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Food Bites – Curbside Gourmet Food Adventure at JayaOne

Good gourmet foods are hard to find in KL. If you can find them, it will be expensive and hard to get a table. With the collaboration by Asian Age Holdings Sdn Bhd (The company that owns Food Foundry), Bangsarbabe and JayaOne  they reveal to us some great enthusiastic foodies to established kitchens to celebrate gourmet food the street style. As a creative space for food lovers (JayaOne), this is a place for the chefs, bakers and baristas to share their culinary in dishing out their specialties without need to have a high start up cost and yet taking care the customer’s wallet by charging them a reasonable price.

There will be twice a year (or maybe more after the demand for it today) for this event to be held at the same place. Do checkout their Facebook for more info on future events where I will definitely checking them out. The foods were fantastic!

Ruby Montana Tart – RM10 a slice

Macerated strawberries and cream carpet a Sarawakian black pepper cookie tart base finish off with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar upon order.

So I do get your attention here. The strawberries used were the highest quality imported from the sweetness. This is my first time tasting such an awesome strawberry tart that come drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar.

The cookie base is soft and just perfect for my liking. The black dots were actually grounded high quality black peppers base on the fragrance and taste. It taste so good which end up causing a few of my friends immediately get themselves a cut after taste it a bite from my portion.

Coco Perry Tart – RM10 a slice

A chocolate tart with sliced pear on every cut your order will get you all hyped up or to wake you up on this weekend.

Marmalamb – RM8 a pop

Lamb cooked with onions, mushroom and marmalade. It sounds kinda cranky to me but give it a shot and you’ll be amazed with the taste that have a fruity hints and the great lamb taste.

Smokey Popeye – RM8 a pop

Smoked cod folded into a creamy spinach on a crunch tart case

VPL – Vodka Pineapple and Lime – RM6

An explosion of expertly blended combination of fruits in a coconut custard tart, lime curd and balanced with a shot of vodka.

Rum Ba Ba – RM6

Sugar and spice plus everything tasty encased on a square crystalized ginger in a molten rum chocolate ginger tartlet

Presenting to you the first booth TARTART

As longtime friends, Karen, Caroline and Amran, are professionals who are cooks and bakers at heart. Their quest is to show how cooking needn’t be a bore and gourmet need not always be grand. Often with a twist, their tarts fuse unexpected flavors for a delightful experience. Awaken your taste buds with a combination of the sweet with the savory or the spicy with the salty.

Next to TARTART, would be the POTONG.

What can be better than to bite on a popsicle on a hot sunny day. The tent with 1 fan doesn’t help to cool us off here. The only thing is from the POTONG shop or the ice coffee sold down the alley. Founders of POTONG Ivan, TeeReei and Victor are captivated by the simplistic idea of developing unique flavor concoctions. The trio only use the freshest, seasonal, natural ingredients that literally melt in your mouth. On this special occasion, these trendy artisan pop makers are bringing out the crowd hits to keep you cool. There are red bean, gula melaka, teh tarik, water melon fizz, Pina Colada, Strawberry Pepper and Choco-Nut. Not to forget there are wine and beer flavor as well. The wine flavor were awesome.

My beer Popsicle.

After cool down, continue with more foods!

Hot Dogs! by HAUTE DOGS

This ain’t no ordinary hot dog. This is the DAIKON DOG. It consist of a Teriyaki Glazed chicken sausage served with grated daikon (white carrot), bonito flakes and wasabi mayo.

The owner Zainal maybe an engineer by profession, but his ideas involve dishing up hotdogs in the creative way never stop to impress his customers.

He combine ingredients from the east (Japanese and Korean) with the west which is the sausage origin from to produce a new way of savoring the good bite of hot dogs.

Bulgogi Ben

Bulgogi Marinated beef with kimchi and toasted sesame seeds

Greece inspired way of cooking lamb and the one on the right is the bulgogi beef.

The hot dogs just get me going for more as all the taste were so good and special. Next I am hopping on the panini shop. The sandwiches look great and luring you wanna try them so much. They are operated by CRUMBS CAFE.

My plate of PHILLY MAYBE on Panini Bread Toasted.

What started as a serendipitous idea by a young trio of entrepreneurs. Crumbs now nests in a cozy nook in the heart of Lucky Gardens, Bangsar. Established as a fancy sandwich bar with pocket-friendly prices. It stands out by doubling as a dessert haven. THeir signature salted caramel brownies and dessert sandwich. The Jakarta Toast, has already garnered a small cult following.

Salmon Ninja – RM15

Panini bread with smoked salmon, wasabi cream cheese, cucumber and seaweed. It is served with home made potato fries.

This ain’t no el-cheapo french fries which normally made from artificial ingredients. Gourmet panini sandwiches always come with natural ingredients that complements the whole plate of sandwich as a complete wholesome meal.

Christmas Kinda – RM13

Roast chicken, cranberry jam, gravy and cheddar cheese melted on top. They will grill it for you to melt the cheese.

I Haz Mary’s Little Lamb – RM15

Roast lamb leg, mint and yogurt sauce and pickled onions.

What The Duck – RM13

Roast Duck with hoisin sauce, crispy wantan skin, cucumber and spring onion.


This is the house famous dessert sandwich. It is a butterscotch toast, baby marshmallow, nutella and almond flakes.

My favorite Philly Steaks which known as Philly Maybe – RM15

Roast beef, cheddar cheese, gravy, sauteed onion and jalapeno.

A good sandwich is great in the morning with a cup of good gourmet coffee. The coffee in Food Bites are reprensented by ESPRESSOLAB

ESPRESSOLAB as a micro roaster, specialty coffee academy, sensory lab and barista studio, they source the best green coffee beans from around the world. They then roast the beans and brew a good dose of coffee for you.

While ordering my coffee, I saw Sue Lynn ( and giving a pose. Thanks to her for the invite and voucher to try out the foods at Food Bites.

She is also part of the steering member who did the food tasting and participant selections. I trust her taste on gourmet foods as she eat this kind of food more than me. I am in vise versa taste more Chinese food than her hence we always get together to share out our gourmet and food hunt experience.

Cafe Latte with Green Apple Monin Syrup

Moving on after the coffee would be checking out the quiche by A QUICHE TO REMEMBER

Home made quiche

The owner started off cooking hearty food for her children where every parents believe in home cook is the best. Foods that are fresh and using most fresh ingredients are the best and that is what drives her passion to create all the awesome range of quiche that tackles the heart of the guest here. They were the fastest stall to sold out in this event. They sold out around 2 hours after the opening. This is how good they are. I was there early and got a glimpse of all their great foods.

The ladies behind all the great quiche.

Done with the main course, we move on for more desserts.

Ultra fudge brownies with Baileys Irish Cream & Walnuts – RM9

Perfect for high tea.

Don’t judge by its size. A piece of this were extremely filling. It is so pack with ingredients and solid.

Having lived in London with a delightful landlady who sold chocolate treats for a living, Lexy adapted her recipe to create her own decadent alcohol-infused treats. What started off as little therapy sessions exploded into a mission to deliver some “damn good brownies” to the world. The brownies were awesome but however if only they can heat it up before serving them would taste even better.

If you find brownies is too filling for you, try go for cup cakes which is lighter.

Cupcakes at Food Bites are brought to you by THE FAT BLOSSOM.

There are Earl Gray Cupcakes too which I find it interesting. But I can’t stuff in any more after the brownies. I have to take a break and save some space for the only Pork gourmet served here.

The cupcakes were prepared by Yun Ann which she got her aspiration from Melbourne, Australia.

Next to the cupcakes table were FRONTERA SOL OF MEXICO. They were the tenant from JAYAONE where they are they Mexican Food specialist here. They are famous for the Icy cold Horny Magaritas and true taste of Mexico.

Mexican Tacos fillings

I’ve tried their food before and you can search for some past article in my blog.

The finale of the whole event where they serve the food latest is The TRANSPARENT APRON.

They were Ryonn and Nick who have a unique concept on their foods.

They call themself supper club which they serve a min of 4 up to 6 pax at any one time. There will be 4 course dinners serve right from their home. You don’t dine in restaurant environment but their home where they stay. For getting them to participate in Food Bites give us an opportunity to sample their cooking skills before heading to the supper club.

BRB – RM5 – Be Right Back …. No no no ….. It is Deep Fried Breaded Balls of Bacon Bits & risotto rice served with Napolitana sauce

Pork-Dog – RM10

Fresh pork sausage on a bun topped with chili con carne and fresh white onion served with a side of chips

Pork-gy – RM15

This is the last dish which I waited for long 3 hours for it to arrive. I put a high expectation for this and it does not disappoint.

This is a dark ale cinnamon slow braised pork with root vegetable mash where it has a texture close to bak kut teh. The proportion of its lean and fat are just nice for me where if too much fat. Too much fats will make us lose appetite after a few bites.

The lean meat can be peeled just light that. It is so tender and tasty. After trying out the foods served by the TRANSPARENT APRON, I will be making a reservation with them real soon.

For more info of future Food Bites events, please check out

Full size photos of the events can be obtained here :

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