up with back in the school days. I can still imagine the icy cold ice ball drenched with rose and sarsaparilla syrup.

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With a plastic bag, we hold and eat it while walking firefox sicheren. Good news to all who are in KL now you can find a similar idea desserts.

Introducing to you Sweet Day. A new brand that created by Malaysian for Malaysia. It is a best of both world drinks and dessert house that has everything from Taiwan goodness and a local offerings all in a single menu netflix titel downloaden.

The signature Mobile Ais Kacang where it replace the traditional ice ball that I had. Not to mention it is topped with the goodies of ais kacang. The one I had was the strip down version of ais kacang without the kacang. Just syrups. That’s the reason it was cheap flug simulator kostenlos herunterladen. Compared to the ice ball, Sweet Day’s version come with cendol strips, corn, red beans, grass jelly and premium brown sugar.

Even the ice shaver looks so cool which it is imported all the way from Taiwan.

This is what I talk about tiktok zum herunterladen. The Mobile Ice Kacang RM5.00 (Promotion Price. Original is RM7.50) ready to follow you on the go. All in one convenient cup and hygiene. No more dripping and licking. Taste wise definitely better.

Unlike traditional ice kacang, you can request for the level of sweetness here speisekarten vordrucke kostenlos herunterladen.

If you are not a brown sugar person, you can go for the Ice Kacang Bandung style which is a mixture of rose syrup and condensed milk.

Next we were trying out the Oreo Temptations Frappe (Oreo Ice Blended).


Fiber Up psd datei herunterladen!

This is another one of my favorite here at Sweet Day. Ever since I was young, I really love to put plenty of Nestum Flakes on my drinks. Here they have it! Ice blended nestum which they called Fiber Up! A cup of this are really filling and tasty.

Winter Melon Tea With Aiyu Jelly

Now let’s dive into Taiwanese drinks youtube videos downloaden als video. This may sounds new to certain people but I had this a lot when I was in Taiwan. Winter Melon has the ability to cool down your inner body system. With the Ai Yu jelly topped up, it do better than that.

Aloe Vera Pu Er Tea

This is a traditional tea with a modern twist planet zoo. The pu er tea carries a strong old tea taste that has a bitter end. But with aloe vera added, it has a texture where you can bite on.

Strawberry Milk With Float

This will be the best seller for kids. Kids who love strawberry milk can get everything in one cup. Healthy drinks with a scoop of ice cream. Sure your children will be happy all day long with this Download solitaire games for free.

Taro Green Tea

Green Tea with yam? Sound like Chinese Mix with Japanese style. But who cares as long as it taste good.

This is our menu attack items done on Sweet Day herunterladen. As you all know my signature Menu Attack is by visiting an eatery and ordered most of their menu items without repeating.

That’s not all. They even have crushed iced desserts which similar to Snowflakes. But this is all created by their R & D department from scratch. It is different and has their own taste. The condiments can be selected and not fixed like any other of their competitors menu offering.

With added coco crunch.

Taiwanese Black Mousse Tea which famous from Sun Moon Lake.

The top foam is salty and the base is black tea. The way to drink it is to take a sip from down and slowly pull your straws up to mix with the mousse. To know more about them, checkout
Sweet Tea is located Next to Roti Boy and Opposite Nandos KLCC
C68, Concourse Level,

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