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Published on December 4th, 2011 | by email2me


Wedding and Portrait Photographer Conference 2011 (WPPM)

Being a food writer, I am dealing with a lot photography work which involve commercial products photography. I shoot a lot for products and restaurant menu photography job. Now I am venturing into wedding and portraiture photography which I find is pretty interesting. There’s a body in Malaysia which hold all the professional and quality wedding photographers in one place called Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia (WPPM).

Before going further I am showcasing what the master’s produced during the 3 days conference before proceed with the details.

Work by famous Fashion Photography Master [Kenvin Pinardy of Indonesia]

Work by our local and internationally most awarded wedding Photography Master [Keda Z Feng from Malaysia]

I am currently subscribed to WPPM as Enthusiast member where I get to attend their workshop and conference at a special rate. This year the grand conference event were held at Segi University College Kota Damansara starting from last Friday. It was started with a print competition where lots of nice photos printed and judge. Then Sat to Monday were having a range of talks by the pros from international. There are silver and gold platform class, silver and gold class workshop class and VIP master class. Photography involved 3 major steps which is shooting, processing and printing. Each were having a masters covering these topics. Aside of that there are talks sharing the experience of the masters.

In short :

Silver for beginner

Gold for intermediate

VIP for professional

I attended the Gold and VIP classes mostly. We get to see how the masters work on their master piece as shown above.To know more about the workshops and topics, checkout the site for detail.

Myself and Master Lito Sy [International Multi-Award Winning Photographer, WPPP 3 time Photographer of the Year, WPPP-Master Photographer, WPPI-AOPA] His master piece can be seen at

Rocco Ancora  and myself. Rocco is world Top 10 most sought after wedding photographer and also a Nikon Ambasador, Australia #1 Wedding photographer and many more. More details HERE.

Daniel Capobianco and Me. Daniel is the master of fine art printing plus Adobe Certified Expert. He can really turn a piece of photo into a fine art which makes that piece of art a timeless master piece where you won’t get bored looking at it everyday. He currently work at Mentem Australia and his blog is HERE. Not to mention the number of awards he won in WPPI Las Vegas for his awesome inspiring work.


Me and Kenvin Pinardy. Just checkout how awesome his work to turn a normal photo into a piece of art. He is currently very famous for under water fashion photography. You can see more of his work at

Me and Charlie Lim of Singapore. The master of OIL PAINTING PHOTOGRAPHY where he just use a single light source to paint out a photo. By using light painting he make the photo looks like a Rembrant image which made him the master in its class. His art can be seen here

So if you are a photographer and would like to venture in to portraiture and wedding photography, you should checkout WPPM.

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  1. Nice conference! Can’t wait to see more of your bridal photos soon! 🙂

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