Celcom Hosts Exclusive Baking Workshop For National Pride

How many of you out there who love cup cakes?

I believe many of you sweet tooth people out there especially girls love them so much! You know how to eat them but do you know how to bake them? It is pretty simple in terms of steps but need patience and creativity to decorate them. If you are well verse with them, then it will be an easy job for you. To tell you a good news, CELCOM are having a cupcake challenge starting from 8 September 2012 till 23 September 2012 in conjunction of our country’s 55 years anniversary of independence day. Participants for the Celcom Cupcake Challenge need only to design a cupcake with their own creative interpretation of national pride.

Then you can upload them to join the competition at www.facebook.com/cupcakeschallenge where you stand a chance to win some cash and a Samsung Galaxy S3 for the top 3 winners. Your designs will be voted via Facebook Likes and the top 55 will then later will have a baking showdown in front of celebrities and VIP guests. We all as a media get the opportunity to learn how to bake our very own cupcakes yesterday morning.

The event were held at The Cooking House located at Desa Sri Hartamas lead by Chef Lu Soo Chee (Resident Cake Artist).

All the ingredients and preparations were done ahead awaiting us to rock the place.

Flours, sugars, eggs, utensils and some colourings is the key ingredients for the cupcakes. It is less ingredients but requires a lots of patience to do it if you do not have a mixer. This means hand batter!

The event were started with Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Marketing Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad.

He said, this event is open to all Malaysians and not just Celcom customers. The use of social medias to promote national unity spirit.

We were then shown a sample of how should the cakes look like. You can either follow them or come out with your own.

After taking a look on the concepts, we all start to bake for the basic Vanilla Cupcake.

We were instructed by Celebrity Chef from Selera TV3 Chef Rose on baking our cupcakes and decorate it

This is the instruction sheet. Just follow it and you can’t go wrong.

Beat the butter and sugar.

When done put in eggs and continue till it is even and fluffy.

Place it half height in every cups so that it can raise nicely.

Do not over stuff it or else the cupcake will raise too high and overflow from the cup.

Our cupcakes being bakes. You can see it raise nicely.

See how cute is our cupcakes. We feel so happy for the result where it came out golden brown and smells good.

After done with the cupcakes now we need to prepare and get ready the icing sugar.

This is hand beaten from icing sugar and butter. It may look simple to do it but as you go to the final stage it is tight. So hand mixer comes in handy if you have it.

Colours on our icing for our national flag colours.

My partner Dila Ariff love to decorate the cake than to bake it.

Some people said this looks like a France Flag … lol

Dila putting the final touch on it

Tada!!! Our first cupcakes design …. 1 Malaysia style

Camwhore a bit with our cakes

Since we finish early, we go around and take some photos

Anna decorating her cakes with plenty of patience.

Anna’s cake

Derek’s cupcake design.

Camwhore further with Ciki, Taufulou and Eric Yong

The winner for best looking cupcakes won by Anna’s and Bok’s Group which they got a Chocolate Recipe book.

After cleaning up and packing the cakes, we were served lunch.

It was a home style baked chicken with some rosemary marinations then oven baked. After that it is topped with mash potatoes and veges. It taste pretty good.

I would like to thank Celcom for the invite to this great event. It certainly made my weekend more fun!

Now we are going to submit our winning piece of cake along too. Do vote for us!

Top 3 winners will walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 worth RM 2199, each and RM 10,000, RM5,000, and RM 2,000 in cash for the first, second and third place winner. Not only that, as for the rest of 52 participants, you wont be going back empty handed as you will received a stylish LG Prada mobile phone for your achievements.

For this upcoming Malaysia day, do watchout on selected malls, as they will be giving away free cupcakes.

For more information, just visit their Facebook page : www.facebook.com/cupcakeschallenge orwww.celcom.com.my or call 1 300 111 000 or 1111 from a Celcom mobile.

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