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Restoran Oriental Maju Palace Maju Junction

I do get some request from my business associates, vendors and guests where to find good dim sum in KL “WITH” criteria. No hotel, no road side, must have air cond. I kinda hesitate to tell them there are not many good choice for it except some in Sentul where they only operate on Saturday and Sunday. Recently I was invited to Restoran Oriental Maju Palace to try out their dim sum selections. This place also is pork free and suitable to enjoy by all races.

I seriously don’t know there are a Chinese restaurant above the car park. Don’t ever judge the book by its cover. Though it is located facing the car park, the place are really has its class and quality. The place are able to house some wedding parties, wedding banquet dinners, corporate functions

There’s a small family function when we were there. Even though it was a full house restaurant, it doesn’t feel stuffy or packed like sardines. It is fully airconditioned and well ventilated. Comfortable and nice table setups. Service level is excellent.

This is a preview of what we had for 10 pax during the review. There was 2 tables filled with foods that I can’t wait to share it with all my beloved readers.

There’s a table where you can have cook to order. Everything is real and prepared to let you see and decide with its pricing. Normally we hardly get to see how does our food look like before it is served. Here, they made a sample and you can see it right away.

There are range of noodles that are very tasty. Ingredients used are premium quality and fresh. You don’t get those feel like it is simply cooked just to fill up the menus. What you see on the sample is what you going to get.

The fried stations and desserts bar are hard to resist for me as all my fellow bloggers know that I had a sweet tooth.

All the common and special items that you can think off from Hong Kong dim sum list are available here. Some more there are some localised like yong tau fu and other famous local delicacies. To name a few is like pan fried white radish cakes, chicken pie, fried prawns, eggs tarts and the famous crystal skins HAR KAU (Prawn dumpling). Rice rolls with crispy prawns also are quite attractive here where it is pretty nice for a snack.

Siu mai, Deep-fried Codfish Rolls, Char Siew Bun and Big Buns are some specialties here that I rank them top 5 in my list for my Chinese Dim Sum list in KL. The skins were just right, fluffy buns and ample of fillings on every bite.

Some of the special selection like water chestnut cakes also available here.

If you feel you need something more warm like porridge also available here. There are seafood and crab porridge for you to choose from.

If you want something more full body, you can opt for the curry noodles and the Double Boiled Superior Soup with Beef and Enoki Mushrooms

For those who are more health conscious they have a few tarts that are filled with aloe vera and natural greens rather than the ordinary fattening eggs and butters. I am lucky enough to be able to sample their durian mooncakes in this session. To balance it up so that I don’t get heaty, I  ordered their lemon grass jelly while others ordered soya milk with black sesame glutinous rice ball.

The glutinous rice ball also come with the option for ginger soup and also. Or if you want something more common, go for the longan soup with white fungus.

There are 2 signature desserts here which is the custard bun (LUI SAR PAU) that has its warm custard filling ooze out when you bite them. Becareful as this is extremely hot and it may scalded you tongue. To finish it off, you can try steamed egg with bird nest.

Maju Palace Restaurant (*PORK-FREE)
Level 5 Maju Junction Mall
1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03- 2691 8822
Fax : 03- 2691 3822

GPS: 3.159686,101.696346

The Oriental Group’s website

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  1. Eunice says:

    This is seriously a lot of foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so stuffed after scrolling.. Yet you successfully made me crave for dim sum….

  2. The Yum List says:

    I like that “with” criteria. Air con for me too – especially if it’s in the middle of the day.

  3. sycookies says:

    So, so, so…..happy to see so much food at one time….Think I’m gonna go have dim sum for breakfast.

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