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Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 Taman Desa

There are this place that serve awesome BBQ pork in Taman Desa. First I wanna clarify that this is not CHAR SIEW! No Char Siew No Siu Yoke! *This is dedicated to Eric Yong! LOL Don’t want my babi president misunderstood.

The signboard some more multi lingual monster spiele kostenlos downloaden. Malay, England and Cina. Best!



Most of the tables were placed outdoor mcafee antivirus program for free. I tell you we were seated inside when we got there due to rain. It was so hot!

This is the kitchen where all the meats were cut and then served on the clients table.

The place actually serves Japanese YAKINIKU or in England is BBQ Meats.

This is our round 1 ordering which we clear it in less than 10 minutes herunterladen.

Pork Belly – RM10

Shoulder Loin

Pork Ribs

Beef Steak – RM25

This is the most ordered for the night. However it doesn’t come cheap. The whole dinner cost us about RM200++ for 3 pax as the beef steak is the only one that can satisfy our crave.

Beef Rib Eye – RM10

The beef is premarinated with miso sauce and after cooked it kinda shrink further herunterladen. In the end the quantity is very little.

Every table gets a charcoal stove for themselves.

The meats getting smaller and smaller download the video from a website. Sad … burn the money up there.

At least the pork belly doesn’t shrink that bad.

The cooked look of the pork belly herunterladen.

This the best meats that shall put on grill which is the Beef Steak. But hell it doesn’t come cheap. RM25. I think 3 of us had 4 or 5 plates and just barely satisfy. We end up going pan mee after this. =.=||

Genghis Khan – RM20 cooked next table wiso tax mac. So we took the opportunity to shoot it since it is FREE. hahaha ….

It was the only lamb dish that cooked on a hot plate together with plenty of cabbage. It is cooked till soupy like and served.

The dipping sauce which is similar to the one served in Restaurant Teppanyaki Download my dolphin show for free. It is a combination of miso and soya sauce with a lil chilli flakes and garlics. I kinda like it to dip anything BBQ with it.

Sapporo Beer – RM13

Chilling ourself down with Sapporo Japanese Beer.

Checkout the price.

Verdict : Will I go back taschenrechner kostenlos downloaden? Yes! Once in a while. If go to regular, I sure going to break my bank. This place is meant to be chill out and not for main course. To get your tummy filled up, prepare to pay.

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
Center Court, Plaza FAber,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur download powershell 5.1.
Business hours: opens daily from 6pm till midnight

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