Fresca Mexican Kitchen and Bar, The Gardens Mall Mid Valley City

Speaking about Mexican food, to find one which fully dedicated to it will be kinda limited in KL. Most of them were mixed with Texas Mexican combination like Chilis and TGI Friday. Some more they localise the taste to suit local taste that most of them demand to have it adjusted. To me as a foodie I am kinda fussy about my foods. If you are opening a restaurant with a dedication to traditional recipe and cooking methods, you’ll have my attention on it. Latest Mexican restaurant opening in town is Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar located at The Gardens Mid Valley City. 

Fresca means “fresh” or “cool” in Spanish, the official language of Mexico. The food served here are fresh and prepared with the finest ingredients which some of them were imported to ensure the authentic quality and taste.

The restaurant open to target mainly all range of customers be it family dining to corporate customers. There are a lot of expats who loves to chill out after office hour hitting the bar for a couple of mugs.

Mexican painting on the walls

The restaurant cater from small to big private functions. In the photo were our table which reserved for us.

Do checkout their blackboard for daily specials on food and booze. They have a wide range of beers, liquors and spirits. Not to mention their wide range of cocktails.

Wines for those who love grapes more than malts.

Classic Margarita RM23

You can go on the rock or ice blended. This is the most famous drink for Mexican restaurant. Irregardless which Mexican Restaurant that you enter, you can’t miss this. Make sure you can hold your drink and drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

Cinco de Mayo RM23

Best seller of Fresca which is a combination of Jose Cuervo Reposado Tequila, Creme de Cassis, clover honey, fresh lime, orange juice

Jalapeno Margaritas On Rocks  RM23
This drink may look scary because of the Jalapeno (pronounced as HA LA PI NO) park at the tip of your glass. The drink itself is not spicy and got some kick in it. Sourish and refreshing with a hint of the infused margaritas.

Blue Mountain RM23

Blue Margarita with Tequila Reserva 1800 Anejo (100% agave, aged for over a year)

Electric Blue Magarita. RM23

Sangria. RM23

Refreshing red wine cooler made with overnight marinated fruits, cognac and Cointreau

Lychee Margaritas Libation  RM26

Gin, fresh lime, muddled lychee & lemongrass

Tiramisu e Giu  RM26

Whisky, kahlua, hazelnut, milk, choco sprinkle

Kiwi Lychee Siesta  RM26

Vodka, lychee liqueur, muddled kiwi and lychee

Midnight flight to Mexico. RM26

Amaretto, fresh lime, cinnamon

Hibiscus  RM8.50

Cranberry-flavoured drink made from dried hibiscus flowers,rich in Vitamin C and minerals

Alejando RM23

Gin, cucumber, fresh mint, lime juice


Sopa de Fideo  RM15

A simple chicken soup with angel hair noodles, comfort food for kids and adults alike. No wonder, they use the expression “chicken soup for the soul”.

The taste resembles our home cook ABC potato chicken soup but this comes with angel hair pasta. This soup is RECOMMENDED to order before you start your meal. Be it on rainy day or after a long day hard work, this soup will get you warmed up.

Tortilla Chips with Guacamole  RM20

Tortilla Chips are much healthier compared to a bottle of Pringles. It is made of corn and have more natural ingredients to produce it.

Nachos Grande  RM27

Tortilla chips topped with re-fried beans, Monterrey Jack cheese, ground beef, Jalapeno Chiles, guacamole and sour cream. Comes on a large plate for sharing.

Vegetarian version available for those who are pure vegetarians.

Tacos Ensenda  RM19

Flour tortillas with beer battered fish and homemade coleslaw. This classic fish taco originates from Ensenada, Baja California.

Jalapeno Poppers  RM16

Breadcrumb coated Jalapeno Chiles stuffed with Monterrey Jack cheese and minced beef, served with a sweet mango chipotle salsa.

Becareful when you bite it as the melted cheese within the Jalapeno Chilli is extremely hot when served. But that is the best time to savor it as the cheese blends in with the Jalapeno and give you every mouth a cheesy sensation. To spice it up make sure you take it with the Mango Salsa which comes with it.

Camarones al Ajilo  RM24

Tiger prawns sauteed with fragrant Guajillo Chiles and garlic. Served with two pieces of flour tortillas. The prawn is fresh and succulent.

Costilla Asada  RM43

Succulent short ribs in a homemade barbecue sauce, slow braised for 3 hours for an off-the-bone tenderness. Served with creamy mash potatoes and sauteed vegetables. It certainly melt immediate when putting into your mouth.

Pescado Mojo de Ajo  RM42

Fish lightly pan fried in a fragrant butter sauce, topped with chunky pieces of roasted garlic. It served with Mexican white rice and mixed salad. The fish is pan fried instead of grilled to retain the moist within. It is just likely done and perfect for my liking.

Fajitas Mixed (Chicken and Beef)  RM41

Traditional Mexican and popular in Tex-Mex cuisines, this dish needs no further introduction. Its served with guacamole, pico de galo and a special chipotle cream sauce.

Carne Asada a la Tampiquena  RM54

Grilled tenderloin the Mexican way, with onions, Mexican red rice, enchiladas verdes and refried beans. It is lightly grilled and not over done to

Apple Enchiladas

Baked flour tortillas filled with apples, served with

homemade nougat ice cream.

Churros con Chocolat  RM13 

The internationally loved Mexican dessert consist of donuts rolled in sugar and cinnamon, served with chocolate sauce.

“Full Belly with Happy Heart”
Address : Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-242A, Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS : N03 07.053 E101 40.659
Business Hours:  11am to 11pm (Mon-Thurs, Sun)
11am to Late (Fri – Sat)
Tel : 03-2201 2893
FB :