Maharaj Authentic Indian Fine Dining at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

All the while our culture were blend in with mamak food too much. Those foods were considered fast foods and consider harmful to our health in long run. Mamak food lately has turned into 1 Malaysian food where it overlaps with all sort of foods from Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western.

Customer’s always put Indian and Mamak food on equal table. Or at most authentic Indian foods is all about the banana leaf foods. To me to draw a fine line on the Indian Fine foods need to be more to education and study on the cuisines. Last weekend I was introduced to Maharaj Restaurant Jalan Gasing, PJ by Chris ( It totally make me hooked on with the foods served here.

From outside, you will see it is just an ordinary house which its retro look retained.

Upon stepping in you will be greeted with hand painted drawings which inspired by the Indian royalties story line.


Spacious restaurant that can cater for all sorts of private functions combination of indoors and outdoors (350 to 400 pax). Each sections are having a special theme which carries a story line behind each paintings. All were mainly highlighting the glory of the royalties guiding their prince. If your crowd is bigger than this, there will be external canopy setup complete with sound systems and Rela officer to man the traffic flow.

The inner dining area and bar counter on the right where wines and beers are available.


Queens and Kings having a booze.

Indian Prince photos

Let’s dig in to the range of great food awaiting for you guys to see.

A chilled cucumber salad with carrots, fresh onions and mayo mix.

This masala papadom is hard to resist especially with the home made mint sauce. The papadom is on a whole different quality. In terms of thickness and taste. It is not the same like those served at mamak stall which very thin and tasteless. This one alone are quite filling.

Cold water serve in a nice stainless steel pot like container. This is the traditional way water being served in Indian Fine Dine. The starter then follow up by Egg Fritter.

Egg Pakora (Egg Fritter) – RM12

This is hard boiled egg wrapped in Masala Coating and then deep fried. The egg alone absorb the spice taste in it and eated with a special chutney dip. A good start I would say on top of munching down the papadoms.

Mutton Vindaloo – RM18

Goa Style – Portuguese Influence Cooking where it got its name to the British national dish. The lamb were tender and flavorful cooked in heavy spice and natural ingredients.

Siakap in Manchurian Sauce – RM28-45

Deep fried siakap fish and laden with Machurian style sauce which on the fusion side. Still it doesn’t hurt to try as long as it is tasty and appetizing.

Chicken Dhum Briyani – RM18

Basmathi rice cooked with chicken from raw. This is one of the best Chicken Briyani I had. Without hesitation, I speed up my photography and took all shots. Then wash my hand and dig in. The smell still last on my hand eventhough I was it 3 times with shampoo and soap. This is how good it is. Super fragrantly nice and tasty. Not overly spicy yet addictive.

Naan Basket (6 pcs) – RM20

Assorted Indian breads. Thin and fluffy naans are hard to resist especially with 6 types of flavors.

Tandoori Chicken – RM18

The all time best seller in Maharaj. Top grade spices with succulent freshly purchased chicken daily by the owner and wife. They did the shopping them self rather than vendor sending it over. They love the process of buying the ingredients themselves and treat the customer as good as their family members having the best and healthy food.

Quail – RM16

Deep fried spice batter quail. Yummy ! Good for my snacks time.

Kanava Madras – Deep Fried Squid – RM17

Another one my couch potato snacks. It is much fresher than the one served at Mamak stalls. You see this one is not floating on a plate of oils.  Oils used to fry this are clean oil unlike the mamak stall that just normally top up and dirty. The color of the end product tells. This one you see the actual red spice color vs the mamak stall is all black.

Aside from the range of scrumptious meal, not to forget the authentic Indian desserts that charge up your day to be sweeter.

Gulab Jamun

Carrot Halwa



Madras Coffee


Maharaj is located at :

No 59, Jalan Gasing,
Petaling Jaya,
46000 Selangor

Tel : 03-79685515
Email :

Maharaj also available in Penang located at 132, Penang Road. Tel : 04-2620263