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Sanook Bistro & Bar Kelana Jaya New Menu 2012

Sanook Kelana Jaya is no longer a stranger for us in providing good food, wine and ambiance. Their menus never stop to impress me everytime I went there. There are plenty of surprises awaiting food lovers with their fusion foods.

Sanook has a great alfresco setup by the lake which give a great open air experience dining under the moonlight schrift herunterladen und in word verwenden.

Biggest screen for your favorite sports show. Grab your favorite drink to chill out after hectic office hours and then grab yourself a plate of your favorite foods from their latest menu.

Margarita RM11

3 weeks back Sanook Kelana Jaya just launched their new DANGEROUS MENU handy kann keine bilder herunterladen!

With a theme of DANGER, Sanook’s new menu are extremely dangerous to food lovers like me. I can tell you this is the best set of menu which I would love to try every single dish of it.

Moogus Salad – RM22

Grilled Sirloin Beef & Asparagus tossed with wild rocket salad topped with parmesan cheese and roasted red capsicums in house special dressings herunterladen. I love this salad over the traditional Caesars. Too much of something is boring. This is new and so tasty!

Spicy Mermaid Salad – RM22

Sauteed tiger prawns & calamari rings tossed with roasted capsicums, asparagus, cubed Japanese cucumbers & romaine lettuce in Sanook’s special house dressing. The squid were having perfect texture and do not taste like a rubber band at all. Every bite are crunchy and balance in terms of taste and freshness.

Tom Yum Goong Pisek – RM29

This is a MUST ORDER at SANOOK internet explorer herunterladen mac! Recipe from the owner’s mother in law (A Thai) will let you taste the best of Thai National Price Tom Yum Goong. It comes with tiger prawns, squid, fish, mushrooms and infused with herbs. A bowl of fragrant Jasmine rice paired with this soup are hard to resist.

Gyro Lamb Pita – RM18

Sliced boneless marinated lamb leg with veggies & black olives, stuffed in fresh homemade pita bread packets, with special yoghurt mint mint sauce herunterladen. This is a great one for people who are on diet menu. There are no fats and helps in giving the body energy minus the fats. Body builders sure love this.

Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets – RM52

Kim’s favorite lamb cutlets coated in Korean Spices, charbroiled to perfection & accompany with Korean Kimchi netflix filme herunterladen wie lange. I am not a lamb person coz of its smell. But this one I can take it which is pretty mild on the smell. Dip into the sauce and mix a lil Kimchi enhance the taste further.

Masala Rib Eye – RM42

Prime cuts of beef rib eye (250 gram) coated with chef’s special mix of garam masala, grilled to perfection and accompany by vegetable kebabs mudrunner kostenlos downloaden.

Sotong Otak Otak – RM30

Grilled whole squid (250 grams) stuffed with prawn otak otak (spicy prawn paste), served with sambal tumis , pilaf rice, garden greens, garnished with prawn crackers, almond & fried shallots. In my personal preference, I don’t mind to order this as a take away set and next day morning buy nasi lemak to pair with it. Yummy to the max!

Teriyaki Char Siew – RM22

Tenderly broiled chicken, brushed with special sweet soy sauce marinate, garnished with piquant plum sauce & green onions served with herbal pilaf rice pc games free horses. It may sounds like sweet and sour pork dish serve on rice. Don’t let the outlook fool you. It taste more than it looks. The tenderness resembles char siew and the plum sauce change the traditional way of enjoying it. This is more of like enjoying it the roast duck way.

Espresso Chicken – RM25

Tender chicken chop with espresso honey glazed and then roasted to perfection & served with pomelo salad, corn mojo, citrus bean salsa paired with tortilla chips grundschule arbeitsblätter wie herunterladen.

If all the foods above still couldn’t satisfy your crave, you should try their SPICY THAI MANGO TUNA PIZZA. They are well famous for their hand tossed thin crust pizza.

It is prepared fresh upon order mp4 van youtube. The sauce used are not the ordinary Margarita sauce. The sauce were from the dishes above’s sauce. This is a secret recipe created by the chef. Truly a creative approach on creating new dish that leaves a deep impression to the one who eat them.

They are not stingy in the condiments put into the pizza. Top quality ingredients is the priority here.

Unlike commercial pizza sellers which uses electric oven, here at Sanook they are using wood fire oven  that gives a smokey aroma. This is the best way to bake your pizza.


An awesome 3 flavours pizza with chunky tuna, sliced mango, caramelised onions & cucumbers with mozzarella cheese

Sesame Honey Lamb Pizza – RM35

This is an awesome pizza that comes with sliced lamb, fried garlic, sesame seeds and topped with special honey sauce and fresh grated mozzarella cheese

Thin, hearty and delicious!

Marie’s Crepe Suzette -RM17
Freshly pan fried french crepes flavored with creamy fresh orange juice and citrus zest.
Henry’s mud cake – RM11
Savory Mississipi mud cake with ice cream on vanilla sauce
That’s may look like an end for the dinner. But if you are still feels the night are still young after the dinner, you shall check out the bar on the second floor.

Aribba bar. Perfect place for private functions which house a 150 pax complete with party equipments and loaded bars filled with booze.

Or you can loosen your tummy by playing pool to let it down. Better than you sit there and feel bloated.

OR you can do this ? XD

Sanook Bistro and Sports Bar

C-06, Plaza Kelana Jaya, SS 7/13A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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