Invited : 3 Days 2 Nights Hong Kong Disneyland 2012 : Day 1 Getting There & Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

* This is a very picture intensive post to shows you the whole day activity in Hong Kong Disneyland.

I was out for a weekend getaway to Hong Kong Disneyland last Friday to Sunday.

It was an invite under their marketing and public relation division to promote the theme park and hotels to Malaysians. If you are traveling by flying AirAsia, I would recommend you to board the 6.30am flight. Upon arriving the airport, you may immediately head to Disneyland located not far from the airport.

Getting There

Taxi : New Teritories Taxi (Green Color)
Price : HKD$120

Pros : Direct from airport to Disneyland. If you are travel in 5, this is the cheapest and fast way to reach Disneyland. Saves time by just taking 20 minutes time.
Cons: More costly if travel alone.

Taufulou, Babyvon and Matthew

Onboard the Disneyland Line MTR. Checkout the windows and handle where all were having Mickey Shapes everywhere. There are some decorations at the both sides too.



Airport to Tsing Yi – HKD$60
Tsing Yi to Disneyland Theme Park – HKD$13

Pros : Cheapest Way to Travel Alone to Hong Kong Disneyland
Cons: If you have a lot luggage, this might be kinda hassle. But on a 3 days 2 nights trip I believe you will be heading there with a hand carry cabin luggage bag. It also taking longer time as you need to transit at Tsing Yi station.

Tinker Bell

I came out with this info by traveling there together with fellow blogger Taufulou, Hani Hidayah and Nazri. The taxi in Hong Kong are the bigger super cab type where it can fit 5 passengers per car.

As for the MTR details were derived from our trip heading to downtown Mongkok for a stroll hunting the street foods that we miss so much.

We reach the hotel at 12pm cause we pop by Hui Lau Shan Dessert at HK Airport and checkout the bank for money exchange.

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

The night view of the hotel. I wasn’t able to take a shot of the hotel in the day time as during that period of time, we were having a very cloudy day. The hotel looks really good in the night time with all the lights decorations.

There are Mickey’s shape every where around the hotel premise.

The lobby of the hotel were so cheerful with the bright and Disney oriented designs.

Room rates can be obtained HERE.

This place is the lobby area where people get to access to the internet for FREE. The internet line here is extremely fast even though is shared among lots of peoples.

You can access them at the comfort at your room too. But it comes with a price HKD$160 per day access and only usable via Cat5 Cable which provided by the hotel upon request. There are no WIFI access in the rooms and hall ways.

After the room check in, we head to our room located at 9th floor.

The lift lobby heading to the rooms.

The cool passenger lift that we can’t resist to camwhore with it.

The hall way heading towards our room.

The end of the hallway with a nice view of the hotel

The key card with Woody on it is for you to take home complimentary from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Our seaview room which cost HKD$2,300 (Peak), HKD$1,900 (Regular) and HKD$1,700 (Off Peak)

The room come with 2 queen size bed and is a comfortable one.

The place to rest must be a comfortable one when you are going for a holiday to release stress. When you had a good rest, you will be more energetic to enjoy the theme park even more. Most of the time a lot people who had problem sleeping on strangers bed do not have that kind of problem here.

The view from our room looking at the sea of Lantau Island. Wake up to the view of the sea stretching into forever in these ocean-view rooms that offer the tranquility and beauty of a sparkling water vista.

Good quality tea served complimentary in every room.

Checkout the Mickey sign on top of the mirror.

The Mickey Lining on the lamp

Cisco Powered communications and internet service for the whole Disneyland. No wonder the internet and communication services were so efficient and fast here.

The toilet

Octopus folded handkerchief

A bath tub in our room for a good soak after party whole day in the theme park.

While soaking, I wouldn’t mind to put up this sign out there.

This for make up my room.

The hotel also boast a souvenir shop for last minute shoppers who need to buy gifts for friends at home.

For reservation and room rates, check out THIS LINK.

Let’s waste no time and get to the theme park.

Outside the hotel, there are bus shuttle service which available from 6am till 12am daily. The shuttle will travel around Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and The Theme Park. The shuttle is FOC and you can ride as frequent as you want especially after purchasing lots of stuffs from the theme park souvenir shop. It is the largest and having the widest selections of every single Disney friends item ranging from shirts, hats, mugs and many more.

Next We Head To Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel where I will show you the place for Breakfast and Lunch.

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