Affordable and Tasty French Infused Dining at Petite Mille 1 Utama

After the renovation and refurbishment exercise done at 1 Utama old “New Wing” is done, it has stormed by lots of international cuisines. I found my best Japanese Ramen and favorite HK Mango Dessert Sensation. The old spot where Burger King first opened is now replaced by Petite Millie.

Petite Millie is a sister restaurant of Millesime which operate in Menara Kencana Petroleum at Solaris Dutamas. It has a reputation of serving good French fine foods that so far well receive by the locals and expats that patron them.

This is the more casual version compared to Millesime since this is opened in a shopping mall.

Range of pastries made daily greeting the guest who wants something light.

Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute @ RM12.50

This is a perfect starter for dinner to get our appetite warmed up before hitting the salads. It is not too creamy and not diluted either with a hints of fish ale used in the soup.

Provencale Root Vegetables and Brolotti Bean @ RM12.50

The tapenade is made with black olives, blended in a food processor until smoothen it up. Then soaked in a tomato based soup with croutons are simply tasty.

Luv a Duck @ RM23

Tartine is a lightly toasted bread with a drizzle of olive oil and hearty toppings, a balanced French meal with peppered duck breast & Fresh rocket leaves orange – Dill Aioli

Iberian Beef Cecina @ RM19.50 serve along with Sliced air dried beef loin and capsicum concasee

Avocado and Crab… c’est une boone vie @ RM19.50

Fragrant thyme – Lemon oil, Chive, crab meat salad and avocado

Poutine Cheek @ RM25

One thing that caught my attention that it had been long time since I had dine along something with poutine and this restaurant do serve it. Poutine is actually a dish of French Fries and fresh Cheeze curds covered with brown gravy sauce that origin from French Canadian. Some other restaurant have their own recipe or other ingredient being added along too.

I must say Poutine Cheek in Petite Millie is impressive! Taste of thick brown gravy cook along with shiitake mushroom with chunks of beef being cook medium well is just perfect.


Emilia’s Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu @ RM28.50

Two ducks combo preparation, pesto and oregano

White Truffle Oil Fish Pie @ RM36.50

Freshly toast crust that being cook along with white truffle oil baked fish pie with shiitake mushroom. After cutting the crust with cracking sound, the aroma of the soup just burst into the air make all of us eager to try it out.

It was a fun meal to try where you get the crunchy and creamy experience.

Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette @ RM46.50

Just look at that piece of Angus Beef! The chef sure know how to handle this piece of meat. It is medium rare done where the juiciness of the steak retained. Paired with rocket salad and special gravy blend the whole plate to a balance combination.

Millie Mascarpone @ RM16

The Tiramisu

Panna Cotta @ RM16

Apple Crumble @ RM16.90

Malaysian Treasure -Coconut Cheesecake

Banana Cheesecake


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