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Orchard Heights Bungalow at Ladang Sabai Home Stay, Karak Pahang

A long holiday is ahead of us starting tomorrow. How many of you planned for getting out of the busy city KL? Are you thinking to visit Penang? Ipoh? Melaka? I don’t think that’s a good idea to do so. As you all know during the long holiday, all those cities were flooded with traffic jam. Good food sold out early. Quality drop and waiting for long hour just for a plate of your favorite hawker foods. More smokes and more heat among the crowd lohnabrechnung herunterladen.

Why not take a break to get out of all those jams, smokes, unhealthy food and get more fresh air?

I was introduced to this place by Jade, where it is located in Karak town. Karak town is around 1 hour away from KL City.

You can turn on your WAZE (Available on IOS or Android), look for LADANG SABAI and it will lead you there. When you see this sign board, turn in to enter the estate.

Cross the bridge and immediately turn left download netflix only series.

Then you just go straight all the way. Rest assure that the road are tarred nicely with loads of up and downs due to the hilly environment there.

The place are wholly private owned land and stretch to 180 acres which some of the land were sold to individuals who build their own house and plant their own food trees or vege. The whole place were nicely taken care off without interrupting the nature itself. They are just making it more accessible for tourism purpose.

The whole idea of the place is to sell fresh air download apps fitbit versa. Just look at the luscious greenery in the photo.

From the land care taker, some of the guest were renting the place and then do a run towards the whole estate.

Jogging track and a resting hut incase rain. This place is highly humid and having a high rate of rain drops.

Then you’ll reach the bungalow after 10 mins drive inside the estate klarna app herunterladen.

Brand new furnished bungalow to be rented out for weekends or outings.

Each bungalow can house at least 10 pax per house. You can cramp in more if don’t mind to share the bed.

Traditional look lamp with energy saving light bulb

The place are fitted with fans and aircond tax forms to. Some of the kids who grew up in air cond environment just can’t go to a place without aircond. So this is compliant as well.

Complete kitchen for cooking and complete range of daily use electrical appliance.

Clean toilet with hot water heater.

Double single bed room lego technic bauanleitungen kostenlos downloaden.

Queen size bed room. When a guest expect to arrive, the blanket, pillow case and etc will be prepared ahead for you.

Right at the back of the bungalow, is a fish pond. The fish pond is a place for people who love to fish. You are given a complimentary 5 fishes to fish from the pond and then cook it yourself or send to local nearby restaurant at Karak town with a minimal charge videobearbeitungsprogramme kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

BBQ Pit to settle the fish or have your own BBQ party. The place are equipped with treated water pipes and electric city. Even though the place are next to the pond surprisingly there are no mosquitoes. This is because the water were constantly moving and no stagnant water that usually a breeding place for mosquitoes. Fishes in the pond love to feast on mosquitoes too.

Toilet next to the BBQ area ccleaner for free full version german.

Just look at the fish pond. The BBQ pit is just next to you. You can fish from here and cook on the spot.

Aside from the BBQ, you can walk around the estate and if you are in luck, you can get various Malaysian fruits like the king of fruit Durian, Rambutan, mangosteen and the rambutan king pulasan.

Durian Tree

Authentic D24 Durian

The thorn were slimmer and the gap between torns were smaller compared to normal one which is wider alle links von einer seite downloaden.

ChoK Keok – Bamboo leg durian which is the finest in durian family. This is a rare breed. We were lucky that we get to taste it and even the musang king also must bow to it.

Rambutan Tree


Red Rambutans


Duku langsat

Rambutan King – Pulasan

Now How do we get there:

Travel along KL – Karak Highway from Gombak toll ( rate RM 5) , pass by Genting Highland, Bukit Tinggi until reaching Bentong toll gate ( rate RM 3) approximately 60 km from Gombak toll kbo download.

Directions: From Bentong toll drive straight pass by Sg Dua, Cinta Manis then look out for Exit 813B on your left side of the highway to Karak town. Bentong toll gate to Orchard Heights Bungalow site will be approximately 25km.

From Exit 813B  to Karak town which is at about 5km ahead. Look for KFC at the main road left side of the Karak town. From KFC to Orchard Heights Bungalowis about 12.4 km.

To reach Orchard Heights Homestay. From KFC drive about 0.5km you will notice a police station on your right and there is a T junction which you need to turn right to go to Orchard Heights .

Look for a Big Yellow sign board of LADANG SABAI on your left after 11.4km from the police station T junction. At the Ladang Sabai signboard turn left across a steel bridge then turn to the left go up to the paved tar road. That is exactly the location.

Lazy with all those, then please key this into your device:

GPS Coordinates: N3 20.866  E102.3.522

Address :- Orchard Heights Bungalow Homestay  Resort

Email : simonchua@live.co.uk

Contact Person : 010-2605123 ( Mr Simon )

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