Simple and Homely Feel Food At Restoran Pan Heong Batu Cave

Every Sunday I will look for homey comfort foods around Klang Valley area. One it that grab my attention recently is the much spoken about Pan Heong located at Batu Caves. Few weeks back, Ah Bok receive and invite from his friend to sample the food here and without much hesitation I follow him there since he invite me as well.

When we arrive, food were ordered by his friend since he was the regular there.

The famous Wat Tan Hor

Though the taste were not bad, still I prefer the one in Penang. In Penang, the koay teow (flat noodles) used is much different. It is pretty much like chee cheong fun but thicker. Then it is cut to a 5 to 6 cm wide then wok fried in a big fire with just superior soya sauce till it has some charred edges on the flat noodles. Then it is laden with starchy seafood mix or plain eggs starch mix.

See so many people are queueing for tables.

Jam packed to the brim in the restaurant.

The restaurant used to operate under a big tree and as time goes by they got their own shop lot at the current location. The foods served here were suitable for all ages.

Fried Rice

Next we got ourself fried rice which nothing much to shout about. At least it got a decent WOK HEI and flavor.

Fried Kau Yuk Rice Vermicelli

This is a plate of noodle you should pay attention to. The pork that used to fried this plate of mee hoon has a perfect lean meats and fats. The sauce of the pork were coating the mee hoon really well which made it really smooth.

If you do not have much appetite would like to have something light, the best option would be going for their famous range of porridge.

Silky smooth bowl of porridge serve piping hot. Perfect food when you sick.

You can choose pork, fish and also century eggs for the porridge condiments.

Stir Fried Ice Berg Lettuce with garlics

Fermented Bean Curd Pork

The bill come up to RM103.40 for 6 persons.

Restaurant Pan Heong Batu Cave is located at :

2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,

Batu Caves

Tel : 03-6187 7430

Business Hour : 8.00am till 3.30pm