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Lonbay Coffee Enzyme at Paradigm Mall

Enzyme are the latest IN thing which done in a lot household. My mom made her own cleaning enzyme from papaya skins, pineapple skins and some various organics herunterladen. It has a good cleaning power and some even has a healing effect towards human health.

Last week I was introduced to Lonbay by my pretty girl friend Coco who were a beauty queen download assassins creed origins language. At first I was thinking and curious towards the products. I walk in to the place and saw a lot of the test tube looks bottle which stores the coffee enzyme final fantasy kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch.

Lonbay Coffee Enzyme is extract from organic Liberica coffee bean lustige videos zum herunterladen kostenlos. Enzymes are complete protein molecules that are produced by plant and animal cells. I drink it straight just to try out how does it taste. It taste like vinegar or the sharks fin soup without the fins Download star stable now. Sour and no coffee taste.

It is mostly mix with lemon or honey to activate the enzyme music for free ios. Ice lemon tea is the best seller here and made with the enzyme.

Lonbay Coffee Enzyme help the body digest food and converting it into nutrients and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbs, fats and fibres winrar kostenlos downloaden für windows 7. In addition, enzyme assist in all chemical reactions taking place in our body.

Lonbay first outlet is located in front of Tesco Paradigm Mall at the basement download gpg.

In front of the cashier this grabs my attention excel scheduler free. The black liquid is confirm coffee but what type of coffee?

This is the end product which is the ice drip coffee which limited to 8 bottles per day only wie kann ich microsoft office kostenlos downloaden. The coffee beans all were non roasted like any other coffee place. Hence the taste will not be as intense as roasted beans coffee. It is kinda mild on taste and it is good for non coffee drinker who are having trouble to sleep after drinking it.

Aside from the normal coffee, they do carry the cat poop coffee or best known as Kopi Luwak.

Syphon brewed kopi luwak.

The famous Kopi Luwak. This is not simply anyone cup of thing. It doesn’t come cheap.

Hong Kong Milk Tea

This is good! Smooth, strong tea leaf taste and brewed fresh upon order and made using evaporated milk rather than condense milk. So it is less sweet and tasteful.

Ice Blended Coffee

Sour sop ice blended

When got coffee, for sure we need some thing to byte. The best companion to go with coffee is toast sandwiches.

All the toasts were great and taste better than Subway in my humble opinion.

Club sandwich

Thick Toast

If the toasts are not enough to fill up your belly, you can opt for their range of spaghettis.


Chocolate cakes

Cheese Cakes


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