Steam Tilapia Fish Wantan Mee at Tang Wan Cheng Rawang

Recently I went to support a lot customer at Rawang area. During lunch time, we were mostly having economy rice around. One day on a long break Friday, they brought me to a housing area near the town. I ask my friend what we going to have for lunch? He told me Steam Tilapia Fish with wan tan mee …. So it looks like below.

Steam Tilapia Fish on ginger and bean paste wan tan mee

The place is kinda hard to find if no assistance from locals or GPS. Let me put up a map for you all later.

The banner at the gate welcoming you to the home of Steam Tilapia Fish Wantan mee


They turn the car porch area into dining halls.

All the menu items are illustrated clearly on the big big menu wall. Just point your finger on what your heart desire.

This is the signature dish!


If you don’t fancy ginger and bean paste, you can go with their soya sauce option too. It is just a normal tilapia steamed and then add on wan tan mee upon serve.

The fish are butterfly to ensure it is well cooked. The noodle come with either the fine or broad type. Just tell them when you place order.

Aside from the steam fish dish, they serve a hell good yong tau fu too.



The stuffing were using authentic mackerel and guaranty to satisfy yong tau fu lovers. There are no sauce or gravy. It is deep fried and eat just like that. You may dip it into the fish sauce to try out the combinations.

Directions to get here :

By j2kfm

No E-13, Jalan LKS 5, Kampong Dato Lee Kim Sai,
48000 Rawang, Selangor.
Tel No : 603-6091 8671. H/P : 6012- 304 5671.
Got MAP !!!
But better yet, let me explain the directions a little ….
Exiting Rawang toll, turn right towards Rawang town’s direction. Go straight for a while, until passing by KTM Komuter railways beneath you, and you’ll reach a crossroad. Rawang town centre’s on your left. But turn right instead, and go straight until you see a Shell petrol station on your right. The small road leading to Kampong Dato Lee Kim Sai is in fact, right after the Shell station. But you’ve gotta make a U-turn further down the main road, at the traffic lights.
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