Yamagoya Ramen Publika Solaris Dutamas Serving First Authentic Kyushu Ramen From Japan

Hail to all Pork Ramen lovers! Latest additions to the market for top range and authentic ramen from Japan. A bowl of good ramen combines the skill to boil the soup base, the balance of taste place on the bowl, the tenderness of the meat and springiness of the ramen served and prepared. All this requires years of experience of preparing and perfecting them.

The most current will be Yamagoya Ramen, which is a chain ramen restaurant serving Kyushu-style ramen with over 140 outlets in Japan. Now the 1st original Kyushu ramen in Malaysia will be located at Solaris Dutamas KL.

If the timing are right, you will be able to see how your ramen are made.

Every single bowl of ramen having a precise amount of portion for their noodles and ingredients. I saw them weighing every single bunch of the noodles when they were made from the machine. Therefore you no need to worry you get an uneven portion on every bowls.

The place were decorated with Red walls on the right and left would be having some Japanese words which I believe is their famous ramen menu in Kanji.

Yamagoya Braised Soya Sauce Egg – RM4

Runny egg yolk with hard boiled egg whites and soaked in superior quality Japanese Soya Sauce. To me I like the yolk to be more runny like a hot chocolate dripping out from a hot lava cake.

Gyoza RM11

I never fail to get my self a plate of gyoza in any Japanese restaurants. As long as they serve pork gyoza, I will order. Here at Yamagoya, the gyoza were pretty good despite they don’t provide the chili powder which usually allows the customer to add more kick to the vinegar mix provided. For a start, this will wake up your appetite wanting for more.

Mukashi Special Ramen – RM24

This is the most complete bowl of noodle fix you can get in Yamagoya. It comes with Japanese Char Siu, a whole Aji Tamago, Sea Weed, Black Fungus and Nori.

The noodle is the first thing to pay attention on. PLEASE BE REMEMBER to eat this upon serve. Don’t delay or else you may lost the best bite of the noodle that turn soggy. Unlike other ramens in the market, it is completely lye water free and as good as our Chinese Wan Tan Mee or better. It resembles the whole egg noodles but I can taste this is more rich in quality wheat flour. All the ramens in the menu are using the same noodle just having different soup base and ingredient fix.

Second the soup base. I can tell you I clear till the last drip. The soup base were pork base and cook with superior miso sauce and the best part is, it is not that salty and not too bland. In other word perfect balance. Try visit them on a rainy day and you will find the whole bowl of ramen even more tasty.

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen – RM22

Put the whole special chili paste into the noodle and stir. I would expect it turn into like our normal curry soup ramen but it was not. It turn out to be much better where we had a double on this. The soup with the chili paste blend in very well and I find that the level of spiciness are just right.

It is almost close to the Mukashi Special ramen but without the egg and nori. Overall is the same including the soup. This is another one that we clear real fast including the soup till the last drop.

Black Garlic Ramen – RM22

The strong garlic fragrance upon served will sure lure the garlic lovers for this bowl of noodle. A sip down on the silky smooth soup makes you want for more. Hints of sesame seed oil is kinda strong for my personal liking but overall is another good choice for those who love plenty of garlics and sesame seed oil taste.

Char Siu Ramen – RM24

This is a carnivore bowl of ramen. It is all meat and awesome ramen!

Pork Char Siu – RM11

If you love it dry and all meat minus the ramen, this is good to go as snack. A real heavy one.

Kimchi Ramen – RM22

There’s a fusion version of Japanese Korean ramen here where kimchi were added. I don’t have a chance to taste this as it is gone in a jiffy upon serve. The moment the bowl arrive in front of me, it is all empty! You imagine yourself how do this taste.


Check out the number of bowls we clear. Our table has 4 guy and a gal and you do the math. The stacking bowls out there are not the end of the story. Let’s take a short breath and break with the house special drinks menu.

Calpis Water – RM5.80

This drink taste good recommended by Ah Bok. I never taste before this great Japanese drink. It looks like barley ice but the taste are more solid.

Fried Chicken – RM11

We have a little slots that can park this in. To be frank this is one of the best fried chicken served in Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. The marination are not just plain flour. They had their own house special recipe which came from Kyushu.

Remember to squeeze the lemon on the chicken and not the cabbage. A bite on it resembles Chinese Nam Yue chicken but a milder version of it. I believe it is a miso marination. This is a RECOMMENDED to order dish in Yamagoya Ramen too.

We will definitely be back for more bowls of ramen and fried chicken real soon.

Yamagoya Ramen 
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Same row with SUBWAY on the left. In between Old Town White Coffee Signature and Subway Publika.
Operation Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday 10am to 11pm.


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