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LAMMEEYA Home Comfortable Feel Foods

LAMMEEYA have been around for quite sometime. My impression towards the restaurant was a mere noodle house. I was wrong! I didn’t know that this place is a hidden gem that serve a great home cook taste food.

Lammeeya Damansara Uptown

Operating Hour

Cozy and nicely air conditioned place to have lunch and dinner. Previously all their outlet walls were decorated with foods on them. Mainly displaying the Lam Mee or known as Loh mee by northern people as this is origin from North Malaysia. This is a franchise name by it self. But for this review, can we get the word franchise out of our mind? Let me tell you why.

Never judge the cover by its book. Lammeeya serves a range of household famous soup which cooked by our mom like old cucumber with pork ribs. The soup boiled just to the right timing without the old cucumbers flesh totally melted. This is what we call pro soup boilers. A bowl of hot soup to welcome you definitely makes you feel at home just like our mom ask us gawk down the whole bowl of soup before starting the meal.

Duck Egg Fried Koey Teow
This resembles the Penang Char Koey Teow. It has a strong aroma of good light soya sauce used to season the koey teow and enough wok hei to cook it. The koey teow is as fine as the Penang quality ones. This simply beats 9 out of 10 hawker stalls in Klang Valley that they claim as Penang Char Koey Teow. I am pretty fussy about my plate of char koey teow and this place definitely earn a thumbs up from me. It is not as spicy as the one I usually had as this is toned down to suits all ages.

The signature lam mee (RM13.80) where the shop got its name from. This is the first signature dish that the shop are famous for. Flavorful starchy soup base pair with fat noodle, Chinese cabbage, home made meat ball and prawns simply tasty. Add a dash of vinegar will turbo charge the whole bowl of noodle to another level. If you can take the spiciness add more of the sambal belacan.

This taste real good! Spicy and good.

Pork Vinegar

The pork trotter were just right portion with the amount of lean meat and fats. Vinegar and ginger taste not too over powering makes it suitable for anyone who wanna try it.

Wine Chicken

This is kinda famous in Johor. I last had it in JB where they wrap it with aluminium foil and then steamed. The Chinese Wine were added together with ginger and for me I like my herbal taste to be stronger.

Ginger and Wine Omelette

It may look like a simple omelette but to me after a bite it totally change my perception. The whole dish finish so fast that I just taste a little bit on the surface. But when I intend to go for round 2, the whole plate is empty already.

Stew pork with potato

One of the best seller at LAMMEEYA during lunch hour. It may sound simple to cook but it never fail to make you eat more rice. This is one of the common dish at economy rice stall but I can tell you here it just simply taste better as they are using a better quality soya sauce.

3 Types of steam egg or better known as SAM WONG TAN in Cantonese

3 types of eggs consist of normal chicken eggs, salted eggs and century egg put everything together and then steamed. Add a little bit garlic oil and a dash of light soya sauce.

To make the egg taste even better, try eat it with a bowl of pork lard rice.

Claypot Waxed Meat Rice

Steamed rice cooked in claypot and when the rice were 3/4 cooked waxed meat were added on it. Then the taste and fragrant of the wax meat will blend in to the rice grain.

Pickled Chili & Sweet Sauce Chee Cheong Fun

If you find the the rice is too heavy for you, this is the best choice you should go for. Authentic as good as the Ipoh ones.

Another version come with mushroom and minced meat sauce that has more taste in it.

I wouldn’t mind having this as my breakfast everyday as it is more healthy than a piece of roti canai.

Aside of all the great foods, LAMMEEYA carries a wide range of healthy juices drinks and coffee.

Cham Hot (Mixture of coffee and tea)

Organic Soya Bean Milk …. Fresh made upon order. No preservatives.

Lotus root and water chestnut juice



Oreo Cheese Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

For desert, the super star that blew our mind away is this Banana Crepe with the warm banana dressing which is cook and  made on the spot, that pairs very well with the aromatic crepe. Ice cream to compliment along with the hot and cold sensation enough to brighten your day.


Damansara Uptown:
45G & 47G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, PJ
tel: 03 7725 9513

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