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Invited : 3 Days 2 Nights Hong Kong Disneyland 2012 : Hong Kong Disney Land Theme Park Detail Coverage


## This is an extremely long and picture intensive article. Please allow up to few minutes to load them. There are videos as well and will allow you to enjoy the wonder World Of Hong Kong Disneyland in 2 Full Days In the theme park.

The theme park is located about 1KM away from the hotel and is connected to the Hong Kong MTR line directly. It is very convenient for people who are in Hong Kong and wanted to drop by the theme park for a weekend getaway after going through the hectic business meetings while in Hong Kong city. If you know you are going there for a weekend trip, I would recommend you to buy the 2 days pass. 1 day guarantied won’t be enough to cover the whole park.

To me Hong Kong is a lifestyle, economy and finance power of Asia. It has a big influence on its economy, lifestyle and culture which combines the tradition of British and ancient China. The country is administer in English style but with the reference to ancient believe in Feng Shui. This is the same for the Disneyland in Hong Kong. You see Disney is an all established American brand but in Hong Kong is built slightly different. You see as a Chinese, I do believe in Feng Shui stuff where it reflects the harmony and chi flow of the whole place.


Ready? Let’s go!

Day 1!

The view of the walk way towards the theme park.

The big water fountain built in right in front of the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park download netflix for free. Above is the day time view of the fountain which you see a normal fountain with bronze Mickey surfing on whale water splash.

This is the night view which I like more.

Donald pissed off face at the corner of the fountain. Below is the video of the Mickey Surfing On The Whale fountain at night. This place is great for a chill out after the theme park is close. You can slowly enjoy the music and fountain performance which in sync to each other. Checkout the video below.

This is the first sight as you walk towards the theme park before you reach the ticketing booth.

This is the view at the back of the entrance. Although we are under media pass, we still access like any other public visitors.

This is how our ticket looks like. The whole collection of Toy Story Friends faces.

After crossing the ticket barrier, immediately you will be able to see the Hong Kong Disneyland Rail Road. As usual a lot visitors start camwhoring at this area even though the weather is scorching hot. My advise to fully enjoy the trip here, a thick socks and comfortable walking shoe is recommended. You will walk a lot and stand in queues for any of the stuffs here be it ride or shows.

Below is the map which illustrates the whole Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park. It consist 5 sections which each of them having their own attractions. There are rides, structures that relates to the environment and also live shows.

Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park Map

Jump To > Main Street, U.S.A
Jump To > The Corner Cafe Old School Western Food
Jump To > Awesome Fireworks Show


Main Street U.S.A. Main Attraction List :

Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad

Main Street Hitch and Ride Vehicles

Market House Bakery

Souvenir Shops

Taufulou trying out the Stitch hat amazon music to handy.

Me and Yvonne with the hats. My head got bitten by Stitch.

Stitch hug on my head and bite on.

Jewelry Shop

Camera Shop by Kodak

Animation Academy

City Hall, Main Street Market (Mickey Waffle, Turkey Leg, Frozen Lollipop Cart, Main Street Corner Cafe Western Dining Restaurant, Plaza Inn Chinese Restaurant,

Hong Kong Disneyland City Hall where you can get help on anything. Is the customer service office that can answer anything related to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disney Friends Welcome you to Hong Kong Disneyland in front of the City Hall

Everyone is sitting at the road side waiting the parade to arrive. At the far end is the Disneyland Famous Landmark where we always see them on the starting of the Disney’s produced movie.

The photo above showing the look of the main street towards the Disney Castle in the day time and night time. Please bear in mind the whole Hong Kong Disneyland are WIFI covered. It is FREE and Fast! So you can tweet and FB kow kow while you are here. You can show off in real time to your circle of friends who follow your post.

This is one of the main attraction which you must watch at Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park. It is also widely known as Flights of Fantasy Parade where all the favorite friends and family of Disneys will be out to greet you. The show normally starts at 3.30pm and people start to line up or waiting at the best view spots. If you have extra Moolah to spend for the trip, you may book for their Disney’s Prestige Tour.

Gather your buddies for the ultimate way to experience Toy Story Land with the Disney’s Prestige Tour. You can enjoy 3 hours of Hong Kong Disneyland excitement. Enjoy direct entrance and reserved seating at our theatre shows plus all Hong Kong Disneyland attractions. Experience the Flights of Fantasy Parade from your own exclusive viewing location. Finally take home the fun with an exclusive Toy Story Land Themed pin box set. For more details about the Disney’s Prestige Tour, please checkout by clicking HERE pro7 video.

Our 2 lovely tour guide who bring us to do some VIP stuff like jump queue, getting the best spot reserved just for us to watch the parade and also get the best view seats in all the theater show.

Exclusive Toy Story Land Themed Pin Box Set

Our VIP spot where no other guest can step in unless they sign up for the Prestige Tour.

At your spot you can see the Sleeping Beauty Castle at its best angle.

Walk nearer after the parade to take a closer look.

Our host for the trip Nicole and Purple.

We wait for 45 minutes before the parade start. The weather forecast said it was a cold day but then when we were at the Theme Park, it is very hot.

The crew with the red vest are the security personnel to ensure safety of all the audience and guests.

The parade was headed by Dumbo at the front.

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Donald On the Flying Ark


Left : Dale and Center Donald

The bees


Ah Bok just love to camwhore

What a cool beetle ride

Tinker Bell’s Ride and Friends

Flower Princess

Stitch in Party Mode ….

Woody and Jessie saying high to the crowd. Follow from the back is Buzz Light Year and the Aliens

Buzz Light Year and Aliens

The toy soldiers


Belle of Beauty and The Beast

Very lovely isn’t she

Tinker Bell of Peter Pan

Timon of the Lion King

Baloo of The Jungle Book

Bandar-Log the tribe monkey of Jungle Book

Winnie The Pooh Honey Bear

Eeyore the Donkey from Winnie The Pooh

Tigger the tiger from Winnie The Pooh



AdventureLand Main Attraction :

  1. Jungle River Cruise
  2. Festival Of The Lion King
  3. Tarzan’s Tree House
  4. Jungle Drumming
  5. Liki Tikis

The main door towards the AdventureLand escort by the Hong Kong Disneyland’s Prestige Tour Guide.

Welcome to the Jungle River Cruise

From far this is how to port looks like videopad.

Behind me is the line where people who have to queue to take the boat ride. As a prestige tour group, we were given priority on the rides and we get the whole boat just for our group.

The boat were engine powered and designed like the old school steam boats. However it is motor engine powered.

Camwhore a bit.

Our boat captain ….. She drive the boat and brief the guest what you see along the river.

Just look at the queue. It easily takes up to 30 minutes to 1 hour or more just to get a boat ride during peak hours.

Traditional oil lamp in front of the boat.

An elephant spraying water out from its nose

Gorilla Family Village

The River Cruise Journey Video


Tarzan’s Tree House

Next we head on to Festival of The Lion King show.

Amaze with their special and lighting effects with all the nice costumes.

Not to mention the props and musical performance which present to you live before your starry eyes.

Each of them were crafted with plenty of details and as close as the original show on screen. Just that the whole thing come to live in front of you with a bigger size.

Pumbaa the warthog and Timon coming in on stage.

Pumbaa laugh out loud

Here comes Simba

The highly energetic performance with an awesome vocal by the lead singer mesmerize us with the all time favorite song for Lion King chefkoch app herunterladen. ie. Circle of Life, Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Simba and Scar role play by the dancers on stage.

The singer presenting the Circle Of Life

Simba and Nala Happy Forever After. Below were some of the scene captures of the shows which making every spectators so happy.

Must camwhore a bit with such a nice place.

Matthew, Ah Bok and Yvonne not leaving out in cam whoring too.


Toy Story Land

Now they are the giant where they got bigger and you got smaller. Join your favorite toys from your favorite idol friends from Andy’s back yard.

This is the new part of the theme park which recently added to the theme park.

Howdy Woody!

All the toys look so big.

The RC Racer Track which I find it is the most happening ride among all the rest in this park.

This is a 27 meter high free fall ride which will definitely get your adrenalin pumping.

We are conquering it…… YahoO!!!!!! We purposely choose the back seat as you can feel the effect more. You are the lowest and highest at each end.

Approved! Satisfaction guarantied.

Vroom download autodoc! Taufulou driving the RC Racer

After that we go and queue to ride the Slinky Dog Spin

Our Barking Pass before we climb on behind da dog.

I love the Prestige Tour Service. You just look at the people queue for the ride. We straight go to the front and wait for 5 minutes only.

The Slinky Dog

Open Your Mouth Doggie!

The spring which we ride on while he chase his tail.


Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

Getting the order from them

Then we fly up and try the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.

The sun goes down real fast like 5pm already start to get dark.

The toilet also were decorated like a toy arrangement.


Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land Main Attraction :

  1. Fantasy Garden where you can take photo with your favorite Disney’s Friend.
  2. It’s A Small World Boat Ride
  3. Mickey’s PhilharMagic
  4. Cinderella Carousel
  5. Dumbo The Flying Elephant
  6. Sleeping Beauty Castle
  7. Snow White Grotto

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Mickey and The Magic Broom

Mad Hatters Tea Cups and at the back there people are queue up at the Fantasy Garden to take photo with their favorite Disney’s Friend

it’s a small world Main Gate

it’s a small world Castle

Let’s follow me and Taufulou to see what is inside there.

The clock tower.

Every single empty space within Disneyland are decorated  with loads of greens. It just feel so good to walk around.

We are going in via the back door.

Our boat arrived.

Spectacular view within the it’s a small world Castle

London’s Soldier


Mickey’s PhilharMagic and The Golden Mickeys

This is A MUST WATCH SHOW in Fantasy Land charlie und die schokoladenfabrik kostenlosen. It is known as The Golden Mickeys

This is the stage for the Golden Mickey show and the best row to seat for the show is the 2nd and 3rd row. Too front, you can’t see the whole stage view. Row 2 and 3 is just perfect! You can get yourself a Star Pass to get your seats at the best spot.

The Oscar Award show for your favorite Disney’s Friend

Our favorite host Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Follow By Donald Duck

And Goofy

Stitch on stage

Jessie from Toy Story

Woody From Toy Story

Hunchback of Notredam




Belle from Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast


The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh Ride

The weather are getting pretty chilling on our second day of visit. It is pretty good to walk around the theme park where you don’t sweat no matter how long you walk.

We were entering via the Fast Pass lane where we can sort of like jump queue to the shorter lane.

The pass come in a set where you get to jump queue for 3 rides. It is available at the ticket counter when you purchase your park entrance ticket. However the jump queue pass for rides are limited to 3 rides only as per shown in the photo above. The rest like priority seating for musical shows and river boat rides are only available under the Disney’s Prestige tour.

The Star pass for priority entrance including the Golden Mickeys and Mickey’s PhilharMagic (for the Star Guest period only is available :

The Hunny Jar on rail

There are a lot visual effect during the whole ride where you can see the whole story line about Pooh and friends.

Cute Pooh in his room.

As you ride on the Hunny Jar, your photo are shot by the camera of the ride. Then it is displayed on the wall. Just tell them your number and you can get the print of it at a reasonable price.

Winnie The Pooh Ride



Tomorrow Land Main Attraction :

  • Space Mountain Ride
  • Buzz LightYear Astro Blasters
  • Stitch Encounter
  • Autopia
  • Orbitron
  • Jammitors
  • Push

Discover the space exploration in Tomorrowland. There are loads of space related fun rides and attractions that make you feel you are in the space.

The main street of Tomorrowland.

Autopia Car ride that takes you thru Tomorrowland in your own ride.

Stitch encounter is something which I pretty impress as an IT guy deezer. In this hall Stitch will interact with you and join him in the adventure of his space ship.

I just know Ah Bok (Taufulou) is the prison mate of Stitch.

Meeting Stitch LIVE in person.

My Ohana (Family)

The wizard from Swords in The Stone

Now wizard, grant me a wish ….. I Wish to go USA Disneyland! Can I ???? Blink blink with puppy eyes …. lol

Buzz LightYear Astro Blasters Ride here I come ….


The Corner Cafe

That’s all conclude my theme park rides and shows. I know I miss some of it as I cover all the attractions above. Next with all the fun has ended. Sky getting darker and stomach start growling. The cold weather make you feel it more. At the Main Street USA, you can’t miss this. The CORNER CAFE.

Enjoy a taste of old school American Midwestern cooking at this Victorian Style table service restaurant.

Old clocks on display. Surprisingly it still ticking.

The ambiance resembles old luxurious western restaurant in USA.

The ambiance were into mid range and ideal for family dining.

The bread on the table looks good.

Mix Grill Platter

Lobster any one teamviewer for free windows 10?

They even pamper you by peeling the whole lobster shell. This is a whole piece of lobster claw! Yum yum!

Wagyu Beef Burger With Cheese ….. juicy in the inside and tender outside. No one will say no to this all time American favorite.

Let the sundae sweeten your life. Can you find Mickey is peeking at the back?

Our host from Hong Kong that accompany us the whole day thru out the trip. Thanks gals!


The day doesn’t end here. After the dinner at around 8.00pm or 9.00pm (peak), there are fireworks show which you SHOULD NOT MISS!

The night view of the castle of the sleeping beauty.

The fireworks show is nothing but spectacular which dance in the sky. It last about 10 minutes plus with plenty of colors and lights. Checkout the video below to see the whole show. It is shaky a bit as the camera was handheld through out the whole fireworks show.

Isn’t this amazing? Watch them in HD.

After the show every one start rushing to do the last minute souvenir shopping. I join in too and grab a couple of awesome T Shirt. The park is close at 10pm everyday.

Till then good bye from Hong Kong Disneyland. Though we were the last to leave the park, we still continue enjoying the place.

We did planking apple music musik lässt sich nicht downloaden!


We can still party around until 12am where that is the last bus back to hotel and MTR leaving Hong Kong Disneyland.

So long and farewell Hong Kong Disneyland. We will be back when more of the new park sections come up in the future. For more information about Hong Kong Disneyland please checkout:

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