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Hong Kong Style Foods at Private Kitchen Damansara Uptown

There’s a group of food lovers like me and my fellows who love to cook and dine together. This is how they whole idea of starting up this restaurant. They wanted to have a place where they can gather around and do a cook out. In order to accomodate more of his ever increasing fans,  they decided to set a permanent spot for their food lovers to gather.

Chef Lam Fai, who hails from Hong Kong and the front-of-house run by the energetic Jacqui Yap, Private Kitchen has been pretty busy dishing out delicious meals to diners who comprise mainly office workers and residents from the neighbourhood gabelstapler simulator vollversion kostenlosen.

The restaurant open daily from 11 to 3 for lunch and 6 to 10pm for dinner. They close on Tuesday.

The place are decorated pretty simple and cozy for during office or off office hour. It is a place that dish out Hong Kong home cook foods.  Don’t judge the book by its cover and same goes to the restaurant. The customers all came in at the same time and flood the whole restaurant in a jiffy high hopes for free. When is empty, is empty real fast. Maybe that’s the standard crowd for restaurants in Hong Kong busy offices area. Most of the dishes are done the “Typhoon Shelter Way” . It is originated from Hong Kong boat dwelling people. The foods were cooked on the boat and dined at the same place. A big example of it is the Hong Kong Jumbo ship restaurant.

Cucumber with Chicken & Ma La Sauce

A hand sliced chicken soaked in Ma La peppercorn sauce gives the chickens a kick and cool down with the cucumber free music download for ios. I kinda like it when eating it with my beers.

Long Springrolls

This is another one that good to go along with beers. Myself and Bangsarbabe were kinda stressed out when we reach there after battling for hours in traffic jam. A glass of booze to chill down plus something light to bite are so good~~

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings

Light snackers would love this. Their lightly battered deep fried chicken wing and sprinkled with chilli flakes give it a thumbs up for chicken wings lover. The chilli flakes to makes a difference Download games tablet for free. However it is kinda dry if you eat it without the beer. Do you know that beer are used in batter for fish and chips in Australia?

Smoked Duck with Mangoes

I  love this so much! It is certainly something new to me. The tangy unripe mango drenched in chilli oil and the smoked ducks were a perfect match.

Pumpkin Soup

In Chinese cuisines soups are a part of an important starter before proceeding to the mains. The soup were boiled with white fungus, pumpkins and pork bones that are famous for their sweetness after a long hour boil. Without waiting all of us slurped away phone clone.


After the pumpkin soup, we were introduced to their set lunch menu that consist of :
Soup Noodles with Hong Kong-style Steamed Chicken with Sand Ginger Dip

Vermicelli Noodle Soup

Hong Kong Styled Steamed Chicken in ginger mix

The chicken is not that yellow to begin with unless it is a pure corn fed chicken. This is poached in HK style which usually they add a lil tumeric touch on it. The sand ginger is a pungent one that are a perfect companion for the poach chicken. The rice vermicelli are great and healthy option for those who don’t want to go so heavy for lunch.

Lunch Set

Noodles with minced meat and fried egg in tomato soup

A not to be missed if you are Hong Kong food fan dvd app herunterladen. The Nissin noodle is famed and similar to our Maggie Kari. However here Chef did it his own way with his special brew tomato soup. I would say it is much healthier vs the ajinomoto powdered soup.

Stir-fried squids with vermicelli in special chili sauce

This is kinda spicy and the tong fun are literally soaking the soup real quick. This is a speed dish where you have to eat it fast before the soup were all absorbed by the glass noodle. It is on the spicy side and compliment the squid pretty well youtube downloaden via website.

Typhoon shelter noodles with pork chop in chilli and garlic soup

I like the combination where you can have the pork on its own or dunk it into your bowl of noodle to taste the soup.

Stir fried pork ribs with rice

Nothing can go wrong with this simple dish. You vege, meat and carbs. Perfect lunch set.

Private kitchen fried rice with seafood in XO sauce

If you find that too much side dishes on other combos, you can select their range of fried rice which prepared using the authentic Hong Kong XO Sauce which famed for their seafood taste how can I on netflix TV.

Fried rice Portuguese style with braised pork belly and seafood

This is something not common with fried rice. Braised pork belly and seafood in fried rice? It taste rather unique and is not as strong taste I expect it to be.  However the wok hei is good though.

Private kitchen strawberry beef

Chef’s special menu where his signature black pepper beef stir fried with strawberries download new skype version for free. The beef were tender and has a hint of sweetness from the strawberries. It is more of the skills to marinate and prepare the beef to retain its tenderness plus the tangy and sweetness from the strawberry to perfect the combination. This is a MUST ORDER dish if you are in Private Kitchen.

Deep fried pork ribs with special salad sauce

The pork ribs, battered and deep-fried before being mixed with the salad sauce, were exquisitely tender and juicy.

Portuguese style baked chicken chop

A sip down of the curry immediately made my thumbs up for retaining HK curry taste download ringtone to iphone. The HK curries always carry a strong tumeric flavor in it. Though we are in Malaysia which famous for our curry powders, chef still insist on the original recipe.

Crispy fried tofu with salt and pepper

Thick squares of beancurd are first deep fried and then tossed with salt and pepper… a simple enough mixture of ingredients yet it taste real good and addictive. I love them to become my front TV snacks. The thin crunchy outer layer of the tofu cubes gave way to silky smooth and soft creamy centres – indeed, skills are needed to achieve this fragile balance.

Private kitchen sauteed Chiense chives with dried shrimps and pork belly in XO Sauce

Chef Lam add some crunchy bean sprout into the chives and with some pork belly meats which make a carnivore like me love the greens.

Private Kitchen Wolveberries Jelly

Chef Lam

Private Kitchen
103 Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7728-8399
Fax: +603-7727-8398
Business hours: 11.00am-3.00pm/6.00pm-10.00pm
*Closed on Tuesdays
Facebook page here


Some of the descriptions were quoted from Credits goes to them.

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