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Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Bangsar Village

First and foremost I would like to wish all my readers Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. How you all celebrate to usher the new year? Without fail foods sure come in to the picture. I had my new year celebration with fellow foodies doing a porky bbq party. I am a big fan of oink oink. Just let me know where can get good roast pork or pork burger, I’ll be there.

Recently I was introduced to a new porky place at Bangsar Village Shopping Center.

The place is known as Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf. Sounds like a story book huh. But this is the name of the restaurant.

The place were kinda hard to locate at first. It is currently not accessible via the mall entrance. It is only open from the car park side facing the outdoor car parks area.

This is the waiting area for customer who want to chill out while enjoying their wide selections of wines and spirits.

After battling an hour of traffic jam before reaching the restaurant, a bottle of ice cold beer to chill down is a bliss.

Garlic Roast Pork – RM16

This is a great starter which I would rank all time favorite for beer lovers.

Garlic Mushrooms – RM15

Fresh button mushrooms sautéed with fresh garlic, olive oil and garlic butter.

Pork Drumstick – RM13

Minced pork stuffed in fragrant lemongrass stick then paired with Thai Chilli sauce.

Pork Kebab – RM22

Skewered grilled pork, mushroom, capsicum, onions and cherry tomatoes. At first I would expect it is served on a big steel skewer or BBQ skewers. But it is smaller than I think. The meat used were lean meats.

Sweet Carrot Bacon Soup – RM12

A creamy soup which resembles pumpkin soup to me.

Wild mushroom soup – RM15

Prepared from fresh in the kitchen by using fresh wild mushroom can’t go wrong. The soup were awesome and drizzled with truffle oil upon serve. Coutons are placed on top make it a whole plate of most wanted soups in any western restaurants. I don’t mind to add additional garlic breads below which more hearty.

Garlic cheese bread – RM12

Toasted french bread with garlic butter perfect companion for the soups.

Crispy bacon & asparagus salad – RM23

Garden salad tossed with thousand island sauce and with asparagus added. I see some balsamic vignaigrette were drizzled on the salad alongside with the bacons strips added. This is a must try here.

Grilled Pork Salad – RM23

Grilled pork with avocado and garden greens tossed in balsamic vignaigrette dressing. An alternative choice for diet menu people. Avocado is known to be quite filling and high in nutrients.

Cold Cuts Platter – RM59

Italy meets Spain. Combination of parma ham, milano salami, serrano ham and chorizo.


The Wolf’s Favourite – RM27

A creamy spaghetti  with smoked pork bacon, topped with a poached egg & crispy bacon bits. Served with a running egg yolk upon serve let you spice up the plate of spaghetti to the maximum satisfaction. Nothing can go wrong with this. It is so meaty and as you all know that wolf only eat meats and hence this is named after that.

Alien Invasion – RM26

This is definitely an alien serving. A long legged spaghettis have attack with sausage, mushrooms, meat balls and creamed up. It is odd for its way of cooking. Since when alien is normal among us?

Piggy bolognaise spaghetti – RM19

A Classic favourite made non- classic

Mighty Piggy Burger – RM26

A piece of juicy pork patty with melted cheese on top then serve a side with tomato, garden greens, fried egg, herbal mayo sauce and crispy chips are hard to resist. This is the current trend where pork burgers is used to attract pork lovers. For a start the patty here is thick and juicy. Made by a combination of cut and minced meat are simply awesome.

Piggies Rolling In Mud – RM25

This dish that resembles Japanese Curry rice are indeed inherited from that. It is the combination of crumbed pork cutlets and served on mild Japanese Curry.

Roast Pork Fried Rice – RM19

This fried rice is not the usual type which simply fried with eggs and pork sausages. This is done with fragrant Thai Basil, garlic and chilli. Each spoon coated with Thai minced Pork basil sauce that we usually eat separately with rice.  Instead of doing that, they put the rice on it and fried. It taste pretty good.

The restaurant also has a good range of coffees and tea leaves. I usually had a cup of coffee to end my dinner. Maybe that’s a habit of mine which I start and end my day with coffee.

Some like to have dessert instead.

This is their signature fried mars bar.

I can’t take chocolate at night. Coffee make me sleep well and chocolate wakes me up. But according to Taufu Lou this is good!

The overall experience here is more of like comfort dining with plenty of porky dish to choose from. Don’t ever think of the word healthy when eat here and you’ll enjoy it.



Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

Lot G1A, Ground Floor,

Bangsar Village 1

Jalan Telawi Satu,

Bangsar Baru

59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-2283-2270


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3 Responses to Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Bangsar Village

  1. denise says:

    Finally a place that served fried Mars bar…yayh…will try it out soon.

  2. Sarah says:

    Now I am no pork fiend but your pictures had me tempted. The pork with Japanese curry is an interesting one,,, and its such a cute name for a restaurant its hard to resist!

  3. The Yum List says:

    What a great name for a restaurant. Those garlic mushrooms would be my first order.

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