Oversea Kickstarts Mid-Autumn Festival By Celebrating 30 Years Of Mooncake Making

This is my 3rd mooncake review for the year 2012. I am going to show you the goodies that Restoran Oversea brought to the table in conjunction of this upcoming mooncake festival.

Just look at the moist and color of the mooncake …. look like a real moon on a plate.

Oversea always use the premium grade ingredients in their mooncakes. Each were hand crafted by their chefs.

Lotus seeds on mooncake maker mold.

To make the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration more meaningful, and in conjunction with its 30th anniversary of producing the much appreciated pastry, Oversea has put together a variety of mouth-watering Mooncakes and a special set menu just for the occasion.

Along with its collection of signature mooncakes, this year Oversea features the scruptious Shanghai Mooncake made with luscious egg yolk and lotus. The hand-made Shanghai Mooncake was created in 1982 and is specially baked fresh in the kitchens of Oversea Restaurants. Availability is exclusive and limited time only, it is served warm so that its crumbly crust and fragrance can be fully appreciated. However when you go Shanghai, you can find this goodie. This is invented in Malaysia by the founder of Oversea Restaurant.
Below is the video showing how the Shanghai Mooncake is done.

The lotus paste wrapping the golden egg yolks.

The Shanghai Mooncake pastry dough.

Ensuring the highest standards of excellence, over the years of Oversea has become recognized as a pioneer of delicious and best-selling Mooncakes. In addition to its most popular scrumptious lotus seeds, Oversea has created several other great favourites such as the delightful Pandan Lotus or better known as the Golden Emerald;

the delectable Golden Starlight, Malaysia’s first double layer paste of pandan and mung bean with an egg yolk; the popular flavourful Noble Delight which is made with dragon fruit essence and lotus, and its delightful Snowy series.

This is the signature Snowy series mooncake which place in the fridge frozen part. You can still see the frost on the mooncakes.

The best way to enjoy it is to wait for 15 minutes and let the frost melt. You can tell by looking at the mooncake sweating.

Sweating mooncakes

After 15 minutes cut them into mouth size and eat it. You will get the melting sensation like you are eating Haagen Daz ice cream. Give it a try! You will love them!

The founder of Oversea Restaurant (Cheng Kor) which everyone call him Brother Cheong.

Mr Yu also explained that mooncake was not just about eating, but is also an experience. “Oversea has tried to take the appreciation of Mooncakes to the next level. The mid-autumn festival is about appreciating the value of sharing and reunion with family and friends” he explained.

Most of the time the night start off with dinners and mooncakes served as dessert. We were served a four course dinner where the starter resemble a Yee Sang tossing ceremony. But we don’t toss it this round.


The main  key ingredient for Mid-Autumn Festival is the Lotus Seeds.

Lotus seeds means prosperity and good harvest in Chinese terminology.

This is how it look after it is tossed.

Our main dish for the night is none other than the famous Poon Choi! It is a luxuriously crafted besen of good foods.

 The Poon Choi consist of roast duck, chicken feet, braised sea cucumber, abalone, black mushrooms, lotus seeds, tiger prawns, 3 layer porks and best of all the soup boiled from all these ingredients. The soup is served last and taste very rich. It may look simple that 9 dishes piled up together in a big besen. But in reality it is so much tedious work. Each dish are cooked separately like for example a roast duck. You know the pain of preparing a roast duck from scratch.

Fried lotus roots with asparagus and almond flakes.

Steam Lotus leaf glutinous rice

Slight salty but full with fragrant result from the lotus leaf wrap. This is a finale for most of the wedding banquets.

Finish with the main course and I get to enjoy a slice of freshly oven baked Shanghai Mooncake.

Oversea Mooncakes are specially packaged by exceptionally designed boxes to reflect its uniqueness and are  certified “HALAL” by JAIS. Oversea Mooncakes can be purchased from Oversea outlets within the Klang Valley, Ipoh and Hypermarkets throughout Malaysia. During the mid-autumn festival period, Oversea Restaurant is also offering a set menu meal featuring key contemporary Cantonese dishes like the Poon Choi above.

The mid-autumn festival is the perfect time to show appreciation for the ones we care about, so call Oversea Restaurant at tel : 03-7845 9911 or checkout the restaurant’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Oversea to place your order of superior, great tasting Mooncakes or to make dining reservations.


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