High School Bukit Mertajam Road Side Rojak

Fruits rojak are widely popular available at Penang Gurney Drive and Esplanade. Most of them were served on a plate and how about we take a change eating it the lok lok style?

This stall is located adjacent to the BM rail road and facing the High School Secondary school gate. It is easy to notice the stall as you will see a lot people standing and busy dipping in the rojak.

There are 2 containers that store the rojak sauces.

The peanuts were constantly added so that customer can dunk in to the right bottom. Upon pulling them up, it will stick the peanuts together.

There are a list of standard fruit and vege ingredients which fruit rojak normally have.

Turnips, cherry tomato, pineapple, guava, cucumber, mango and cuttlefish.

I like my cuttlefish icy cold and purposely choose the tentacles.

Top grade Japanese cucumber served rather than the ordinary cheapo local cucumber which sometimes bitter

Aside from all the above, the super star and my favorite is the fritters and fried tofu.

Deep the whole thing in, let the sauce absorb in. Then bite the whole piece and the sauce will spill out into your mouth. Satisfaction!

BM High School opens Mon – Fri 4pm to 7pm.

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