Invited : 3 Days 2 Nights Hong Kong Disneyland 2012 : Day 1 Lunch at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Crystal Lotus Chinese Restaurant and Day 2 Breakfast With Disney Friends At Enchanted Garden Restaurant

After dropping all our luggage at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and change to a short pant cause the weather all of sudden change from cold to very hot. Just look at the weather from cold turn hot in a short period of time. The dark clouds slowly fade off.

Before we went to the theme park, we were ferried by the shuttle bus to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for a Dim Sum lunch at their Chinese Dim Sum restaurant known as Crystal Lotus. It is located at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel which is a higher class hotel compared to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel which we were staying in.

The entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Bronze Minnie Mouse and Mickey Greets every customer that walk in to the hotel lobby.

Welcome welcome!

This is the main lobby area of the hotel where it has a Victorian influenced building architecture and concepts. The high ceiling giving it a grand lobby with a comfortable and elegant feel to all its guest.

Crystal Lotus Chinese Restaurant

The grand entrance to the award winning restaurant serving food from Sichuan, Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai.

Waiting area and also a bar to chill out while waiting for table during peak periods.

This restaurant is lavishly decorated and the ambiance were great! We saw some business clients who had their discussion in the restaurant after taking their lunch.

Nice chandelier on the ceiling.

This is the section where we were seated for having our lunch. The room were basically lighted with the sun light from the big glass windows. Then match with the dim lights of the chandelier made it more luxurious feel of a high end restaurant.

Duck Breast with Cucumber and Sweetened Paste in Steamed Piggy Mask Buns

Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable Dumpling “Swan” Vegetarian Taro Puff

Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable Dumpling

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling


Braised Seafood Soup with Mickey’s Shape Pumpkin

Add a dash of black vinegar will spice up the soup even more. This soup do not have sharks fin in it. It just crab and prawn meats on starch soup based.

Wok-fried shrimps and Disney Root Vegetables

All the cucumbers, carrots and capsicum were cut into Mickey hands shape.

Fried-rice with Tasmanian Crabmeat stuffed in Whole Golden Crab Shell

“Duffy” Steamed Red Bean Puree Bun

Double boiled whole Chinese Pear topped with Aged Mandarin Peel.

The restaurant is located on the same floor with the lobby of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Day 2 Breakfast at Enchanted Garden

This is the recommended place to have your breakfast. It is not just normal breakfast where you just eat and go from the restaurant. This restaurant is serving the breakfast along with the Disney Friends paying a visit to every table for taking photographs.

The entrance to the restaurant

Nicely decorated hallway towards the restaurant.

The Mickey Magic water fountain where you get your wish fulfilled. (Just joking XD)

The center pavilion for fresh fruits and juice of the day

A range of good foods like noodles, porridge, dim sums and all time favorite western breakfast.

All the furniture were very old school and looks like olden colonial setup. The wall paper, drawings and pillars were resemble old British mansion’s dining room and hall.

The outdoor tables for customer who prefer to have fresh air rather than air conditioned dining area.

Beautiful ham hanged on display.

Western breakfast spread ready to serve.

Steamed Pork buns, dim sums and Malaikou.

Assorted fried stuffs

Noodle stations made to order.

My Mickey Waffle and Mickey Pan Cake

Apart from the great breakfast here, the main attraction is to taking photos with the Disney Friends and Family. This save some time for you to have more chance to enjoy the theme park later without need to worry taking not enough photos with all the Disney friends.

Me and Goofy

Me and Mickey

Me and Pluto

Daisy Duck and Me

Besides the in house guest of the hotel get to dine here, you can have your breakfast here too even though you stay at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. The breakfast buffet come with a price of HKD$275. You can get discount if you book early too.

Price subject to change without prior notice and I recommend you to check out the page below.

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