Desaru Fruit Farm Tour and River Cruise Firefly Sight Seing

From my previous post, which I write about experiencing the traditional life as a villagers. Nearby to the resort, there are plenty of interesting activities can be done aside from playing within the resort entertainment provided. There are a fruit farm and river nearby where your can bring your family there. A lot of the young kids nowadays never see how’s the actual food looks like before it is cooked.

Photos of the fruit farm, dragon fruit which still attach to the tree and cat whiskers plant which famous for slimming tea.


Beautiful Flowers were cultivated here so that next generation can see them and touch them. This is not like on computer screen where you can only see. You can touch, smell and take photos with them. See the gals at the back there enjoying themselves with camwhoring.

Taufulou beneath the passion fruit plants, Chris harassing some papaya and I tame a chicken.

Man made bee hive and hen with its chicks. To my surprise when the tour guide told me a story when she ask the singaporean children to draw a picture of chicken before they had this tour. They drew a drumstick on a plate.

Charlotte and Ms Ngo from The Pulai Group in front of the giant banana. Normally banana bear a small fruit  and this one is huge! result from the R&D to increase the output.

Next we move on to the river for a cruise and at night this place turn into the boarding place for firefly sight seing. Unfortunately I am not able to shoot any photos as the ambiance were pitch black at night.






The mangrove area where the firefly came out at night.

For more details and arrangement checkout this post which I previously posted. The contacts and details are there.

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